The status of the mother in Islam

The Prophet peace be upon him for the occurrence of follow-up to his nation to the previous nations of the Jews and the Christians, Persians, and this is not - no doubt - of praise for doing this but it is a slander and intimidation, was narrated that Abu Sa'eed al-may Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet peace be upon him said: "You will certainly follow the ways of those before you, Shubra inch cubit, even if taken the hole of a lizard Sketmoh, We said: O Messenger of Allaah, Jews and Christians? ": it is!?", Bukhari (3269) and Muslim (2669).
Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet peace be upon him said: "The Hour will not even take my take centuries before Shubra inch cubit, it was said: O Messenger of God like the Persians and the Romans? He said:" Those are the people? ".
Narrated by al-Bukhaari (6888).
Taking Ages: walking on their careers.
The ignorant of this nation and the innovators and Znadegtha former nations of the Jews, Christians and Persians in their beliefs and their curricula, and morals and their organizations, and dress - now - to point out in these days is their followers and Mchabhtm the innovation of "Holiday Mother" or "Holiday Family", the day he invented the Christians honor - they claim - to the mother, became venerated crash days when government departments and where people reach their mothers and send them gifts and kind messages, if completed today, the situation returned to what it was of estrangement and disobedience.
The irony of Muslims they needed for such similar Allaah has enjoined on them and honoring one's mother has forbidden them to Akogaha and make the penalty for the highest grades.

The definition of feast
Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah:
Valaid name to the back of the meeting on the face of unusual, return: either a stick or a stick of year, week or month or so, "Mustaqeem" (1 / 441).
Ibn al-Abidin - may God have mercy on him: - "Eid is so called; because God bestows blessings, namely: the kinds of blessings that come back to worship every day, including: mushrooms after refraining from eating, and Sadaqah al-Fitr, and the completion of Hajj tawaaf visit, the sacrificial meats , and so on, and because usually the joy and pleasure, vitality and joy. "
"Footnote to Ibn Abidin" (2 / 165).

How much rejoicing in Islam?
The Muslim may note the large number of holidays for Muslims in these times, such as "Holiday Tree", and "Holiday workers" and "Holiday sit" and "Holiday" Birth ... etc and so on in a long list, all followers of the Jews, Christians and infidels, there is no basis for this in religion, not only in Islam Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr.
Anas ibn Maalik said: The ignorance of the people of two days each year which they would play when the Prophet peace be upon him said the city: You had two days where you play, but Allaah has given them good: the day of Fitr and Eid al-Adha.
Narrated by Abu Dawood (1134) and Women (1556) and classed as saheeh by Shaykh Albani.
Honoring one's mother Almighty God said: {And worship Allah and join none with Him and dutiful to your parents, kinsfolk, orphans, the needy and the neighbor of kinship and neighbor side and sidekick says I'm the way and then your belief that God does not love the proud swagger} [women / 36].
He says: {And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him and dutiful to your parents either they reach old age have one or both of not less than two F-Tnehrhma not say a word of disrespect to them} [Al / 23].
Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said: A man came to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: O Messenger of Allah who is most deserving of my good companionship? He said: "Your mother, said:" Then who? He said: Then your mother, said: "Then who? He said: Then your mother, said: "Then who? He said: Then your father.
Bukhari (5626) and Muslim (2548).
Hafiz Ibn Hajar said:
Ibn al-Heroes: What this means to have a mother three times what the father from the mainland, said: "This was a difficult pregnancy and then the situation and then breastfeeding, this is unique to the mother and the curse, and then involved the father in Education and has signed the reference to it in the verse {And We have enjoined man to his parents his his mother, and here they are, and his weaning is in two years}, Yousef between them in custody, in particular the mother matters of the three, Al-Qurtubi said: what is meant that the mother is entitled to the child, best chance of righteousness, and progress in the right of the father at the competition, said Ayaz: and he went public to the mother prefer to land on the father, said: be honoring them both, and transfer some of the owner and the first right.
"Fath" (10/402).
And even the mother, the entangling sharee'ah wanted a simple connection to the wise:
It was narrated girl names Abu Bakr said: "My mother came to visit me at the time of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him I asked the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: My mother came to mushrik my mother? He said: Yes kinship with your mother.
Bukhari (2477).

The mother in the non-Muslim country: Those who study the conditions of families in general and mothers in particular in non-Muslim societies to be heard and read of strange things, can hardly find a complete family whose members each other as well as the meetings occur between them and as well as meeting lasting.
As some viewers: You may find in the markets or streets, and her son or daughter, or father and son and daughter, but it is rare to find a whole family shopping or walking in the streets.
When the father or mother in the case of old age accelerates the bar! Them to put them into the role of the infirm and the elderly, some Muslims have gone to some of the role and asked a dozen of his desire for the elderly, All of them said: me! And that is due to what each of them live in misery, grief and sorrow on the case, which arrived one of them and abandoned them to their loved ones at a time when they need them most.

The mother at the time of rejoicing States Mother's Day is different from its history from one country to another, as well as the method of celebration, Norway hosted the second Sunday in February, while in Argentina it is on the second Sunday of October, and in Lebanon it is the first day of spring, and South Africa is celebrated on the first Sunday of May .
In France it is celebrated more as a family festival on the last Sunday of May, when family members get together for dinner and then give a cake to the mother.
Sweden also has a family holiday gala on the last Sunday of May, few days before that the Swedish Red Cross and the sale of small plastic roses to give to their mothers who are not in the holiday to take care of their children. In Japan, the day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, as in North America, where exhibitions are pictures drawn by children between six and fourteen years of age and within a traveling exhibition called "Mom" and is moved every 4 years wandering around the exhibition in many countries.

Holiday mother, History
Some researchers have said:
Some historians have suggested that the rejoicing mother had begun when the Greeks in the celebrations of the Spring Festival, and The festivities were dedicated to the mother goddess "RIA" wife "Cronos," God the Father, and in ancient Rome there was a similar to the celebrations devoted to the worship or veneration of "Sybil" - Another mother of the gods. This began about 250 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him; and the religious celebrations of the Romans was called "Hilaria" and lasted for three days from March 15 to March 18.
Sunday in England
A day similar ceremonies Gala Mother's, but it was called one of the mothers or the one semi-fast, because it was being held in the Lent them, and some say that the celebrations were held to worship and honor the "Sybil" Romanian changed by the church ceremonies to reverence and veneration of Mary, peace be upon , and this custom began with individuals to visit the church affiliates and the mother church loaded with offerings, and in 1600 young men and women of character and simple Alkhademon to visit their mothers in "A mothers" bringing gifts and food, this is from England but from the United States of America was there another story .
United States
Anna. M. Jarvis: (1864-1948):
She had the idea of ​​making Day Holiday Mother official holiday in the United States, they are never married and was a very strong relationship with her mother, She was the daughter of the monastery, and taught in Sunday school of the church's regular "Andrew" in Grafton, West Virginia, and after the death of her mother two years later began a campaign of wide-ranging included businessmen, ministers and congressmen; of the Declaration on Holiday Mother official holiday in the country, and had a feeling that the children did not appreciate what you do mothers during their lives, and she hoped that this day, the feelings of children and their mothers and fathers, and strengthen family ties
The church honored Miss Anna Jarvis in Grafton, West Virginia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the tenth of May 1908, and was the beginning of Mother's Day in the United States.
The pink of roses and her mother's favorite, especially white; because it reflects the good and purity and endurance, which is characterized by the mother's love, with the passage of time is pink red indicate that the mother is alive, and white that the mother passed away.
The first official declaration on the feast of the mother in the United States was in West Virginia and Oklahoma in 1910, In 1911 the entire U.S. has celebrated this day, however this time the celebrations have entered both from Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, Latin America and Africa, and then the U.S. Congress formally approved the declaration on the observance of Mother's Day, and that the tenth of May 1913, has been chosen on the first Sunday of the month of May to celebrate Mother's Day.
Holiday Arab mother
The idea of ​​celebrating Mother's Day in Egypt, the Arab by the two brothers "Mustafa and Ali Amin," the founders of Dar Akhbar Al-Yawm newspaper .. Has responded to the Secretary of the same message from a mother complaining about his estranged children and ill-treated her, and suffer because of their failure to beautiful .. And happened to be one of the mothers visited Mustafa Amin in his office .. And told him her story, which summed up that it was widowed and her children were young, did not marry, and stopped her life for her children, the role of the father and mother, and continued to look after her children at full capacity, even graduated from university, married, and took them all his life, no longer visiting only spaced at intervals of very , wrote Mustafa Amin Ali Amin Amodahma famous "the idea of" propose to devote one day to the mother to serve as a reminder of thanks, indicating that the West is doing it, and that Islam exhorts the attention the mother, Fanahalt letters on them encourages the idea, and suggested that allocates a week for the mother and not just one day, and others rejected the idea on the grounds that every day of the year for the mother and not only one day, but the majority of readers agreed on the idea of ​​one day, and participated readers to choose on March 21 to be a feast for the mother, the first day of spring; to be a symbol of openness and serenity and feeling beautiful .. Egypt celebrated the first or gala on March 21, 1956 .. From Egypt, the idea spread to other Arab countries .. Some have suggested at one time named Holiday Mother's family to be a tribute to the father too, but this idea was not widely accepted, people considered that a derogation from the right of the mother, or that the owners of the idea of ​​rejoicing family "WANT" to the mother to allocate a day .. So far, Arab countries still celebrate this day through various media .. And honor the ideals of mothers who have gone through a great struggle for their children at every level. End
No wonder then you know that more of those who celebrate the Jews and the Christians and those who imitate them, and show it as a concern for women, mother and celebrates some of the Masonic clubs in the Arab world, Mother's Day Knuadi Rotary and Lions.
By the way, the day of rejoicing mother of 21 March is the New Year of the Coptic Christians, the day of Nowruz Gala of the Kurds.

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