Singapore...Country's law and order and cleanliness

Singapore where: «No Mistake»
Country's law and order and cleanliness

The island of Singapore is a country of high technology, one of the most affluent cities in Southeast Asia, known as the laws strictly and stresses its leaders and laws on the age of most residents and visitors

The swimming pool in the «Marina Bay» of the most important tourist attractions in Singapore and the new famous Baaloha and engineeringUnique

«Madagascar» mini «Universal Studios»

London: Jocelyne EliaBefore landing at Changi International Airport in Singapore, you hear the host board warns you of carrying drugs and remind you that the laws in Singapore to prevent any kind of drug outright, the law and be held accountable bearer imprisonment.Link to the airport, you see banners and one after the other, the first perception of a sticker to prevent «spitting» in public places, and the last stop «Frankincense» or gum .. When you reach the room allocated to receive the luggage will be able to configure a snapshot of the Asian country, the law is the master of the situation, and the government's slogan «No Mistake», and see the people responsive to this method because it is the other hand you see a holder on the rights and is among the more people that enjoy the level of high standard of living.When you leave the airport and you're on your way to the center of the city will stand unable to describe the scenery of skyscrapers that you see hugging the sky and stand stacked side by side with geometric wonderful, and will be surprised by the lack of and the scarcity of getting caught in the nets on the traffic jam, but in the end of the day see cars go in one path towards Malaysia, because there are a large number of Malaysians who come to Singapore to work in the morning and return to their homes in the evening.Singapore is located in South-East Asia at the southern tip of the island of Malay, which is separated by the Straits of Johor, in addition to the availability of modern land transportation between the two countries which were before independence in 1965, one country. Singapore has an excellent geographical location; it Almlqa overlooking the Strait between Sumatra and the Malay ports are considered the most important commercial ports in the world. Area of ​​Singapore small; they do not exceed the 660 square kilometers, this area is a very small proportion of the population who exceed 4.0008 million thousand people, but despite of a larger population on that land narrow, you see that traffic is good and the Organization because of the high prices of cars to reduce the possession and to avoid creating problems stifling progress.
* The most important visits* Singapore offers a tourist an opportunity for all, young and old, young and old, but could shorten the attractions that you must visit in the following list:- «Universal Studios»: If you are a fan of another fad Hollywood action movies «Action» and supporters «Disney», will be «Universal Studios» Location importantly for your visit, is located on the island of Sentosa tourist, a tourist city fully integrated where you find activities Several suitable for everyone.Visit «Universal» take a full day at least, where you can identify the plots, film and audio effects and soundtrack, which is explaining the godfather of cinema Action «Steven Spielberg» in the section called «New York», in addition to a number of games that reflect the popular Disney characters, The city is divided to 6 different cities: one dedicated for the lovers of personal «partner» and other interested celebrities «Hollywood» and the third dedicated to scientific issues and the so-called «Sai-Fi», and other custom of the Pharaohs and the film «The Mummy», and the city last tells the story of «Jurassic Park» Lost City , not to mention the city of «Madagascar» I love that you find the animal figures on the hearts of young children. And spread in the «Universal Studios» Lots of fast-food local, European and American.It is the most important thing you should do in this place is to watch the film «partner» four-dimensional; is actually the most beautiful that you can see in your life.
- The island of Sentosa: find on that island every means of entertainment and exploration, when you arrive it will be the head of the lion giant waiting; it is the symbol of the Republic and the city, and you can climb the statue to see the city from the top, and if Assad is not enough to recognize the city from the top you must use cable car which takes you on a fantastic journey to get to know the city from the sky and you can book a dinner on board the cable cars, the so-called flights of «at IBM». For the trip back and forth at $ 26 a Singaporean.
- Sentosa access: Among the activities deals that you can do is a game «Sentosa access», a small vehicles self-propelled, take you on a journey to the bottom of the island, but you must prepare yourself for the camera; In Singapore, the older brother accompany you everywhere, and attended your pocket to buy your photos that you see when you're waiting for any game and sporting activity.
- Tower «Tiger Sky»: it is another way to see Singapore from above, this time through the tower from the bottom of your climb to reach the top, and moves in a circular motion so you can see the city from all its aspects.- Movies four-dimensional: there are several galleries dedicated to display movies on the way four-dimensional to make you live the events of the film, and the offer includes the fall of the points of water and the continuous movement of the seat and wind ravaged in your face, the most important deals: «Despirados» and «4 de MAGIX».- «The Singapore Flyer»: not complete visit to Singapore tourism without a visit to the wheel of Singapore giant highest in the world, up height to 165 meters and based in their design and functioning on the principle of «Alfeng Shui» Chinese, it is composed of 28 capsules and can accommodate all of them for 28 people, and the price of the ticket $ 28 Singapore; because the Chinese believe that the number 28 brings luck. During the boarding the wheel you will see the most beautiful buildings and architecture, Buildings towering height adorn the flat land of Singapore. Before the ascension to the wheel must be tested «Spa Fish» (Botanica) on the second floor, a health center small provides a unique opportunity to massage the feet in a traditional Chinese to get rid of the skin of the feet Dead by fish, small private experience is unique, you will find a stranger in initially, but soon get used to the fish to tickle your feet.
- «Sky Park»: You must be I saw a picture a swimming pool, located on the roof of a tall building height in Singapore, it is the most famous images that speak to the media last year, was sent on the Internet, It is the garden Sky Park, located on the roof of the hotel «Marina Bay Sands »Author of 55-storeys high, and the park is located on the surface when the floor of the 57 is based on the form of a bridge linking the three towers, the hotel overlooks the most beautiful landscapes in downtown away from the airport with about 20 minutes.Swimming is allowed for hotel guests only, but you can climb to the top and take photos and see 360 ​​degrees of the city.
- Zoo:Is one of the most important tourist destinations in the country; it includes a large number of animals and a lot of activities such as riding a horse-drawn carts or join trips aboard the small vehicles take you on a tour to see the animals up close.
- Night Safari:The idea of ​​the zoo evening after visiting a political Singaporeans zoo in one day and saw a large number of animals sleeping, Fajtrt his mind the idea of ​​opening a park dedicated to animals of night sleep during the day and wake up at night, and so received, shall be considered as this park the first of its kind in the world , you trip on board the electric vehicle without lights led by an experienced driver with no lighting, and the tour guide explain about each animal you see in your way.And spread in the villages safari custom to eat a number of restaurants offering local cuisine, Asian and western parts of the most famous restaurant «Ulu Ulu». Garden doors open from 7.30 pm until midnight.Ticket price $ 20 for adults and $ 10 for children.
- Chinatown: The impact of Chinese culture is evident in Singapore, especially that 75% of the population of Chinese origin, and the visits are advised tourists to do it: shopping and get to know Chinese culture in Chinatown which was established in 1821 when it began to Chinese ships sailing to come to Singapore , and settled Chinese time when the south side of the Singapore River and the region is known today as the «Teluk Ayer», in local circles is called the Chinatown name «New Chi Choe», spread in Chinatown small shops that sell Chinese products of traditional foods and food ingredients as well.
- Live Indian: The Indians initially as soldiers and aides to walk the famous Raffles, who was credited with the development of Singapore, in 1819, and in the late 19 th century followed by a large number of Indians who came in search of a chance to work.Today is the living Indian, or what is known as India's small, the junction of the Indian community, and since the moment you arrive to the area smell the smell of spices, pungent and sold in shops in small Indian products and jasmine garlands, clothes, Indian traditional sari, the most famous shopping areas in the region: «Tikka Center» and « Little India Arcade ».
- Arab neighborhood: and the spread of the oriental restaurants and shops that sell traditional oriental products, in addition to the presence of a large mosque and a dedicated pedestrian street you can find shops dedicated to selling Aliharpat, napkins, and libraries.
- Shopping in Singapore:Shopping is one of the most important thing is famous for its Singapore; as available in the shops goods imported from all over the world, the most important shopping street upscale is the street of Orchard, which includes center «Ngee Ann City» and «Centre Point» and «Tanger» and «Herren».And owners of modest budgets can go to the center «vivo» and find the local and imported products at affordable prices too.And the popular shopping street advised the Arabs and Chinese and Indian neighborhood, especially in the center «Mustafa Shopping» This center is open around the clock, and for Singaporeans to be considered as the Bishan and Tambez favorite shopping for them.
- Accommodation in Singapore:Found in Singapore cities can say that it competes most important European cities like London and Paris because of the whiff of European Tchaaraa them; so we will stand puzzled in front of the vast amount of hotels world-class, and is interesting here is that all hotels are subject to improve and beautify and change the decorations down; so you'll be surprised Basrip hotels if they have built more than 20 years.
One of the main hotels:- Hotel «Hard Rock» on the island of Sentosa: a child's «Universal Studios», which is very suitable for families and children, from which you can access to the resort «Universal Studios» on foot and does not take away more than 5 minutes.Featuring rooms very modern design inspired by the Disney World of Music.
- Hotel «Grand Hyatt Singapore»: is characterized by the location attractive in the downtown commercial street in Orchard upscale, and is about 25 kilometers from the airport, and includes a swimming pool external design of the remarkable flow proximity waterfalls that add charm to the place, and is said to be the owner of the hotel request for a Falls synthetic thinking it brings him luck, the first day of operation was forced airlines to an emergency landing in Singapore, which forced all crew and passengers to disembark at the hotel.The hotel features also, along with its location, the existence of «Spa» provide treatment injection facial oxygen, this treatment will be called «Madonna» named after the singer Madonna, and developed a treatment therapists with Madonna, who invented a special machine sends oxygen to the face, and you can not find this treatment anywhere else in the world.
- Hotel «Raffles»: It is considered a national monument since 1987 and includes a swimming pool externally and enjoys a location convenient for shopping lovers.
- Hotels «Marina Bay Sands» is located in the Marina Bay overlooking the waterfront of Singapore and is characterized by giant swimming pool on the floor 57.
- Hotel «Marriott Singapore»: Located in the Orchard area business, its distinctive, and the decor is inspired by the Chinese style, and it is the inherent culture of Singapore. And the outdoor swimming pool.
* Information about Singapore* Population: 4.8 million people.* Capital: Singapore.* Area: 660 square kilometers.* Language: English, Almaliuip, Mandarin, and Tamil.* Religion: Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism.* Currency: S $ is equal to about 100 U.S. cents.* The most important are supplied by Singapore: computer equipment, machinery manufacturing, rubber.* Flag of the country: crescent and 5 stars, symbolizing: democracy, peace, prosperity, justice, equality.* Climate: tropical, humid rain abundance between November (November) and January (January).


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