Mental Health for Women

Mental Health for Women
The much-delayed opening this file and interest in real interest and lost among the ruins of many battles has for women and against, and we will try through the scientific method neutral and objective to infer the development of mental health of women in our society as part of the overall reform that we seek in all aspects of our lives. 

The following image parameters and the reform proposals: 
Women constitute 60-70% of the clients of the psychiatric clinics: 
* Is it the configuration of biological rhythm with a variable of monthly menstruation to pregnancy to birth to breastfeeding to menopause and the concomitant manifestation of these changes are physiological and emotional? 

* Or that the social status of women is the one who puts them under constant pressure and multi eventually lead to her many mental disorders and neurological and physical? ..., Women are still confused and fluctuating between streams and stopped in the act to let the psychological and social trends and other calls to disperse out of her clothes sometimes (in the dance video clip) and out of her femininity at other times (in the conflict on the street). 

* Or that women are more able to express her mental suffering and more courage to seek medical assistance while the man is unable to express and ashamed to ask for help or transcend? 

These and other questions prompted the Royal College of Psychiatrists, England, to recognize what is similar to the section on mental disorders in women and to encourage a private group to do the necessary research for this purpose beginning in 1995, then devoted the American Journal of Psychiatry two issues full on relations between women and psychiatry, both women were psychiatric treatment psychological or sick. 

At the level conference was held the first international conference on "Women and Mental Health" at the Institute of Psychiatry in England in 1970 and is still held every year from that date, and added to the International Conference on Women held in Beijing under the auspices of the United Nations to discuss women's issues different aspects in order to improve the quality of life of women (although the criticism and question marks about this conference to biased point of view of Western and American public, in particular). 

Above all, there is a great heritage in the religions and different civilizations cares about the organization of Women's Affairs in relation to men in particular, and their relationship to society and life in general, in the Holy Qur'an is complete (from throughout the wall) for women in addition to the detailed provisions contained in the Qur'an and Sunnah are shown standing and role of women and impact. However we have seen in ages deterioration of civilization reneging on all of this and try to read and interpret texts in line with the customs and traditions of communities and some political and social attitudes. 

Women and mental illness: 
0 pre-teen women are less prone to mental disorders related to nerve growth (Neurodevelopment), but if we have observed in the stages of growth we find the following represent the majority of psychiatric patients in terms of numbers and in terms of their need for psychological care. 

0 He was shown most of the growing proportion of community-based studies of mental disorders in women, especially minor psychiatric disorders. 

0 and there are some disorders that are almost more attached to women, such as eating disorders, depression and Alnevsjsmip disorders and somatization disorders, while schizophrenia and alcoholism and drug addiction are more relevant to men. 

0 and if women were bad luck with depression (1:2 for men), they look better luck with schizophrenia (schizophrenia) were found to be less infection in addition to the severity of the disease are less responsive to treatment better and it seems that this is due to genetic differences lead to differences sensitivity to dopamine. 

The impact of mental illness for women on the family: 
The family is the social unit most importantly, a lap for children and housing for the husband, safe haven and the protective cover and cuddling warm for all, in the heart of this entity warm compassionate, we find the mother, is in the center of the circle compassionate and sponsors and without them there would be no family, and its absence is the absence of terms of love and compassion, warmth and care, so if Event mental disorder to any member of the family, women bear the brunt and form the first line and the primary care and containment (dementia of the husband, with addiction, Jr., behavioral deviation of the girl). 

But the disaster is the biggest shake when the mother and cracking its foundation, ie, when a mental illness get here shaking the center and the entire family structure becomes vulnerable to scattering as the power represented by the Association of macrophages in the mother has been shaken. Imagine how the family if the mother has schizophrenia (schizophrenia) and lost her vision and upset its ruling on the issues and maim aware, how, in this case, the management of her home and care for her husband and her children?. Or how we imagine the family if the mother has depression, which makes them unable to do anything for herself as well as other, and makes it Karhp everything, even herself and her children and her husband after he was the source of love and compassion. 

Therefore Larkins mother with mental illness is by all accounts a disaster requiring multidimensional care in the first place, quickly and effectively to the care of her family members who lacked the mother's heart and spirit and her compassion. 

Violence against women: 
We refer to the violence of both types: the visible and negative, there is still a large proportion of women, even in developed countries (50-70%) are beaten by their husbands with varying degrees of up to death in some cases, in addition to the passive violence more prevalent and of neglect and disregard and contempt, cancellation and suppression and slavery and stubbornness and Almkaidp by the husband, and this passive violence lies behind much of the unrest Alnevsjsmip and somatization disorders in women. 

When we return to our religious heritage in this matter, we find that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: 
[Fire not slaves of God] came to Omar may Allah be pleased with him to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: "Zirn women on their husbands" (ie Nczn Ajtron and men) .. Cheaper to beat, Votaf the family of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him many women complain about their husbands, said: "[I Otaf the family of Mohammed many women complain about their husbands, not those who is the best] (Narrated by Abu Dawood, the attribution of true). 

If we think this talk well, we find that the rule is that it will not hit women, "Fire not slaves of God", but as he complained caliph Omar bin al-Khattab from the rebellion of some wives permits the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him in the beating as a necessity to fix some of the souls in the event of her willful defiance (and this is contained in women and in men), that some men took advantage and expanded the license and necessary Vosaa so for this license, Venbham the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him to return to moderation and charity to be measured by man to his wife's charity. Did not prove that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him hit one of his wives, which is peace be upon him denouncing in his speech which was received in the correct man hits his wife and how to combine that and the intimate relationship between them and says: "Oidharb one of you his wife also hit a person, hit the first the day and then have intercourse with her, etc. ". 
If the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him had forbade the beating but of necessity has set limits to that, he said: "painful blow", a tender has been asked Ibn Abbas: What is severe beatings? .. He said Siwak and the like. 

Studies and Research: 
Here such as lack of clear in the studies and field research local women's psychosocial problems, and most treatment efforts in Egypt and the Arab world based on the results of Western studies or clinical impressions and observations in general. 

Therefore it became necessary to create two types of specialization for the "psychology of women" on the lines of "child psychology" and "the same medicine for the elderly", and have this section of its units and clinics, studies and research. 

Women in the Quran and Sunnah: 
The following table very briefly the status of women in the Quran and Sunnah, including bear the size of this study and its objectives: 
He says: 
{O people, fear your Lord who created you from one soul and created from her husband ... } (Women 1) 
{That He created for you wives from among yourselves to repose in them and put between you affection and mercy ..} (Roman 21) 
{Interpretation of the meaning, the Ltamohn may be that you dislike something and God makes a lot of good} (women 19) 
{Male protectors and maintainers of women because Allah at one another and because they spend of their money} (women 34) 

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: 
"Treat women kindly, the women were created from the rib of The Crooked Rib in the above, go break it hosted but his legacy is still crooked, Fastousoa women" (Agreed) 
"I do not hate a believing woman that dislikes one of her pleased with another" (Narrated by Muslim) 
"Complete the believers in faith is a modern interpretation of your choice and your choice of their wives" (Tirmidhi) 
"Dear to the good things of this world, women, and made the apple of my eyes in prayer" 

Abuse of women and usurped: Women Abuse 
1 - physical abuse: exploitation and nudity (prostitution and video clip) 
2 - moral humiliation: humiliation and infanticide and slavery, oppression and cancellation 

Psychological Services: 
Although women are more receptive to the idea of ​​mental illness and more requests for assistance and more flexibility in treatment and more improvement with him, and take advantage of it but there are many obstacles impeding the utilization of the treatment, namely: 
1 - women need permission from their husbands or relatives in order to go for treatment, and they have a state of denial of mental illness or are afraid of the stigma, or perceived weakness of will or faith. 
2 - Frequent use of folk healers and quacks, where women due to her illness often touching the jinn or magic or envy. 
3 - the emergence of many mental disorders among women in the form of physical symptoms. 
4 - Some social considerations towards mental disorders, especially if associated with suspicion of moral delinquency such as addiction and personality disorder and cases of mania and schizophrenia. 
5 - women's vulnerability to exploitation or extortion through the stages of treatment. 
6 - the lack of treatment places is sufficient and appropriate to contain the women even heal. 

Mental disorders in women: 
0 bung pre-menstrual cycle: affects 40% of women from 0.2 to 10% of women need medical help, the impact of religious and social situation on the severity of the disorder and its course, the potential of treatment (from psychological support to drug treatment through physical sports). 

0 of mental disorders during pregnancy: attitudes towards pregnancy, psychological connection between the mother and the fetus, a pregnant woman's husband, psychology, the effect of pregnancy on the marital relationship, pregnancy and sexuality, mental disorders associated with pregnancy (pica, craving, false pregnancy, vomiting during pregnancy) 

0 of mental disorders after birth: 
A - depression after birth: occurs in 50% of women after giving birth a few days in the form of ill mood and speed of crying and feeling of tiredness, anxiety, speed raising. And less severe symptoms with time, or only require reassurance and psychological support of the family. 
B - psychosis after the birth: occurs in 1-2 per thousand births, and is a high risk that 5% of the patients Iqmn commit suicide, while 4% Iqmn kill their children, that is, 9% of the cases have the risk of death (for the mother or the child ). 

Hand the clinical psychosis shortly after the birth of bipolar affective disorder or severe depression accompanied by psychotic symptoms. It occurs at any time in the first year after birth, and the average time of occurrence is from two weeks to three after birth, and time is the most anticipation is eight weeks after birth. It is believed that this disorder occurs as a result of rapid hormonal changes after birth, or physical and psychological pressure to the process of birth, or incidence of certain diseases such as pre-eclampsia or some of the psychological and social factors. And when they are diagnosed with this disorder must be taken very seriously as it is a psychological emergency that require special attention and may need to enter the hospital, and dealing with anti-depressants and antipsychotics and lithium, and others. 

0 barren women: women are responsible for only 60% of cases of infertility, while men assume responsibility for 40% of those cases, however, is to blame and psychological burden on women alone. Studies have shown that 80% of cases of infertility, there is no organic cause unexplained, and a large proportion of these cases lies behind psychological factors, including: 
* Incompatibility in the marital relationship (which affects the hormonal balance and on the contractions of the uterus and tubes). 
* The existence of women's psychological conflicts around the idea of ​​the proximity of man and the attendant feelings of Alastqmar and prohibition of sexual relationship (and perhaps materials concomitant secretion of anti-spermicidal) 
* Personal aggressive male (women tomboy). 
* Personal female is mature biologically and psychologically. 
* Frigidity caused by hormonal activity or is accompanied by pale and weak. 
* A wife who takes the role of the mother of a man who is negative and dependable. 
* The existence of conflicting desires in pregnancy or not. 
* The intensity of reproduction and hung him and eager rush (Women urgent), leading to the descent of the egg before maturity. 
* Repeated emotional shocks (which affect the lining of the uterus and lead to many contractions and irregular in the horns and tubes, uterus and cervix). 
* Finally, repeat sexual arousal without saturation and this affects the cervical Balaanqan, drought and Altelzj.  

0 midlife crisis: He spoke in many of the women at the beginning of the forties (and sometimes before) when children grow and leave their lives, and when the busy pair responsibilities, and women find themselves alone still takes thinking about their past and feel sorry and regret the things she missed and the things I did and look at the present so you see them much less than your dream Her husband, who lived with him has never been the knight of her dreams, and their sons who sacrificed for them did not realize her ambition did not feel Ptdhitha, and youth, who was proud of him and left him has begun to melt and beauty has been taken to wilt, then look at the the future, you feel fear and loss. And women differ in confronting this crisis, there are women who accept the Nadjat it realistically and safely with the crisis (especially when aware of previous successes as a mother and as an employee and as a wife and recognizes the phase experienced by the age and try to see its advantages and take advantage of them). 

And a team second bear and resist in silence and hide their suffering for those who around them and therefore show them some of the symptoms Alnevsjsmip or disorders somatization, and a third prefer introversion, isolation and Isahdn to life or Inasrven to worship and Itsamin the wishes of the people and feel purity, trust and intimacy with God, and the fourth team Istgrguen work, activity and success in many areas in the hope of compensation for the sense of frustration and failure in past life, and the team fifth resort to Altsabi and act Kamrahqat in their clothes and their behavior and perhaps rushing one of them the opportunity which it considers a recent fall in the outlawed were no where in her youth, and the team last fall in the clutches of mental illness such as anxiety or depression or symptoms of hysteria or somatization or hypochondriacal or phobias or any other psychiatric disorder. 

The remedy lies in the willingness of women to this stage before she then acceptance mature by and in all age groups prior or subsequent, and satisfaction with what has been achieved, and then try to achieve more, and not the suspension of all the hopes and dreams of the husband and children, and the presence of their own targets and real for each stage of the life cycle, and the presence of a strong relationship God give them a sense of lasting security and a sense of satisfaction, including his oath of God and hope for him in this world and the Hereafter. Women need support and backing from her husband and children - in case they are good - in this stage and in all stages. If you multiplied the crisis did not exist there is nothing wrong support of specialized medical assistance. 

0 panic attacks (earthquake psychological): the cases of sudden and very unpleasant comes in various forms, the most important feeling of suffocation, and heart rate or fall sharply and suddenly in the heart and it has stopped or almost stopped, or cold and numbness in the limbs and sweat copious or weakness in hands and feet with a sense of loss of balance and the prospects for the fall, and you feel sick it is on the verge of death or to die already, or are on the verge of losing control or madness, but this rush to the nearest hospital or doctor said to her after work tests are perfectly safe, but it does not calm down and rest because the Nuba Tbaghtha at any time and anywhere a rising peace Vtelzm her home and become depressed. Unfortunately later this patient go to the doctor and psychological intervention in the cycle of tests, and feel free to cardiologists, internal medicine, chest to no avail. And treatment of this case is simple and accessible despite the nuisance and Dramitha, Fbjrat medium of serotonin reuptake inhibitors quality (Massa), or tricyclic antidepressants with cognitive behavioral therapy improved most cases, God willing. 

0 What post-menopausal (menopause): The result of the low level of hormones female private estrogen occur some psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety accompanied by some disturbance physiological Kalihsas heated followed by a sense of cold and lots of sweating, and a sense of headaches and burning and heat at the top of the head with a disturbance in sleep and appetite. And sometimes the symptoms are simple and go in peace and abating with time, and sometimes be severe, requiring medical and psychological treatment. And hormone replacement therapy improves the situation of physical and sexual, but does not directly affect the psychological state. 

0 of women and depression: women prone to depression than men by 2: 1, may be the reason for that configuration emotional for women or experience attachment and loss of the many in her life or biological changes successive or continuous work without rest or all of these reasons combined. 

0 of mental disorders in shape physically: Suffering psychological turn without an awareness of physical symptoms in order to take the legality of the complaint and therefore, treatment and assistance (especially in societies that do not recognize the mental suffering and regards it as weakness of character or faith), or that women are for one reason or another could not express her feelings whatsoever, her body this task by bringing the physical symptoms are a cry for help (for those who are interested in it actually) or near the Call for the husband or children. 

0 of divorced women: suffering from a divorce, and suffering from society's perception of her as a failure and then suffered from doubts where they are more susceptible to the lure and then suffer from the denial of satisfying their needs, emotional and sexual and family and then suffer the responsibility of care for sons (if leaving her husband) or suffer deprivation of them (take them when her husband). Do not exist in our societies and ways to help for divorced women is what grants to owners of food and drink, shelter and looks of pity. And the stigma that society Reach Palmtalegp make her marriage a second next to impossible. All these things need a lot of reviews and a positive vision of the absolute and remove the stigma it. 

0 widow: forget everyone's needs and believe it is dead or at least she died her feelings and needs since her husband died, so it has suffered deprivation, emotionally and sexually rest of her life in addition to denying the Economic and Social Council and her children, and becomes a shame they should think of themselves or their needs in such circumstances . Hence, we need as a society to reconsider our position and the position of the widow of life. 

0 Bereaved: often fall prey to the bereaved women for depression or anxiety or both, without knowing the one on the grounds that her grief would seem logical, but it is in these cases beyond the limits of normal sadness into clinical depression, which necessarily require medical intervention to myself. 

0 wife Traveler: Many of the men traveled to work outside the country under the pressure of economic conditions, stifling, and left their wives suffer the unit and void and had experienced the difficulty of raising the children and control them, but you will find a girl traveler herself lose her femininity slowly and inhibit their emotional and sexual and acquire qualities of masculinity so that they can control their lives and her children (and herself), but failed to do so may lead them away with her children or the lead itself and signed in prohibited. We are not talking about a few cases, but we talk about the millions left behind by their husbands after marriage, maybe a few months and Irunhn only one month every year or two years does not tie between the couple during the years of exile, is long distant telephone connections and plugged a few pennies to eat. When the husband decides to return, he finds himself a stranger in his family, and women find themselves unable to change the lives and the lives of their children falls discord and divorce occurs after all this suffering and deprivation. 

Recommendations and proposals: 
0 Create a branch of psychology of women in sub-specialty of psychiatry in Egypt. 


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