Kuwaiti expert likely 3 scenarios for the end of Gaddafi

Kuwaiti expert likely 3 scenarios for the end of Gaddafi!!

Kuwaiti expert predicted in the analysis of figures Rahman Quraishi:
- Occurrence of three scenarios, one that would put an end to the life of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi ....
Quraishi said: The first scenario is a suicide, explaining that the intention to commit suicide "is when more than one stage to defend itself to the stage which he can repel anything for himself, then up to the stage of collapse where the collapse fully, and feel already that a single, and that all halo surrounding his personality has become non-existent and non-fact, and this will be painful for him. "
The second, "is to kill a fight, if necessary, to gain access to his palace, then if things have come to storm the palace may leave the first person to go into it in order to kill him."
And third, an unlikely scenario, so far, is the disappearance of al-Qadhafi, "so I'm not likely that there will be a trial of Gaddafi, because it will not be present when his defeat, because this sort of characters impossible to be present for a moment losing, so either kill or be killed himself, or to disappear from sight in a very strong "...
Sarcastic remarks and other sarcastic
Continue in Libya popular demonstrations demanding dropping Muammar Gaddafi and his family from power in Libya, and tried on charges of crimes against human rights, corruption and uniqueness of public money in Libya.
Acquired personal Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on the lights, and was the focus of attention throughout the world during the past few days, especially after his last letters, which was responding to the demands of his departure or leave the system in Libya.
The whole many to wonder printing, and raised his actions boos at times, and ridiculous at other times, but his alien is the theme that accompanied him wherever he went and divorced, and most notably those that insisted in that Obama is Arab, and his name (Abu turban), in addition to talking about the meaning of (the Democratic ), which said that the meaning (demo chairs), namely, to remain on the chairs.
During the Arab summit in 2009 in Doha, to grant Gaddafi himself several titles including Dean of the Arab rulers, and the king of the kings of Africa and the Imam of the Muslims.
Gaddafi between individualism and the desire for excitement
Quraishi said, that figure Gaddafi is a controversial figure, there are three things at the heart of this character, which was based upon his life throughout his reign, which extends to 42 years old.
He added that Muammar Gaddafi, has a need for uniqueness, need to be a personality like no other, so it is a system of special provision called the popular committees, and was able to manipulate words in a special way, in order to be unique, there is no one in the world has such a system.
Then he added: also has a great desire in the excitement, and see it in the colors of his clothes and manner of speech, and the third need is freedom, he does not like in any way that there will be the authority is governed by, and this is breaking any authority or any person can be up to sovereignty personal.
He added: These three factors, resulting in inflated ego is large, so when he talks about himself sometimes speaks of his name, and this is one of indicators of psychological problems experienced by the light of these revolutions, has shown letters of Gaddafi's recent tension is high, has begun qualities disturbed clearly, it is now in a state desperate to defend itself, and this sort of characters he has the power nor the other, can not be seen as weak.
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