Want to lose weight .. Turn off the lights

A recent study showed that the secret to maintaining a healthy weight is to turn off the lights at night. Scientists have found that exposure

 Continuous lights lamps, dark times of change occurs chemically cells live or what is termed Balastqlab which

Lead to weight gain even if it does not change the amount of food covered by the esophagus.

They found as well as to ensure that late often leads to a change in eating habits, where one deals with larger quantities of food at night when there is a slowdown in the process of metabolism.



Evidence suggests that shift workers are most vulnerable to heart disease and diabetes.

The scientists found that mice which were exposed to relatively low light at night for eight weeks increased their weight by more than a third of those who lived on the volatility of the night and day as usual.

She told Laura Vunkiyn - Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Ohio U.S. - that although there are no differences in the rates of activity or daily consumption of food, the mice exposed to light at night has increased the weight from the others.

These results suggest that published the journal of the National Academy of Sciences, there are times when that is not suitable for eating.

The Daily Telegraph says on its website that it was clear that the weight gain and loss is not limited to calories gained or lost, but on your watch, or what is known as biological rhythms of the body daily.

According to Professor Randy Nelson - who participated in the study - that the lighting at night is the environmental factor may contribute to obesity in ways that do not expect the settlement of people.

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