Theory of the five monkeys and ... Reality

Theory of the five monkeys and ... Reality

Bring five monkeys and placed in a cage, and suspended in the middle of the cage package banana, put underneath a ladder, after a short time you will find that the monkeys of the group will take the peace, trying to reach the banana, what to put his hand on a banana, fired machine-guns of cold water on the monkeys of the remaining four and dismayed , shortly after another monkey will try to ascend the same peace to reach the banana, repeat the same process, sprinkle the remaining monkeys with cold water. Repeat the process more than once, after a period, you will see what to try any monkey Niatli a peace only prevent him and the group for fear of cold water. Now remove the water, and took out a monkey from five of the cage, and replace it with a monkey is new, call it "monkey", not Iesr has not been seen spraying cold water, soon will go, "monkey" to the peace to pick the bananas, then will come a group of monkeys panicking of water to prevent it, and Sthegmeh . After more than an attempt, he'll learn "monkey" that if he tried to pick bananas proud recipient of "leech Qirdatip" from the rest of the group. Now remove the monkey last of those who lived through the water spray - not "monkey" of course -, and enter the monkey is new, you will find that the same previous scene will be repeated, monkey new to go bananas, and monkeys remaining showered him with to prevent it, including the "monkey", although he did not Iesr spraying water, and does not know why they beat him in the past, all about that, you know that touching the banana means "leech", so you will find shared perhaps with enthusiasm more than any other Bugel punches and slaps the monkey new, maybe compensation for the sorrow his heart when they beat him, too. Continued to repeat the same process, remove the monkeys who lived through the water spray, put a new monkey, and repeated the same scene. Repeat this command to be replaced each group were sprayed with water. In the end you will find that the monkeys will continue to pour in beaten on anyone who dares to get closer to peace, why? No one knows them, but that's what I found the same group since it came in!! . Do you know that this story is from the lessons of modern management science!! Even consider each and every one to work, to see how many laws and procedures applied in the same manner and method is not convincing since time immemorial, no one dares to question: Why do you think applies in this way? Indeed, many, although they do not know why their application this way, desperate to defend it, and keep it intact!!! .

This story brothers reflect the reality today, how do we maintain some customs and traditions pathetic and futile, that we inherited from our fathers and grandfathers, and if we were told that there is better than that, we say: but we found our fathers on this way, I am guided in their footsteps, and will not change will not alter, but victory and persist in order to keep them and maintain them. I do not know why this ossification, and this stubborn adherence to such habits, with the knowledge that many of them a waste of time and effort and money, but will corrode the same nerves and we are required legally to preserve the self, time and money, and not we spend only in the good and the methodology of Islam and the way that would satisfy God for us, So why this blind imitation?! Why do not we work our minds and ask ourselves: Why do these habits in this way? . In case of death, for example, see the family of the deceased over the grief they are being asked to sit in the house of mourning, morning and evening, and not only this, but are also required to provide food and sweets for those who attended!! With that year that made people for the people of the Dead food, it comes to them that this will distract them from their grief to their deceased loved one, but I do not know where people came to these decrees, and where they came from above this consolation, and to impose them?! . In the case of marriage and the issues of marriage from the ground up not much wrong, it is a waste of energy and time and money, which is not worthy of the nation Muslim conscious Avenue, and violations of legality, such as entering the groom to the hall women, and others, do not have room to mention these things now, does not mention other habits of cases and other aspects of life, but thought evil and not to ask for news. If we ask ourselves: Why do not you dare us to change these habits? To answer was: fear of criticism and words of people!! . O brothers, what people say does not end, and satisfaction is unattainable, and Racbhm died two, and even anguish and oppress, then why bother, and spoil your life, and the intervention of grief to your family, fear of what people say about you that I did or if they do not? ! As long as you do not get angry God does not heed the words of the people.
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