Water treatment

Water treatment 

The Japan Federation of Diseases published the following experiment for water treatment 
Reaching successful results as reported by the 100% for the diseases of old and modern the following: 

Headaches, blood pressure and anemia (anemia), gout, paralysis and palpitation 
Epilepsy and obesity 
Cough, sore throat, asthma, tuberculosis 
Meningitis, and any other illness related to urinary tract 
Hyperacidity and gastritis, dysentery, constipation 
Any disease related to eye and ear and throat 
Irregular menstrual cycle in women 

Method of treatment 
I wake up early every morning and eating (4) cups of water each with a capacity (160 mm) on an empty stomach 
Does not deal with any type of food or fluids before the lapse of 45 minutes 
Do not take any food or drink during the hours following 
Each meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner 
May face difficulty, the elderly and patients at the beginning drinking (4) cups of water at one time 
So they can eat less so that the work to gradually increase the quantity 
To be able to drink the amount proposed in the short period of time 
Proved treatment outcomes water recovery from the disease in the following period set out with 
Each of them: 

30 days of diabetes 
High blood pressure 30 days 
Problems of the stomach 10 days 
Cancer 9 Chheu 
TB 6 months 
Constipation 10 days 
To reduce weight 3 months 

Should be on those who complain of arthritis, to repeat the experiment 3 times a day 
In the first week 
Then Ikhvvouna to time in one in the morning has tended in the first few days 
To urinate more than usual, but 
Will it have any side effects 
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