Loyalties between Beirut and Cairo loyalties

At a time when the March 14 Forces in Lebanon, demonstrating in Martyrs Square in downtown Beirut, Lebanon under the slogan "No to the counsel of arms and subordination and intimidation," continued the political movement in Egypt a month after the fall of regime of Hosni Mubarak strongly the street and young people. As it rejected most of the political forces, and opposition parties, the constitutional amendments scheduled for a national referendum on Saturday, where it was decided to mobilize citizens to participate in the referendum and vote "no." 

The movement called the opposition of citizens to participate in the demonstrations on Friday to announce their rejection of these amendments, and demanding a new constitution, as the current constitution, the fall of the fallen regime, while the National Party announced at the invitation of its members to vote to approve the amendments. 

Strikingly, the subject is the great similarity in the title of the campaign called by the opposition forces and Egyptian youth movement Tahrir Square, under the title "No tinkering the Constitution, the Constitution of the legitimacy of the Constitution creates a dictator," and the campaign waged by the forces of the fourteenth of March under the title "No to the counsel of arms, No to violence, no to temptation, not only for the assassination. " 

Between loyalties to Beirut in Lebanon loyalties Cairo in Egypt a lot of similarities. As hundreds of thousands of Lebanese shouted the slogan "People wanted to" bring down the arms and the predominance of this weapon in the alleys and neighborhoods and cities and on the Lebanese political life, here are the Egyptians say "no" to amend Egypt's constitution rejection of the ghost of the system after the veto. 

Influenced by the Arab public with slogans that are offered in more than one Arab capital. Vithor and borrows and addresses political signs and bring down the reality Almdhiri and difficult and miserable. 

 In Egypt, after decades of repression, silence and denial, people rose strongly, and came down on the ground to end the legend Pharaonic dictatorship, which stretched the Egyptian economy and youth who are fed up or minimum due to the intransigence of the ruling party and the team ousted President Hosni Mubarak, who has denied its people the blessing of praising the wealth of this country by theft of money, and the withholding of life, democracy and media freedoms and political about it, by force of arms and terrorize and kill with the support of "police and detectives in the service of the people." 

In Lebanon, the Lebanese people rose up in 2005 after a month of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in downtown Beirut. Where a general view of the Lebanese sincere and promising not to stand on the ruins and silent on the practices of intelligence that were biting the country and Tnhishh the time, was March 14, 2005, when he rallied hundreds of thousands in Freedom Square, and said their word rants that changed the political reality and returned to the country life after years of arrogance and separation After 30 years of Syrian tutelage, and grip security court on all aspects of life. 

Scene of Beirut in 2005 was the first of its kind in the Forest of dictatorship and repression, the great prison in which we live, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf, and almost the winds of spring in Beirut that blooms in every Arab country not for the attempts fierce by some of the internal forces and regional pounce on Cedar Revolution counter-revolution, re- time custody again after six years. The tutelage of a new type of weapon is illegal to Hezbollah of the Islamic Republic of Iran, powered mainly from Syria. 

"No's" Beirut and Cairo today resemble much of the headlines. In Lebanon, chanted "No" to the counsel of arms, in Egypt, chanted "No" to modify the deceptive re Alhzl ruling. 

Lebanon in the spring back again after six years of conflicts and setbacks and compromises, mistakes and violations and attacks. In Egypt, the spring constant fighting counter-revolution hidden image you want to sneak into the new system, and back to back in a convincing manner and creepy. 

Many similarities and many of what we are experiencing today from tyranny. But the voices of young Arab world will not tolerate Blaneadtha before the completion of all the demands, and to achieve both goals while, all the way to freedom, independence, sovereignty and dignity of the real ... 

 It's dignity uprisings in the Arab world ... From Beirut to Egypt, passing through Tunisia and Libya, and Syria down to the ... And other countries ... And the rope on the tug. 

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