On page "revolution February 14 on anger in Bahrain," published a statement of figures Kuwait condemned the events in Bahrain, said, "We the undersigned deplore the brutal and criminal against peaceful citizens in Bahrain, we saw some in the media, as committed by the regime of Bahrain through its security and cross- thugs and mercenaries who pay them to unleash mischief in the land. "
The statement added, "We also condemn and deplore the sectarian rhetoric and provocation, which depends upon the system as the other, by what the governmental media, media, backed by his allies in the region, as we condemn the silence Global Media and the Arab Gulf for the truth about crimes committed against the people of Bahrain."
He warned the signatories to the statement from "any military intervention or security of any external party to tilt the system against its own people and participation of committing more crimes against the people of Bahrain peaceful good, this intervention will not save the system from the will of the people but only complicate matters in the region, with dire consequences for everyone ".
The statement was signed about 70 personal Kuwaiti between activists and intellectuals, academics, clerics, and said it "sought by the Bahraini people enjoying his beloved and his followers and call for Bahrain and Bahrainis bright future role models."
And on the same page, published about 15 on the civil and political in Bahrain, another statement said: "We are signatories to this statement, as we see convoys of military forces of the Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia, coming to Bahrain, we declare our condemnation of this dangerous move, which is foreign occupation and assault a dangerous on the ground and the people of Bahrain. "
They added, "While we believe that such an occupation is a conspiracy against the defenseless people of Bahrain, we affirm the right of this people, this project is to resist foreign occupation violates all laws and international covenants and instruments."
The statement called for "international community and all its organs and institutions, led by the United Nations, addressed to stop this aggression on the land and the people of Bahrain and ensure their right to practice all forms of peaceful struggle and in particular the protection of the protestors in a daze for the Pearl of the martyrs."
And from Bahrain to Libya, where the ceremony site Facebook pages about events in Libya, while the chosen Page uprising "February 17, 2011 - to make it a day of anger in Libya," involving about a hundred thousand people, dissemination of participants of what she described as "Secrets of nationality to Gaddafi."
Page said, "It seems that the moral scandal of Muammar Gaddafi, which date back to 1979 and the abduction of a student trying to Tunisia and a minor to marry her, against her will, is not the only scandal in his record."
She added, "but is one of the many scandals involving« Colonel »The revolt began February 17 Bayaha expose, and which may become scattered rumors to facts that would fall along with many of the names in the sky of art, journalism, sports and politics."
She "kept Muammar Gaddafi, for the duration of his reign, from involvement in ethical scandals, with the exception of a romance dating back to 1979, caught fire in the heart of Colonel on the pages of international newspapers and magazines, the story of chase continued for the student Tunisian Mischka nostalgia, which was signed Bara sees fit, and the severity of Hyamh out, locked her in a palace in Tripoli and told her of his wish to marry her. "
The Page "revolution chosen - Libya 17/02/2011," he wrote in one of the participants and called the Secretary Muha "What is this reluctance to provide assistance to our fellow revolutionaries in Libya?" I smell an international conspiracy hatched in secret, although we do not support intervention in the Wild Libya, why slowdown in the no-fly zone to protect our brothers in this confrontation is equal and we all remember the air embargo imposed on the Aera s in a jiffy. "
Responded another, named "Abu Turab Abdullah", replied: "God and the world, all peoples, governments and stood with the Egyptian people against the regime, including the Egyptian army for two reasons: first, do not use weapons, despite the abundance in Upper Egypt and Sinai II not to use the West against the same country and the people kiss. "
"But the Libyan people's revolution had been kidnapped and the lack of distortion together after the vision of those who made it Batsalathm West, Washington and Europe and then to meet the commander of the Board to Mr. Mustafa Abdul Jalil, has damaged more than this revolution Nftha."
And went on to say that "Western intervention, backed by some Arab countries, wanted to abort the spring Arab Democratic, in terms of using the current model as a bogeyman to distort the revolutions to come, and put sticks in the tires, and to devote statement false connecting these revolutions, the West and the United States in particular."Copied

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