treatment of certain diseases

Anemia Anemia
Disease characterized by a lack in the number of red blood cells, [the number of red blood cells about 4 million or 5 million]. Reasons Iron deficiency. Symptoms: Pallor and general weakness. Cracking of the lips and oral mucosa. A feeling of tiredness and fatigue for less work or effort. Treatment: Good nutrition, which take into account the availability of iron in it.
Angina pectoris Angina Angina is the hardening of the coronary artery due to deposition of fatty substances and then it loses its ability to deliver blood to the heart that leads to stress the heart and a generator known as a strong pain angina pectoris. Symptoms: Difficulty in breathing after stress. Rapid pulse Swelling in the feet. Sudden pain in the chest and left shoulder, left or right shoulders and may extend to the arm and fingers. Prevention Refrain from eating fatty foods. Weight reduction as average. Refrain from eating spirits. Refrain from smoking. Avoid fatigue and exhaustion. Reduce blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. Sports Light (walking). Treatment: Request medical assistance, where the doctor in the nature of appropriate treatment and medication. Should not strain the patient himself to work to the extent that generates a sense of pain. Refrain from eating fatty foods. Weight Loss to the appropriate rate. Refrain from eating salt.
Varicose veins

Disease of the superficial blood veins. Leads to the appearance of bulges and Thdeddat blue in the lower limbs. Many causes, including:
A disease of blood vessels Pregnancy Genetic factors Continued to stand. Symptoms: Dull pain Swelling and cramps in the muscles.
The weight of the lower limbs. Treatment: When fail means therapeutic regular doctors resort to surgical treatment as Istosalon superficial veins and channels that reach the deep veins.

High blood pressure Hypertension
Is the most common diseases in humans, which is one of the factors that lead to hardening of the arteries, especially the brain arteries.
There are many things lead to high blood pressure, such as agitation, nervousness severe, the impact of endocrine disruptors, menopause in women, and the secretion of certain hormones in abundance in the body, leading to the emergence of this disease, but doctors noticed since ancient times and the presence of a chemical blood is important in high blood pressure. In some diseases of the kidney consists of a hormone called renin, which is when his union with a blood protein substance that causes constriction of blood vessels leading to high pressure. And the patient should take the initiative to treat the disease and follow a new way of nutrition to avoid materials that raise the pressure and lead to clogged arteries, and the accumulation of fat on the walls, and that he had to give up smoking and a lot of walking.

Arteriosclerosis Disease risk arising from the concentration of lipids on the inner membrane of the arteries, causing Bansdadha partially or completely. This may cause the disease to disability and death, as it may lead to diseases vary according to the affected area, leading injured arteries of the brain to the nervous system and brain, while the injured arteries of the parties, could cause a deficiency in the blood supply to the muscles of the legs, and the injury of the coronary arteries leading to angina a heart attack. And the factors that lead to the disease many of them: A high proportion of fat in the food. 2 smoking. 3 high blood pressure. 4 alcohol consumption. 5 lack of movement. 6 stress and tension. 7 diabetes. 8 menopause and the accompanying hormonal secretions. 9 obesity. 10 years old. Genetics 11. 12 Gender. 13 categories of blood. One way to prevent this disease that follows the one the following tips: A reduction of weight and avoid foods that help the accumulation of grease and fat. 2 increase the amount of complex carbohydrates and natural sugars intake. Avoid processed sugars 3. 4 to reduce salt intake. 5 rely on fruits and vegetables in nutrition. 6 low-fat milk instead of whole milk. 7 Quit smoking and alcohol.

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