Caresses..a solution to marital problems

Caresses .. a solution to marital problems
------------------------------------------Their sense of guiltSexual intercourse between spouses, should be characterized by mutual desire of the parties, in such an encounter, but it will turn into a major cause of suffering and pain, and the occurrence of many health problems for both parties. So to be at the meeting between the couple that there will be approval by the wife also to complete the relationship and to be fully satisfied with the exercise, so do not be transformed to a mere leading to one, imposed on them; which is reflected on her and her husband in a negative and a lack of enjoyment in the relationship, and only the performance of sexual function, leads to congestion of the members of the pelvis when the couple, which is reflected on the pair in the form of problems in the prostate, and lead to an imbalance gradually in sexual ability, different intensity than just a pain in the genitals to the poor performance in sexual function, which may reach deficit relative (functional and not organic) .. In addition to the disadvantages of pelvic congestion in women, they are many and multiple.Relationship is governed by emotions:Sexual relationship between men and women relationship is governed by emotions and love between the couple and so are naturally there must be some conditions and the necessary ingredients for success, it is possible that the husband man merciful compassionate in the eyes of his wife, curl them and on his children and treated her good, but you feel when you meet them sexually as the brutally raped her, which makes them hate this relationship and wish to be exercised again. Another problem is with some men a sense of guilt towards their wives and their sense that they do not achieve adequate comfort to their wives, and that makes a man during sex lost focus because all of his position to entertain his wife and therefore can not be achieved the desired focus and natural performance. This may cause problems that may lead to non-erection or have an erection with great difficulty, may cause relaxation of fast member after erection directly, and the time we find men resort to stimulants, which often do not bear fruit because the problem psychological and not organic, woman may be responsible for this situation where do not provide excitement to her husband for an appropriate configuration of the process that would make sexual compatibility between the spouses is almost nonexistent.Four things that annoy:On the other hand there are many things to bother the women during sex, where an extensive research on a large number of women the result was that more sexual habits that bother women is essential summarized in the following:Request for sex:Things that bother the women is that men have sex the request of his wife, in the sense that the husband must know how the wife his desire to have sex through insinuation and without having to permit mere perception of a meaning or a touch may be specific enough to make his wife understand the meaning without having to harass the husband wife sex request directly.Not take into account the feelings of women:Men to take into account the feelings of women during sexual intercourse where some women do not show their hair upset of this treatment but they feel it shall be considered a lot of women have sex without any emotion is very boring. There is no woman likes to be treated as sex objects for men this could create major complications below the surface may accumulate to become a major problem at any stage from the age of marriage. For the couples have to do some simple actions that make the wife feel that it still occupies a high position in the life of the husband, was left with an interesting observation before going out to work, or to fill the place with candles waiting to be surprised when you return from abroad, it only needs to gestures give a simple activity and romantic lifeSilent pair:Another problem in this context is that the husband may be the type who does not speak during sex, this silence may lead to the loss of a wife wanting to have sex with your spouse, or may lead to loss of libido in women, women feel frustrated if the pair re- during the same sex to become a subject for a repugnant be every time during sex. Therefore, men are advised to change the sentences used from time to time to break the boredom and routine. ... Every time during sex. Therefore, men are advised to change the sentences used from time to time to break the boredom and routine.Sex in the same way:On the other side lose the desire for a wife to have sex with their husbands if the man stopped the search for new means of sexual pleasure. Valzojat feel frustrated in the case of a sex couples the same way over the years of marriage. So you should always renewal in sexual life between the spouses. For example, the wife feel bored if the sex between them and the husband in the same place for very long, and the solutions to this problem is simple The rooms in the home and multiple options open. If not, change the curtains in the same room or replace the colors used in the paint may help to break the routine and boredom. The most common cause of infidelity is the boredom and lack of innovation in the practice of sex. Therefore, men are advised to renewal and innovation in sexual life because the marital relationship is supposed to extend for many years so should not be allowed to the monotony of life.Humor:According to a poll conducted at the National Research Center in Cairo, the small problems of a sexual nature can be solved better depending on the sense of humor. He stated about 85% of husbands and wives of those surveyed that laughter is, for example, the best way to avoid situations arising from simple embarrassment. Among these couples, wives of the associated relations of a long list of the trust said 78% of them it is not there is nothing to feel embarrassed when it comes to sex, but there are exceptions to this 74% of the men they would feel embarrassed inevitably if things did not go well in the bed at when he said only 29% of women that this is a problem. Here, the defect is in the husband's first and by the lack of knowledge of the process of citizenship and that there should be fondling and petting and pave the way for this process until we have his wife's psychological and nervous for this command, which is a fun big in their married life, so you must know how to learn the arts fun must go a couple a medical specialists, this treatment easy and possible, and often wears off quickly and life is returning to its natural.

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