A positive individual with the community

A positive individual with the community

Positive ... Between the individual and society

Positive and has two-fold:

First: It is positive the individual towards himself, which include the development and updating of the same.

II: is the individual interaction with individuals and social issues and participation in making events.

In both of the good, spirit of initiative leader and guide to success and excellence, and life full of opportunities to do good, and areas of progress are many; but at least a step ahead to achieve the initiative and is prized, and we vary in the receptivity to such opportunities, there is a lazy apathetic, which does not shake the opportunities, so that respond to the minds of many good ideas, and is available to them under appropriate conditions of achievement and progress, but the psychological barriers to sit on their motivation and initiative, while the brave initiators win.

The initiative is a title success, the path of progress, and a weapon to seize opportunities, and investment conditions .. And the individual entrepreneur to achieve the positive achievements, and enjoy the gains, has been said: \ "and win every adventurer Ballmat \", as well as the community who possess such, it has a lively, develops and reality for the better permanently constant.

Positive ... Demand for Islamic

The Quran has a lot of verses that went to the stick and show this behavior and adherence to this value; and the importance of this capacity in the life of the individual and the community has talked about the Holy Quran in many verses, and more than an expression, it is mentioned for the initiative in some of the verses it says quickly, the Almighty says: {, and vie in good works and those of the righteous} [Al-Imran Verse: 114].
And the Almighty says: {They are used to hasten in good works} [the prophets of the verse: 90], and the Almighty says: {and quick to forgiveness from your Lord and a Paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth, prepared for the righteous} [Al-Imran: 133].

We note in the verses directing the letter to everyone and not to the person only; because you want to be this character trait of the whole community in his career and his positions, and to be the dominant feature of the communities, which do progress and advancement, and indeed not even of had a head start with those who trailed, Variyadp and precedence honor is not bestowed on only the first who broke into the areas not Iqthmha one before them, and made achievements that have not so accrued one before him, then your may open a new door, and burst into areas not enter one of before, and the Qur'an spoke about the class has done unless it is made by one of them; Therefore, it was a double reward, not with the Icowa made of the same deed; but at a later stage them, are the first and Fbqgua and former applicants; so it's worth in the first ex-squares goodness of each estimate and show pride .. In the Koran great tribute to all those who have a precedence in doing good and the service of Muslims; The Almighty says: {and former ancients of immigrants and supporters} [repentance: verse 100].

And to pay tribute here do not apply only to accident migration; but show all the work will be accompanied by the former and the first in doing good, a lot of verses urging of God to the competition, and to be recognized as the fastest and the earlier people to do good and meaningful it: {Not equal among you spent before the Conquest and the greatest killer of those degree who spent after and fought both the promise of Allah} [iron: verse 10], as also says: {Say: I am commanded to be the first of the safest} [cattle: verse 15].

And the Prophet - may Allah bless him and God and peace - where we are the best example, Valmtaba the biography by the Mission until his death - peace be upon him - finds that his life - peace be upon him - full of positions that indicate Iijaith and its interaction with the events surrounding it, for example, when he was - peace be upon him - Mara at the Kaaba and found people disagree among themselves on who puts the stone in place in the Kaaba, not leave them and say: What is my business?! But pointed at them the opinion of good, and participated with them in resolving this dispute, and after the mission - and despite the hostility \ "Abu Jahl \" of the Prophet peace be upon him - came to a Bedouin complain to him that the \ "Abu Jahl \" has taken his money and does not want his response to progress Prophet - peace be upon him - and without hesitation or fear, and asked \ "Abu Jahl \" with determination to give the man his due, and already gave \ "Abu Jahl \" the man his money, and when asked about the reason for disturbance of the claim of the Prophet his money man said : \ "I imagined that I wanted to Asda Ilthemeni when Muhammad entered the \".

The hadith urge us on this great value, he says - peace be upon him: (If you have time in the hands of any one of you Vlegrsha seedlings), you better pray and peace, sir, O Messenger of Allah, do you see more positive and the greatest of the piece?! And he - peace be upon him: (eg, based on the limits of God and the reality which is like a folk Asthmua on a ship, some of the top and one underneath, and those who were at the bottom if they derive from the water passed through them from above them, they said: "If I have violated in our share violation has not harmed the above us! the left them and they wanted to have perished, and perished all, but they took on their hands survived, and survived all) Bukhari.

Going to positive

There are many factors that help the development of (positive), and the entrepreneurial spirit within the soul, and that contribute significantly to the creation of personal positive enterprising, and these factors are as follows:

1 - awareness and knowledge

Following up door Standing different areas to help the individual to explore the many dimensions that would be missing him, assisted by this awareness to explore new opportunities, and outlets are often opaque to it; which is assisted by the storm.

2 - self-confidence

Many of us miss out on opportunities to go and do good; whether this was good for himself or to others; a result of the skepticism in their abilities and minimize their business, and always wonder if that idea is sound, why was not understood by so and so?! Positive contrast, Vthagth himself always pay to break into the obstacles, and overcome difficulties.

3 - susceptibility to storm and adventure

Without rush and recklessly, with an estimate of things Bmviaderha, and this desire for intrusion and adventure pay the individual to discover new horizons of life, and contribute to the development outcome of the individual solutions, it stands at the barrier stumbling indignant; but has alternative solutions; a result of the friction constant run of a lot of adventures which has burdened the experiment.

As we differ as individuals in Iijaitna about the surrounding events, as well as the different communities, there are communities inactive lazy in dealing with juveniles, as in the individual completely, societies, which is characterized by its members to (positive) and the entrepreneurial spirit found a more advanced and sophisticated than those of the missing owners of the Hemp, P (positive) as has been said is the way of development and prosperity, lots and lots of personalities successful around us if we look at success stories, we find that the spirit of the initiative played a major role in achieving these figures are reached from the glory and pride, why stands in front of an obstacle or a barrier to hinder them from what they set for themselves , one of us builds barriers, and pays tribute to the walls around himself, his life takes a tremendous amount of terminology and misconceptions that contribute to the injury and the angry person to sit idle.

Here are some terms and their alternatives; by repeating the established use within the souls of many negative traits that hinder on the starting and bravery and the storming of the prospects of success and excellence:

Instead of saying ---- better to say

This is difficult work or the task difficult ---- This task is not easy, but I can make it

Do not get angry ---- Chill Out

How was this day ---- how hard this day was full of activity and work

I can not ---- I will try and try

I think I'll succeed ---- God willing, be successful

I do not think it checks ---- I hope that progress

I feel I need ---- pixels to the movement and activity

---- I'm not afraid to brave

I feel weak ---- must Otqoy

You are weak ---- need more effort and exercise

Many people use these terms or some of them; This will be a sense of internally many negative meanings, such as:

Inferiority and doubt in the capacity of self; which fall ill, frustrated, and thus the lack of production capacity and employment.

Swimming frogs
I have in mind here the words spoken by one of the scientists who specialize in behavioral sciences, is \ "Barry Eigen \":

You must have heard the saying \ "No luck knocks on your door twice \", do not believe this to say, Valhz Man is always knocking on the door, and everything in it is that it comes suddenly, and takes us by surprise .. You suggested a new job Verwdth, and was invited to lecture I thought that you are not able to do that, or you want to buy the house that did not Tstrh .., and a lot of opportunities .. Do you remember all this? Please accept my work and responsibilities harder forward, and trust that you will not be weary; but Stnhion new responsibilities and Taataudon it after a while .. Oh God, if you are sure it is above your energies and outside your competence and experience fully.
Do not expect to be her business and to itself, when one asks: Do you think that you are able to take on new responsibility? You must answer without any hesitation: \ "Yes, certainly .. \", you may Iaatarik fear for no reason, saying to yourself: \ "Indeed, I can not succeed in this business, how can I learn all these things that you should I learn? I feel now that the Heavy functions \ "This is a natural feeling when he takes those new responsibilities; but once Tsttiawa Aagafzoa swimming into the water with both Kdmikm, and fumbled with your hands if necessary .. Little by little you learn .. Until the pool frog \ ".
This means the willingness and preparedness to seize opportunities psychologically and practically, on the other; the rights, if you will Tmahl did not initiate it - in addition to the possible loss of opportunity - you may lose the ability and potential and become slow and laziness of his attributes, the continued life is not his hand, and does not guarantee the authenticity and the preservation of the level of activity and time and means and mechanisms of the Movement to Him, and the Prophet - peace be upon him - said in his speech: (I take five before five), of which (your youth before old age), do not deny ourselves a lot of pay, there are plenty of areas that are depriving ourselves of the storm; As a result of shame or lack of self-confidence and capabilities of personal The areas open to all charities, and shares in enterprises of different social, or contribute to the committees to ensure that orphans, Zakat funds, and areas of volunteerism and service, such as: projects, afforestation and Carriers hygiene.

All goodness for those who interact with its surroundings, but his world around him, nation is the Islamic one body, we must be Iijain with ourselves and with our near: (from hating let him change it), and with the nation of Palestine, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq and others, We read and follow their news, We know from us, and we call them, and we give them what we can, Fmrdod carrying out those activities that benefits him and his community and his nation. Copied 

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