Driver's license family

Driver's license family!!!
The idea is simple: is to train young men and women from the marriage or couples for a certificate of rehabilitation of prisoners, or "family license".
Why, if you want to go to the doctor, make sure certificates and qualifications so rest assured the safety of treatment, and if you want to travel requested to travel with a driver has a license to drive a car, but if you want to marry your son or daughter did not request the party the other confirms the eligibility of the leadership of the family.
According to some statistics that the divorce rate in the first year of marriage in some Arab countries up to 50%, which is on average above 30%, and the proportion of households where the husband and the marriage without consensus more than 35%, and even families who live as far as compatibility is between Okay, well, not up to the concession only in less than 5% of cases. And that the rate of pairs can be nominated to the community up to 80%. This means that we create by the families to make sure of their ability to succeed, which is much more dangerous than driving a car that young people do not have a driver's license.
 Usually if the man offers marriage to a girl, the boy's family looking on the extent of its readiness. According to the culture of the family, the checklist in the preparations we include: Do you have an apartment, marriage expenses, monthly income, car, and indulging in the audit, the families ask for a respectable family and his and his religion and morals and the analysis to make sure medical contraindications marriage.
This list does not cover all of more than 20% of the required to complete a successful marriage. Because the more important is the willingness of the parties for boys and girls and their families to build a new family and self-reliance, which means fully their knowledge of rights and duties, and the meaning and goals of marriage and parenting ... which things can not question it, nor testing of medical ... as they have nothing to do with education and upbringing alone , and can not be judged as soon as the formal interviews conducted in the early days of the sermon.
Because no one has trained on this matter, whether family or the boy and the girl betrothed themselves, many marriages fail even before the marriage contract because the parties do not know how to acting. And a variety of reasons for the difference, but all of which indicate a lack of awareness and lack of experience .. It may happen dispute over dowry or movables or wedding party or honeymoon location or number of guests, and avoid the errors of all families, no one learns from his mistakes and from the experiences of relatives and neighbors.
Although most of what we say either that he was known innately, or direct personal experience of the people of the couple, and predictable way by the upbringing and education of the family, and can always be drawing on the experience of relatives and friends to see decent act in different situations .... The ancient Egyptian fluent in agriculture, as well as our forefathers were building their homes in villages themselves and the help of neighbors and good people ... now you build a home this way in the city? .. We are practicing it for thousands of years does not mean that the way we are practicing homosexual, does not mean we do not need to help we do better and contemporary to suit our needs after we receive the appropriate training. We also find work in the same family, brothers and a marriage fails, the other marriage, because we did not Nraa individual differences between the brothers, and we apply them the same rules that we have received by doing, and without discrimination.
Training is may increase our knowledge, but it will not solve our problem, it is deeper than just a training course you get the family. But Ntsourahal comprehensive needs us to work in four areas:
1 - the center of the culture of society, a role shared by the media, scientists, intellectuals, writers and parents.
2 - axis, and build a cadre that by changing the curriculum, and the allocation of school programs and information, and trained
And the elders of specialists.
3 - Development of systems of marriage and divorce and the courts, and we only hundred years ago to provide documentation Kttor management, and is reviewing legislation every few decades, must also be considered in the development of the administrative and not just legislation, including a medical examination before marriage, and a driver's license family, and tests to renew periodically. .... etc.
4 - continuous training ..
 Ntsoraltdreb as follows:
In general will be one of three levels - the level of theoretical foundation, then the level of practical application, then the level of continuous improvement.
Theoretical level includes:
1 - Understanding the role and mission in life. (Mission, vision and values)
2 - Choose a specialization and function (self-knowledge and strengths + opportunities around, and then select a destination, and then put the plan to complement and complete lack of preparedness and confirmation of specialization, with the continuous development.
3 - A detailed explanation of the meaning and message and the importance of marriage and the family in Islam.
The level of practical application include:
4 - How to check, and the importance of proper selection and how to recognize the other and make sure a good choice.
5 - how to agree to the marriage from courtship until the end of the ceremony and the completion of the wedding.
6 - Rights and duties in various stages of the two parties.
7 - Raising Children in different age stages.
The level of the family premium:
8 - Dealing with relatives, neighbors and friends and the community.
9 - the face of problems and choose solutions.
10 - distinct characteristics of the family.
 The mere presence of the session is not enough to get a certificate, but shall be subject to the advanced practical test across a range of attitudes and to choose the appropriate solution in accordance with the principles of what you do.
But wonder whether the community is willing to accept this type of courses, and get such a certificate. Everything seems strange at first and then with the time people get used to it .. Yes, in the past was talking about the law to take off, or a contract agreement by the terms of an open marriage, or a medical examination of the intending spouses just dreamy ideas become a reality, and then accepted and used. Magnitude of the tragedy makes people closer to the idea, especially if sure to return.
Yes: We want to teach people how to create a family on our values ​​and our customs and traditions in order to ensure its success ...
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