Scientific benefits of the fruit

Scientific benefits of the fruit

Scientists have discovered multiple benefits of fruits in different forms and types, although the taste delicious, which will satisfy all tastes, they contain a high content of vitamins, fiber and many of the benefits highlighted by recent studies, so you have to deal with different types of fruit, here are some fruits useful that can be addressed Kojbat light works to balance meals and food does not exceed the body:
Guava: Of the important parts of guava is the seed that contain vitamin omega6, omega3, which provide the body with fatty acids. They contain vitamin (a) and (c) and fibers that help strengthen the immune system and help regulate the digestive process, as containing guava: carotnoids, polyphenols, two of the key factors of resistance to oxidants, which protect body cells from damage.
The fruit is the one containing 35 and 50 calories for that is the desired goal for people who are looking for weight loss.
Bananas, broccoli (useful for stomach problems): BBC reported "bbc" that researchers at the University of Liverpool have found that fibers that have been derived from bananas and broccoli are very useful in the fight against bacteria through the track towards the invasion of cells in the intestine.
For his part, explained the doctor, "Barry Campbell" in charge of the study, this research showed that various food components can have powerful effects on the movement of bacteria in the intestines.

Fruit grapefruit (protected from diabetes): A recent study that the fruit grapefruit helps weight loss and protect from diabetes, the researchers pointed out that the article "Noringelin" antioxidant abundant in grapefruit, which was granted by the bitter taste, able to perform the lack of work being undertaken by the estate "Vnovibright" and "Rosgelinazon" that are used to control the sugar in type II.
As well as helping people with diabetes maintain a healthy weight, which is essential in the treatment of this disease.

Pineapple: Provides pineapple manganese, which helps to increase the vitamin (b 7) and (b 1) and (c) in the body, helping these vitamins on the composition of fatty acids and stimulates the thyroid gland.
Pineapple also contains vitamin (B 1) and (c), copper and fiber, which combine these components to protect the body from the appearance of spots and increase energy levels and strengthen the immune system and improves sperm production of animals are for men.
Papaya: The papaya fruit, which is characterized by multiple uses where it can be a key component in the salad bowl, it can also be a key component in ice cream containing vanilla and eaten as a kind of candy, and papaya contain 300% of the vitamin (c), which needs to body every day.
It also contains vitamin A, E Mufidan to prevent the oxidation of fatty substances in the body, provides protection in the heart, also contains protein enzymes: papain, chymopapaim which help protect against infections, particularly rheumatic arthritis.
Kiwi: And contains kiwi a high percentage of vitamin (c) and fibers that strengthen the colon and help protect against cancer, also contains potassium, copper, magnesium and vitamin (E) and reduce high blood pressure and is characterized by an element of 95% of the vitamin (C).
Cherry juice (stimulates the heart): A new study confirms the Institute for Medical Research in the Czech capital that eating cherries and drinking natural juice on a regular basis benefit greatly stimulate the heart and blood circulation and protects the body from diseases related to inflammation.
The study pointed out that cherries contain huge amounts of antioxidants with a positive impact on the activity of the heart, as well as the internal system of the blood in the body.
The study showed cherry clean the blood of impurities and fight harmful bacteria that may exist stomach, which helps bacteria to multiply offices and, hence, the immune system becomes more robust.
And cherries also contain a good proportion of mineral salts such as potassium, which benefit the body to get rid of the sodium salts harmful blood veins.

Pomegranate juice (good for your heart): Scientists have found new benefits of pomegranate juice, other than his help to avoid cancer and its benefits for the heart, which is that it helps alleviate the sagging belly with progress in life, reported the newspaper "Daily Mail" that the British researchers from the University of Edinburgh found that pomegranate juice reduces fat around the stomach, where show a glass of pomegranate juice daily for a month reduces the configuration of the fat cells and reduces blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and liver disease.
Brown berries: While strawberries occupies first place in the family Altuteat but it must not ignore the brown berries, this type of fruit contains a very high percentage of fiber provides us with about 7.6 grams per cup of it.
It also provides us with vitamin brown berries (c) and (k), and potassium, nutrients that strengthen consideration, and is characterized by Vitamin (k) that is very useful for males because it protects against cancer of the prostate.

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