On the sidewalks grief

What brings together cities, although spacing .. dive into making us Kokhoz needles, What collection of Gaza and Meknes unique text on the sidewalks of grief, many questions are running in appetite, anxiety and on the sidewalks almost us away for the specificity of place amalgam and explosive tensions traveler and exiled us .. Meknes perhaps surprise the siege of Gaza in the infinite .. 
Cities Tosark Bjmalhaotaatbahakzl Never Shown Pedigree on your heart, is the city does not sleep on the sidewalks, but resist the grief. 
Meknes, overlooking the Atlas mountain range .. Ask them plain or wound Sais door Almansourabak history, and the spirit is beautiful and the Gaza Strip overlooking the wounds and Zilha eternal .. Meknes or olive Mcnasp also loves her family name, city of the poet Ibrahim Gahoegi express language when mined and questions Bgaya transit to Gaza .. at first sight to get surprised by, and reflects between cry and whine at the traveler is home to perhaps realize the magnitude of the disaster between chord violin .. Gahoegi not accustomed to the sounds after the lute while shaking melodies to echo mine ironic shouts poet / And you're sad Tbddin flowers your hair with water, taking into resistance strip, and wasteland Onsag place and rights in the flower of cities .. Sorrow is renewed ritual language and a single stock is in the bodies and four chapters of the body .. and Gaza transit scene enclosure bullets / Gaza Chdha language for the unknown furnished unit / Kmsobhp Anfrtt pills for almonds .. Is your text, but gardens of other transients and exiles in it, and children Behrthm stars Vnamua in the remote died .. Gaza Todi dawn when flowing blood, no mosque, no funeral and without by returning them to the house vacuum Gaza swim / sink / uttered breath crying breaths final and the coffin of a single breeding days after Day / Be me home the clouds .. you have narrowed our homelands and displaced / Be ye wound me the clouds and take tons and room for all. 
We have the space "for our wounds and our grief .. long threaded like almonds neglect transients sorrows Here .. wounds .. moon and stars sparkle in the river of life and noisy Cilgela Ah an area where the pain pulls the wound and stab here .. there 
 Meknes Tstadhae Bghazalp land write a love poem and the dream of sweeping a runaway to return the horses to Mrabotha and birds nests ... or to live up holes Ikhyeeatna duplicate .. Mahjtna not radiate white light transparent parading him pills tears or blood spray did not fall after the smell of his words from our hearts 
Get out from Gaza siege of the sea and the sea lover of life .. Otraha Ghazala moiety Gaza .. or a wolf howling after the murder of Ghazala and Gaza is becoming Zibackbyra areas in white / but the night of our shadow next Takbina its weapons 
Gaza / poem written blood / Fifid stone Raafa / Gaza / woman water the tired / milk hope appellant to escape / Gaza walking braids / wolves ravage their sons / and returned in the old room for wasteland / Gaza pain forgotten in the palm of the soil / and wolves around and on her right hand and on the north / not escape her / is Twnt unit gown Agriculture / Gaza sadness lingered Onssagy / built and me tired / and leaves in the bottom line my pain / is the oil slick / Taatnaoppea matches / she is an apple mated satellite Mmena to escape / depressed I am about the arrival of a woman from the airport Remote / poem will be from night to embrace Yasmin Gaza / and experiencing Balzgarrid / is not a requirement, but speaking quite rhyme poem and kill him / 
Jasmine Strip removes from the body ashes and ruin trying to be more a trial of the Sea of ​​waking up in the evening / and ceilings metaphor / wearing butterfly wings / and goes on to reconcile next night on the sidewalks of sadness / Gaza deplorable unchanged The jasmine hanging over Ohdabha he pain travel in the biography of the displaced well deep 
And I, who lost in the characters of his poems on the well Sohoe Mjtta herb pain 
To open a gap joy sad / Ghazal passes near the well apprehensive / gazelle running Viamadgh labyrinth goes on .. To live jasmine looseness wind 
Words are scattered away / sometimes ecstatic and sometimes another belt on the waist-Ghazaleh 
Ghazal open net at night / to dwell in marble promises / Gaza flirts jasmine dream / dreams and leave boats on the horizon of the displaced / Gaza dream of summer visitors to the idea and / or the tomb in which lie before I die / and Jasmine strewn on the memory 
City in the heart Tscunnini / delay and Djaha of grief .. Be a feast / her how much the city has had jasmine and carried with him some of them / surgeon, "reeling from the impact arrows / and the city does not sleep / Tsl is Jnaizha / leave with the dawn shell / is flammable nostalgia in us and Gaza do not subside wounds / evening of Gaza on the chest of a flower Vinther guards her poems leisurely 
Transients and write their names with chalk and other blood / city on the injured live 
How much the city had granted el-Ghazal Jnadel dream / I do not give me the warmth of the wall of the fort 
Whenever he saw her crying / or wall gives me pleasure Scrabble / Kindle River Nile dreams tops, / here extended Iraq over the wound covered by kelp and salt / Obdloni city borders claws exile / singing and flute his friend .. maybe she exchanged rhymes city like shadows of his hometown and tampered with his own eyes so as not to see / It is sad trail Baghdad tail / and willow Rusafa song is, but they turned it sad / and grief overshadowed by since then at the gates and the throne over Ohdabha not a wedding but mourning on the verandas of the night calling his victims but some of the sadness luxury and some hatch joy, and take us / When the aging sadness at the corner of our cities / We have to break both mirror grief envelope / attacking us, the evening / Nkso Sea innocently child and a child / to go in our hearts schedules ... 
And write this surprising decorated with rainbow / As her words sail .. withdraw dawn our part Feinsq us moon absence / and imagination bleed when our country without trees or the trees without a homeland / home bird had fled days bleeding and sad / When he wakes up home without its citizens or wake up the citizens without a home / loitering drunk in his love / But seasons do not blooming always Paljlnar / I hear Noah flute does not voice / text "in the memory of Roses is the kiss the sky on the cheek of the earth / on the sidewalks of sadness sing and sang from the river grief Wedding / These are the ground remains of having gone through the memory and harvesting / These are the land of our children returning to the wound grows and breeds and sing of life and on the sidewalks of grief we still resist the sink sudden / how to express cities for her death and how Thadden time, which is still shadows her breath and Ibosrha times, cities Yelp bleeding and Almtsmarah land how changing conditions and its people Almehrolon to far from dead on the sidewalks are many and multiple and continue their siege and forgotten Naszewn term. 


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