Story with Net

Story with spider 

There are many stories and tales that we read about what is happening in the virtual world (net).
Not without misfortune or his deputy. . . All reveal a dark lonely world. . . Dominated by treachery. . . Damage trials. . . And is surrounded by all the temptations and desires on the one hand and Decorations.
This Sheikh has become a fan of pornography sites. .

This advocate and a victim of man-wolf. .
And that girl is addicted to chat rooms. .
This young man has become corrupt. .
And that, and they and those traders who. . . . All of them have fallen
And they will turn. . And lost.

This is what we hear from the world of net always,

And here I am now. . Also to tell you my story with the World Wide Web!

I am not less fortunate than they had the opportunity to publish their stories and express their destiny
I will tell you what happened to me. . What happened to me, since I started using the net and I'm at the age of fifteen.

Entered this new world with all its happiness. .
Sites, which he likes me.
Materials and subjects that I want a particular

How beautiful this world!
Begun steps with concrete steps in my life. . With Islamic sites, with forums, even with OpenVPN.
I knew more about my religion. . And you know what really is engagement. . And how to be closer to God. .
I met Bojoat Oltekayan I never in my life normal.
Ohabpthn in God and we sat long a chat, express our view, temper our concern, we plan and implement, and pulls one of us on the other hand.

There! I knew the right way. .
There! The first steps began by memorizing the Quran hard, and was also the first steps to implement Sunan often been lost from our lives.
I learned methods to call. . I heard the lessons of the elders I choose. .
I learned about innovation and its forms and its impact
Provisions known as legitimate. .
I cried and laughed, and Saadat people and their hearts how one of them asked me to request Vondzth him through the Internet.
I visited other sites: I learned to program design Ftoushoub and recreational programs and other educational, and I looked through the sites whale general information useful.
The network has helped me in my great help, was the source of all my research school, and my activities and extracurricular radio.
It was a sea and I had a wide and took him Gmarh Alale and shells, and retained by me.
The other sense. . I lived my life a happy middle of that world, delight, including accomplished at both the personal
With love and the way that I like.
I do not deny that there were errors and missteps committed, but this does not mean that the Internet world is fraught with Balfoahac.
We are also in this world outside the net make mistakes and sin.
In both places have to be careful and take precautions, and self-control, and evoke the faith.
But the single biggest difference.
World Wide Web is that this gives you what you want from the atmosphere, and including Tlvk requested demands; non-fatigue and trouble.
Through that world, you can really out of my life that I want, and reflected on my life, of course, regular outside the perimeter of the network.
Pfaff, who distorted the image of the network based on the actions that were dictated by the desires and when he slipped up, and building on its experience with the failed wrong Web site.
This is becoming the public image of them, [the house of Sa Balnoaib calamities and brutal, and dressed with a gown and the loss of wilderness and Alehyar].
So as not to meet anyone and know that I enter the network, only surprised and exclaim!! And begin inquiries: for me the nature of the network and what my actions where, and where my family when introduced, and how Smho me. . . Etc. of the questions that prediction on a preconceived idea says that the netizen is mostly: Mziaa for his time, created the corrupt, failed in his life.

Please do not oppress the net. . And not received Buserkm it. . You are the wronged yourselves and they gained it.
What this world. . Only another version of the real world, where your life is practiced are as practiced in the truth;

But an atmosphere of secrecy and away from others is what unleashes the same to come out of what was hidden defects and pest and published by the whims and desires of the controlling and receiving and thus directs. . . To perdition.

So it was

This I like, I was not a victim of his days Aftersha and singled out, but I was always her position, and who holds things, even if there were errors and slips. . . . Most of it does not drop.

Copied .... for a girl to the Internet

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