is the most beautiful country in the world

In brief, is the most beautiful country in the world

Fired geographers by Singapore, but the visitors have a love to call it Singapore's amazing or city parks due to its gardens attractive and sometimes they call it (Asia between your hands) to collect many of the races, customs and traditions of the continent of Asia, Singapore's population of 8.2 million people either area of ​​640 km and has a Singapore Inhabited by now a mixture of races and ethnic Kchinin who represent a large proportion of the population and the rest are Malaysians, Indians, as Singapore has a pleasant climate throughout the year between 32-24 degrees Celsius as the rainy season is between November and February, and English is most prevalent in Singapore and is (Mandarin ) native language there is the Singapore dollar is the currency
The official, equivalent to almost two riyals
Snafora belonged to Malaysia in the past but gained independence and subsequently industrialized countries is a first-class income per capita is high compared to countries of Asia, after Japan and is considered one of the cleanest countries in the world and is characterized by Bbnayatea towering height and with strange forms



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