Abu Trika .. Prince of Hearts

Name: Mohamed Mohamed Mohamed Abou Trika.
Position: midfielder or striker.
Date of Birth: 11/07/1978.
Place of Birth: Tokyo - Giza Governorate.
Marital status: Married, two sons twin
Saif Ahmed, a single girl and her name and paper.
Height: 183 cm.
Weight: 79 kg.
Shirt number: (22).
Previous clubs: Arsenal.
, Known for the most beautiful goals of religious commitment and support of Muslims everywhere, and there was talk in the newspapers about his membership of the Muslim Brotherhood, but denied his membership in the most beautiful goals of folks, but stressed at the same time his immense respect for them.
Abu Trika and was chosen as an ambassador for the World Food Programme of the United Nations to fight poverty, and Oicol Abu Trika "Islam addresses poverty through Zakat because the rich feel the plight of the poor. We must help the poor as much as possible so as not to feel alienated in society."
From this perspective, in 2005, he joined Abu Trika to Ronaldo and Zidane (Algerian origin), Zinedine Zidane, in addition to the 40 stars in world football "Match Against Poverty" in order to raise funds and awareness to fight poverty around the world.
In addition, Abu Trika enjoy high popularity among young people so elected Magazine Youth 20 Times stronger influential figure in the Arab world in a referendum in which hundreds of Emiratis and Arabs.
2003/2004 season saw the biggest shift in the history of Mohammed Abu Trika, where he joined in the winter season (January 2004) to Al-Ahly to begin a journey unparalleled success with the team.
Abu Trika seemed his career with NCB in the remaining half of the season 2003/2004, where he scored 14 goals after the second solution by Abdul-Halim Ali (Zamalek player), who scored 21 goal scorer in the league.
Contributed to Abu Trika in the past three years and since joining my family in achieving the team to many accomplishments and honors, most notably the team won two tournaments straight to the clubs of the African Champions League season of 2005 and 2006, also contributed to its goals in the team to a bronze club in the world in Japan 2006.
Perhaps the goal of Abu Trika in the range of Sfaxien in African Champions League final 2006 in Tunisia, is the most expensive goal in a career as a player on the direction of the trophy in the last two minutes from Sousse to Cairo.
At the international level, he joined Abu Trika the Olympic team and the team's military in its infancy with the ball club arsenal.
After moving to my family and his brilliance Remarkably it was only natural to join Abu Trika the national team first.
Abu Trika played their first match in the team shirt March 31, 2004 in a friendly against Trinidad and Tobago was held at the Stade Arab Contractors and the team won 2 / 1.
Abu Trika shine in the African Nations Cup finals (2006) hosted by Egypt, (2008) held in Ghana, and contributed very significantly with colleagues in Egypt's access to tournaments for the unique index in the times to get the title with 6 times.
Register Abu Trika in the Championship (2006) the decisive penalty in the Ivory Coast, and also succeeded in (2008) to register the winning goal against Cameroon.
With the emergence of star Mohammed Abu Trika in football, Egyptian, Arab, says Abu Trika: "Every athlete has a message at the humane society. He does not live for himself, but lives for others. I would like to participate in charitable work and try hard to Alpine demands of poor and needy. As We are trying to mobilize the ball in the humanitarian work as well. "
Midfielder says that poverty is a double edged sword where it can generate a state of despair, or that the poor have the patience and determination. Abu Trika and hopes that his every person suffering from despair, patience and the resolve to move forward in his life and face difficulties.

He also says that "Islam addresses poverty through Zakat because the rich feel the plight of the poor. We must help the poor as much as possible so as not to feel alienated in society."
Incident in sympathy with Gaza
On Sunday, January 27, 2008 during a match against the Egyptian and Sudanese counterpart, which ended in victory for the Egyptian team 3 March, Mohammed Abu Trika detection slogan written on the shirt under his clothes, toys, which consisted of the words "sympathy with Gaza." The player was suspended for an exhibition by the CAF because of regulations the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), which condemns the exploitation of ball games in the goals or purposes of political or racist.
The Abu Trika has revealed the slogan written on the shirt worn under the shirt and play after scoring the second goal for the Egyptian team in the game, knowing that he had himself scored the third goal for the team and in the second round of Group C game in the first round of African Cup of Nations twenty-sixth 2008 Ghana.
And the Benin referee Coffi Codjia who conducted the meeting, the yellow card in the face of the player after this act. According to CAF, he warned against a player because the rules and regulations of FIFA.
CAF did not take any sanctions against the player after a series of emails that arrived in El Kef by journalists and the media follow-up to the tournament which declares its sympathy with the player.
And has been reported for the solidarity of national teams of Morocco and Tunisia, and Algeria with the player and the Egyptian team, especially since it has not been any action detrimental to anyone.
T-shirt was sold at a charity auction for the Fund to provide medicine to the people of Gaza held by the relief committee of the Islamic Medical Association Egypt for 1500 pounds.
Abu Trika said that the reason for this is called: "The unjust embargo, which was against the Palestinian people in Gaza caused severe pain in himself, and make it looking for any way help them."
From this perspective, in 2005, he joined Abu Trika to Ronaldo and Zidane (Algerian origin), Zinedine Zidane, in addition to the 40 stars in world football "Match Against Poverty" in order to raise funds and awareness to fight poverty around the world.
Humanitarian game in December, the German city of Düsseldorf with the support of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA). Abu Trika, "in this game humanitarian Her sport in one vote (not poverty), where they stood hand in hand in order to make efforts to defeat poverty without irreversibly."
In the same vein, also volunteered Mohammed Abu Trika in helping the World Food Programme of the United Nations Declaration on human portray a thirty second television focuses on the tragedy and the death of about 25 thousand people every day from hunger, including 18 thousand children, saying: "In order to win we must move quickly and help each other because every second influence. every five seconds a child dies from hunger ... this match has to gain. "

Commenting on the Abu Trika this advertiser humanitarian, saying he was really feeling during the filming of the Declaration a strong desire to help those in need as far as possible, also expressed its full readiness to visit any African country to send a message to the rest of the sports stars on the plight and suffering of millions of people from poverty and hunger.
His example and in life, "says Abu Trika that emulated the Prophet Muhammad in his son up in life, then his father, who tired in the education and upbringing to become this place.
Local Sports, he followed the example of former Egyptian soccer star Mahmoud El-Khatib, the French soccer star Zinedine Zidane.
And the future of sports, interested in Abu Trika love audiences as it is invaluable to him, and hopes to turn professional abroad, and had received the Abu Trika offers many clubs, including Moscow and Riyadh. But the status of Al-Ahly has a large, the masses love him is priceless, and so he now adheres to continue at the same club.
Always refused to leave the Red Fort and go and turn professional in any other club performances were showered on him from the biggest clubs of Europe, but he always rejected and he says I will live in Ahly Ahly is my home, and the latest offer came from Ahli Dubai United Arab Emirates was introduced Attractive For lent Ahly Egyptian him during the year (season one) compared to 3.5 million euros to him and a million and a half for his club but he refused and stuck to Bgmehorh who love and adore In order that the Count Egyptian businessman (Naguib Sawiris) a check of $ million Egyptian pounds, but he donated to charities and Msthqy diseases, tumors and cancer.
The secret number (22)
And that when he signed the contract with Ahli club three years ago, he traveled to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, and went to the mosque during his release from the door of Mosque of the Prophet peace be upon him, considered the top section, found written by No. 22, when returned, he asked the club management to 
give No. 22 shirt

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