Images of Islam, honored for Women

Have raised Islam the status of women, and honors, including no honors its Dean else; Women in Islam are the twin halves of men, and the good people are good to the people; Vamuslimp in childhood have the right to breastfeeding, and care, and the charity of Education, which at that time, the apple of the eye, and the fruit of the heart to her parents and brothers. If they grew up enhanced Mecca, which the jealous guardian, and fundamentally under his auspices, and not accept to be extended to ill-supported, not harmed the tongues, and eyes betraying. If married, the word of God, and His covenant thick; Vtkon most cherished husband in the house of neighbors, and do I prevent Dhamar, and the duty of honoring her husband, and treat her kindly, refraining from harming them. If either was combined with the right to honor her God - the Almighty - and Akogaha and abuse to shirk coupled with God, and corruption in the land. If it is a sister that was linked to the Muslim is, by honoring her, and jealousy on them. If the aunt was like the mother in the land and the link. If the grandmother, or great age increased value to her children, and grandchildren, and all her relatives; there is hardly contained her request, in her opinion Stultifies. If it was far from human blood or not Idnyha neighborhood had the right of Islam from the palm of public harm, and ignoring the sight, and so on. Muslim communities continue to sponsor these rights the right to care, making women's value and has no effect when the non-Muslim societies.
Then that of women in Islam right to own property, and leasing, sales, procurement, and other contracts, and have a right to an education, and education, including not contrary to religion, but of knowledge is an eye sin, leaving a male or a female. Rather, it is for men only, including the competence of the men without, or what is unique to them without the rights and conditions that suit both of them, as detailed in the jolt,.
It is honoring Islam for a woman to her what she safeguarded, and preserves their dignity, and protected from the vulgar tongues, eyes and treacherous, and tyrannical hands; told her hijab and modesty, and the dimension of shamelessness, and mixing with men, aliens, and everything that leads to Vtantha.
It is honoring Islam to her: that her husband is spending it, and live with her charity, and to beware of injustice, and abuse.
And even the beauties - well - it is permitted for a married couple to live apart, if not harmony between them, and did not Isttie to live a happy existence; is allowed to divorce her husband after he failed all attempts at reform, and when their lives become a living hell. And allowed for the wife to the husband if dissociation was unjust to them, live with her bad, she may leave him in return for compensation in accordance with the husband, pushing him a bit of money, or make peace with him on a certain thing and then leave him.
Among the forms of honoring Islam for a woman to forbade a husband to beat his wife without justification, and make her full right to complain about same to her guardians, or be lifted to the governor ordered; for they were human Makram in the words - says: (and I have honored the sons of Adam and carried them on land and sea and provided them of the good things and preferred them above many of those who created favorable (70) Isra. It is not good cohabitation is optional up to the man willing to do if he wishes to leave, but is mandated duty. The Prophet - peace be upon him -: (not whipped one of you whip his wife's slave, and then sleeping with) Bukhari and Muslim. This hadith is reported from what can be said in the demonization of beating women; as how to make a man worthy of his wife - which as himself - Kmhanp degrading slave cracked his sharp whip to beat her, even though he knows that he must meet and call their own. He does not understand than ever challenge the legality of wife-beating Dwabth, does not mean that the beatings blameworthy in all cases. No, not so; not challenge the legality of beating only ignorance of the guidance of religion, and the wisdom of legislation, the enemies of Islam and Mtaiahm who grew up west of the field, and suckled from that, and grew up in the shadow. Those who are demonstrating through sanctification of women and defend their rights; understanding of challenging this provision, and complain about it, and upheld as an insult to women. What do we know who insulted the woman? Is it the Holy Merciful Lord who knows what He created? Or those who want a good fame and humiliation, if expired hit the face of this earth? These people increasingly shun the legitimacy of the discipline of women defiantly disobedient, and increasingly shun that Tncz women, and aloof to her husband, Vtjolh - is the head of house - a subordinate, and insists on her willful defiance, and walk in Gluaiha, there is no softening of the preachment, do not respond to advise him, and do not care chemotherapy and migration. See how this nushooz treated? WPM refer the couples to be treated by the wives if they go against gender? Perhaps the answer is guaranteed by the words of the poet Shanfari ignorant when he told his wife:
If I did not come about what burnout *** did not deny you Aftgayni You Baal day Berard *** Psotk - not your father - Faderbini
Yes, I have found women - and in the West in particular - from hit her husband time after time, and the husband conceals his command, and when he is no longer able to do that he divorced her, then regretted women, and said: "I reason; have you hit him, and was too shy to tell from the news so, and when he ran out of patience divorced me! She said that women's stewardship: I regret what I did, and aspects of advice not to hit the wives their husbands! Islam has been authorized to strike the wife as in the saying - the Almighty -: (And who are you afraid of and then leave them alone in their beds and beat them) women: 34. As in the saying - peace be upon him - in the Farewell Pilgrimage: (you and they should not Iotin Frckm anyone whom you dislike, did so in a manner not badly). But Islam when authorized by multiplying the wife did not authorize the severe beating which is intended to revenge, revenge, torture and humiliation of women and force them to not be satisfied by the living. But it is a hit and the need for discipline, accompanied by emotion educator and polite; not for a husband to beat his wife Bhoah, not hit him that that hardens them; Islam is authorized to beat the conditions, including: A - insists that the wife's disobedience, even after her graduation. B - that the punishment commensurate with the type of default; not hasten to abandonment in a manner in order does not deserve to preaching and guidance only, do not hasten to the beatings he did not try abandonment; that the punishment of sin more than the size of injustice. C - that evokes the meaning of beating treatment and discipline and is not a rebuke; respectful mitigating the best faces; Beating Ballkzp checks, or Palmswak and the like. D - to avoid intimidating places such as the head, abdomen and face. E - not to break bones, and Lixin members, and not Idmiha, do not repeat the strike in the same position. And - not to keep up in a word or sentence if it is actually deterred and left defiant. Beating - - If the interest is not to insult, even if the wife died because of her husband beaten to become obligatory blood money and expiation, if the multiplication of non-disciplinary authorized it. If the damage is with the discipline of the project to ensure it does not, this is the view of Ahmad and Malik. The Shafi'i and Abu Hanifa Veron security in it, and, agreed with al-Qurtubi - the owners. Al-Nawawi said - may God have mercy on him - in an interview to explain Farewell Previous: (in this talk is permissible man hits his wife for discipline, the hit authorized the beating and died on the obligatory ditha intelligent hitter, and become obligatory to offer expiation for his money). It is here we can see that the drug should be taken into beating his time, and kind, and how, in the amount of scalability and the shop, but who are ignorant of Islam, turning the command guidance, and wearing the right falsehood. Moreover, the discipline by beating not all the laws of Islam from the treatment, but is the latest treatments with what its dislike; If you find a woman discordant ill ten of her husband, and got on her head, and followed the steps of Satan, not Indja with preaching or abandonment - what makes a man in such the case? Is the dignity of the rush to claim his wife all Nczt? Will accept women, the Venture had witnessed first, so the purpose of the condemnation, and prone to blame? The beatings Palmswak, and similar less harmful to the woman herself from her divorce, which is predominantly a result of Astrsalha in her willful defiance, if divorced cracked structure of the family, and differentiate reunification, and scattered parts. If the measured damage lighter greatest damage was to commit a nice lighter Well, it was said: And at the mention of blindness is advisable Awar. Beating through the methods of treatment futile, with some stray souls do not understand the gentle persuasion, does not help with her beautiful, and they understand the argument, not driven by the reins of persuasion. Then, if a mistake of the Muslims for wisdom, struck his wife when she does not deserve, or was beaten so severely - Religion is innocent of the consequences of these shortcomings, but is followed by their owners. This has proven studies psychology that some women do not comfortable with themselves unless they have been subjected to cruel and severely beaten severely, but the man may like of severity, intensity, and his violence; If a woman of this kind it is not correct her but beaten. And evidence of the reality and the observations psychological certain types of deviation says: This method may be the most appropriate means to satisfy the delinquency myself certain, and the reform of the behavior of the owner, and please him at the same time; it may be women who do not feel the strength of a man who loves to be the mainstay them only when extort intramuscularly . This is not the nature of each woman, but this category of women is, who needs this final stage; to the correct way.
Who all love the West, and turn their faces in prayer and suggest to us that the women of the Great West Inamn happy with their husbands But the truth ahead of the eye says otherwise; Come we read the statistics which show the brutality of those who accuse other Muslims of brutality. A - American Time magazine that six million wife in America are subjected to incidents of spousal and every year, and that of two thousand to four thousand women are subjected to beatings resulting in death, and police officers spend a third of their time to respond to calls of domestic violence. See the role of Muslim women community in the preparation of the First Women's Conference Committee, p. 45. B - The dissemination of the FBI in 1979 that 40% of the killings of women occur due to family problems, and that 25% of suicide attempts made by the wives preceded by a family dispute. See the role of women in Muslim society, p. 46. C - a U.S. study conducted in 1407 -1987 m to 79% indicated they beat women, particularly if they are married women. The study was based on a referendum conducted by Dr.. John Pierer, assistant professor of psychology at the University of South Carolina between the number of students. The study pointed out that the willingness of men to beat their wives is very high, if this was among the students, if a person is educated without them? D - In a study prepared by the U.S. National Bureau of Mental Health stated that 17% of women who go to emergency rooms victims of beatings by their husbands or boyfriends, and 83% admitted to hospital at least once previously for treatment of cuts and bruises Oseben it was admitted as a result of beatings. Said Ivan Stark designed the study, which examined the (1360) record for women: The beating of women in America was probably the most common causes of injuries affecting women, and that it exceeds what caused them harm as a result of car accidents, theft, and rape combined. Said Janice Moore - coordinator of the Organization of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, based in Washington: The horror of this tragedy and to the extent of enormous; Husbands beat their wives throughout the United States, leading to the entry of dozens of them to hospitals for treatment. She added that the quality of injuries ranging from bruises black around the eyes, broken bones, burns and wounds, stabbing and gunshot wounds, and between other blows chairs, knives, bars and superheater. She pointed out that it is terrible is that there are more women than gestational wounded and hurt by their husbands but they do not go to hospital for treatment, but deal with wounds in the home. Said Janice Moore: We appreciate that the number of women who are beaten in their homes every year up to six million women, has collected information from the files of the FBI, and hundreds of shelters that provide shelter for women fleeing violence and beating their husbands. See for the liberation of real p. 16 - 21 and the community to see naked documents and figures, p. 56-57. E - and came in a book what they want from women to Salam Al-Bassiouni 36-66 as follows: - Wife-beating in Japan is the second reason of the causes of divorce. - 772 women murdered by their husbands in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo alone in 1980. - Being between three to four millions of Americans to insult different from their husbands and boyfriends each year. - Canadian study indicated that the social-quarter of women out there - any more than eight million women - are abused each year. - In Britain, London police receive only one hundred thousand calls a year from women Idharbehn their husbands over the last fifteen years. - A woman is abused in America every eight seconds. - One hundred thousand German Idharbehn their husbands each year, million French. -60% Of telephone calls received by the police for help in Paris during the night - is the distress calls from abused women. After we sang at the mention of such statistics; knowing that he is not after the guilt of infidelity. But some of our fellow compatriots are quite a few of them does not count as evidence only if its rates to the West and what was its course; Here is the West Sihath resound from the oppression of women; Is remembereth?
If you do not have one eye incorrect *** is not surprising that suspicious and waxing Misfer
Among the forms of honoring Islam for a woman to saved from the hands of those who despise the place, and take them acrimony in intercourse with her; decided to have the rights that ensure comfort, and call on the elevation of its status, and then make the man the right to care, and to build a fence between them and what offends their dignity. It is witness to this saying - the Almighty -: (and they like upon him and the men have a degree) al-Baqarah: 228. Verse that leads to women's rights, such as what the man; and if the family is not correct but Prime chew Vohakhm Bariyasp is the man who would spend it, and the ability to defend them harm. This is what he deserved by the class referred to in the verse - the Almighty -: The men have a degree and saying: (men superior to women), women: 34. Rather, God - the Almighty - may the man singled out several characteristics qualify it to carry out this important task. One of these properties as follows: A - that make the originals and made the women's branch, he said - meaning -: (and created, including her husband) Women: 1. B - they were created from the rib fractured, as stated in the saying - peace be upon him -: (Treat women; women are created from a rib Crooked, although nothing in the Crooked Rib above; that went hosted break it, but his legacy is still crooked; Treat women well ). C - that women are deficient in mind and religion, he said - peace be upon him -: (What I saw lacking in intellect and religion go the core of the man's firm Mencken). Woman said: "O Messenger of Allah, what is deficient in mind and religion? He said: (The decrease in the mind the testimony of two women equals that of a man, and stay the night praying and fasting during Ramadan; this decrease religion). Can not - in this case - that are independent of the measure and act. D - The lack of strength, not fighting does not contribute to it. E - what is going on in women's symptoms of natural pregnancy and childbirth, and menstruation and nifaas, Vischglha the task of stewardship labor. And - it is half the man in the certificate - and over - and in blood money, inheritance, and aqeeqah, and emancipation. These are some of the unique characteristics of men for women. Shaykh Muhammad Rashid Rida - may God have mercy on him -: (do not dispute the preference of men over women is in the system of common but ignorant or arrogant; it is the largest brain, and a broader mind, and the greatest preparation for the science, and I appreciate the various actions).
Having identified our bone like stewardship, and it is ordered by al-Shara, and approved by common decency, and sound minds - this mention of some of what was said by some Western authors and others regarding guardianship; as a matter of familiarity; because some of our fellow compatriots does not count the directory location of their only if it emanates from the West lamp. A - says Glenda Jackson carrier Oscars awarded by Britain's Queen a medal of the highest state medals, which was awarded the British Academy Award, the Festival Montreal World says: (The instinct made man is the strongest and the dominant building on what has its reasons of force to make it in the first place including summed up by the power of God move in life, and extract its resources, it is self-serve when a man, which automatically qualifies him to face the burdens of life, development, and sustained in the areas of life). B - the U.S. women's leader (Fleche Clavi) called for women's attention to the need to husband and children before their job, and that there should be the husband is the head of the family and the leader of rudderless. C - In the recent book about the life of English writer famous (Agatha Christie) it is stated as saying: (The women's modern anonymous; because their status in society is getting worse day after day; we women act foolish thing; because we have made effort over the years; For the right to work and equality in working with men. And men are not stupid; has Cjona so that advertisers do not mind at all that the working wife and the husband's income has doubled. It is sad to find that after we proved we are women we are the fairer sex weak that we will go today to equate the effort and sweat, which was awarded to men alone). D - says psychiatrist U.S.: (Any woman who said: "I am confident myself, and went out without supervision or control is to kill herself and her chastity). This is what wise men say of those people, what science says in that regard? Has proven by modern science finally they are attempts to equality between men and women, and that women can not play the role played by men; has proved a doctor (d. Rogers Spray) winning the Nobel Prize in medicine - and there are differences between the brains of men, brain women, which that can not bring equality in the feelings and reactions, and do the same roles. Has conducted a neurologist at the University of (Bill) of America in search of interesting to monitor the movement of the brain in which men and women when writing a particular topic or solve a specific problem, and found that men generally use the left side of the brain, while women Vtstaml the two sides together. In this guide - as a university professor Bill - that half of the man's brain is doing can not be brain Bcatrih women only. This confirms that the capacity of men is greater than the capacity of women in thinking, problem-solving. This was discovered by Professor Richard Lynn of section Alseklogi at the University of Ulster, UK, where he says: (The number of studies have shown that the weight of the man's brain higher than that of women by about four ounces). The Lane: (it must be recognized the reality is that the male brain larger than the female brain, and that this size is linked to intelligence). He said: (The advantage of intelligence in males explain the reasons for men in Britain is twice what you get women of the signs of the first degree). Whether what they said is true or not true, God - the Almighty - he told us in his book, the difference between the sexes in general, he said - the Almighty -: (not mentioned female) Al-Imran: 36. Each facilitator for creating it, and all works like him. He does not understand what went through the vulnerability of women and congenital deficiency is one of the disadvantages, it is one of the greatest merit. The scholar, Sheikh Muhammad al-Amin Shanqeeti - may God have mercy on him -: (Do not you see that the moral weakness and the inability to Ibaanah in dispute minus defect in men with that phrase is one of the virtues of women that attracts hearts. Greer said:
The eyes, which at the edge of Poplar *** Guetlnna then it's not our dead Baran a pulp so as not to mobility by *** They are the most vulnerable of God's creation Arcana
His son Lderminp:
Myself and my family than if you had shown him some harm *** does not know how to answer Did not apologize to excuse innocent and is still *** by stroke until it is said suspicious
The former Rejuvenation Orcanhen them twice, and the second for Badzhn Ibaanah in contention as he said - meaning: - (which is in dispute is not shown) Embellishment: 18. For this variation in the perfection and power between the two true that the Prophet - peace be upon him - (the curse on those who like one another). He said - may God have mercy on him - after mentioning some of the evidence to the virtue of male to female: (If you know of these that femininity lack of ethics, and the weakness of a natural - you should note that the correct mind who understands the power and secrets, requires that the missing weak Bouklgueth and nature required to be under consideration by the full created, the strong nature; to bring him what he can not bring him the benefit of, and pay him what is not able to pay from harm).
It is honoring Islam for women: that permitted a man to marry, Fitzj more than one, is allowed him to marry the two, or three, or four, not more than four, provided that treat them equally in the maintenance, clothing, and lodging, but only the husband and one he may do so . Although this provision in great diversity, and interests are not understood by many who stab in Islam, and ignorant of the wisdom of legislation, and which demonstrates the wisdom of the legitimacy of diversity include: 1 - that Islam has forbidden adultery, and stressed in the forbidden; because it is a great evil and the innumerable and counting, which include: mixing of lineages, the killing of modesty, and go honor and dignity of girls; as adultery, covered with shame does not stand alone then, but also to her family and relatives. And damage adultery: that the crime to the fetus, which comes from adultery; where a flat descent, despised and humiliated. And harms: the result of psychological and physical diseases are difficult to treat, and perhaps even killed the adulterer Calcelan, syphilis, herpes, AIDS, and others. And Islam, while adultery is forbidden in the stressed and opened the door to find a project where human comfort, and housing, and peace of mind, namely marriage, where marriage was prescribed, and which permitted polygamy as before. There is no doubt that the prevention of multi-oppression of men and women; Fmnah may be paid to adultery; because women outnumber men in all times and places, and this is reflected in the days of war; restricting marriage to one lead to the survival of a large number of women without marriage, and that causes them embarrassment , and narrow, and dispersion, and perhaps led them to sell the show, and the proliferation of adultery, and loss of birth control. 2 - that marriage is not fun physical only: but the rest, and housing, in which - well - the blessing of children, and child in Islam is not like in terrestrial systems; as for his parents, the greatest right to it; If blessed with women's kids, and based on their upbringing were the apple of eye to them; Which one is best for women: to enjoy in the shadow of a man protected, and fundamentally, and sponsors, and to give children who because of their upbringing, and if done well Salhawwa were the apple of her eye? Or to live a single prey Thrown here and there? !. 3 - fair and balanced view of Islam: Islam is seen as all women fairly, and the outlook fair to say that it is necessary to look into all women to justice. If so; What is the crime unmarried couples who do not they? Why not sympathetic consideration and compassion to her husband who died at a tender age? Why not look at the many women who Qaden without marriage?. Which is better for women: to enjoy under the husband with another wife, Vttmin itself, and calm mind, and find sponsors, and to give because of the children, or to sit with no marriage at all?. Which is better for communities: to list some of the men handed over the community from the consequences of spinsterhood? Or not a listing, Vtstali communities fire corruption?. Which is better: that men have two wives, three or four? Or to have a wife and one to ten mistresses, or more or less?. 4 - that pluralism is not obligatory: many Muslim couples do not Ieddon; As long as the women enough for him, or he is unable to justice do not need him in diversity. 5 - The nature of women is different from the nature of man: in terms of readiness for intercourse; they are not ready for intercourse at any time, in the mind of the menstrual cycle up to ten days or two weeks each month. In the maternal mind - also - and often when it forty days, and cohabitation in those two periods, legally prohibited, because of the damage is obvious. In the case of pregnancy may weaken the willingness of women in cohabitation with the husband, and so on. The man Fastaadadh one throughout the month, and year; Some of the men if the prevention of multi-tags may be construed to be illegal conduct. 6 - wife may be sterile and can not give birth to: the husband is forbidden from the blessing of children, instead of divorcing her keep it, and marry another, and Lod. It may be said: If the husband is sterile and fertile, and wife; Are women the right to separation?. The answer is: Yes, she may do that if they want to. 7 - may get sick wife's chronic illness: Kalshll and others, you can not do service to the spouse; Rather than keep the divorce, and marry another. 8 - may be the behavior of a wife bad: it may be fierce, a bad attitude does not sponsor the right of her husband; Instead of divorce to keep her husband out, and marries another; the fulfillment of the wife, and to preserve the right of its people, and in the interest of the child's loss if he had children from them. 9 - that man's ability to reproduce is much wider than the ability of women: a man can have children until after the sixtieth session, but may be picked per cent, which in its activity and its ability to reproduce. The women usually happens it stands for reproduction within the sessions, or increase it a little; prevented plurality deprive the nation of birth control. 10 - that to marry a second break of the first: the first wife is comfortable with a little or a lot of the burdens of marriage; as there to help her and take her share of the burden of the husband. Therefore, if some Aqlat grew older and unable to do the right pair indicated by the plurality. 11 - to seek wage: the woman who marries a poor man do not support her, not a shepherd, Afaf Wiczugea structure, and stewardship, Finale reward from God to do so. 12 - that which permitted polygamy is God - the Almighty -: He knows best interests of the slaves, and more merciful to them than themselves. Thus it is clear to us the wisdom of Islam, and the universality of his vision in the legalization of polygamy, and shows us the ignorance of the stab in the legislation.
It is honoring Islam for a woman to make her share of inheritance; mother gets one share of a particular, and the wife had a certain share, for the girl and the sister's share and the like, as detailed in the jolt,. It is completely unfair to make Islam the women's half of the inheritance of men, some ignorant people may think that this injustice; say: how to be a man, a portion of two females from the inheritance? Why is the share of women half the share of men?. The answer to that is: that which is God initiated this wise slaves to the interests of science. Then any injustice in this? The Islamic system is an integrated coherent; it is not fair to take the system, or legislation, and then viewed from one angle without linking it to other, but seen in all its aspects; Vtaatdh image, and correct verdict. It is seen by the justice of Islam in this matter: that Islam is to make alimony and is obligatory for the husband, and make the wife's dowry and the duty of the husband - also -. Suppose that a man died, leaving a son, and daughter, and was the son double the share of his sister, then took all of them share, and then married each other; son has married if dowry demands, housing, and spending on his wife and children throughout his life. As for his sister will take dowry from her husband, but is not required to share some of his behavior on her husband, or at the expense of her or her children; shall meet with what he inherited from her father, with her dowry from her husband, although they are not required to spend on herself and her children. Not give the man twice as much for women is just a given then?
This is the status of women in Islam; where terrestrial systems of systems of Islam just heavenly, Terrestrial systems do not sponsor women's dignity, since disowned the father of his daughter, while the age of eighteen years or less; to go out wandering on her face, looking for shelter Estrha, the summit block Juatha, and perhaps at the expense of honor, and noble morality. And where the honoring of women in Islam, and make a man of honor systems prepared by the source of sin, and take away their right to ownership and responsibility, and makes them live in humiliation and contempt, and prepared by the unclean creature?. And where the honor of Islam for women who are making women a commodity trading her body in advertisements, ads?. Honoring Islam and where their systems that marriage is a deal to swear allegiance to move the wife; to be a property of the husband? Even some synagogues held; to consider the fact that women and soul of human beings or is it not? !. Thus we see that Muslim women are happy in worldly terms with her family in the confines of her parents, and care for her husband, her children and righteousness, whether in the event of her childhood, or youth, or pyramid, and, if its richness or poverty, or health or illness. If there is a failure in the right of women in some Muslim countries, or some of their affiliates to Islam - he is due to shortcomings and ignorance, and distance from the application of the canons of religion, and regret at the mistake of religion and free from liability for those deficiencies. The remedy for that error can only be by reference to the guidance of Islam and its teachings; for the treatment of the error. This is the status of women in Islam on the whole for: chastity, and maintenance of, and affection, and mercy, caring, and Tzmm to other meanings of Fine-Semitism. The modern civilization can hardly know anything of those meanings, but look at the women look purely material, she believes that her hijab and chastity backwardness and reactionary, and they must be playing with a doll of each incident; that they have the secret of happiness. They did not know that the unveiling of women and Thtkha is the cause of misery and torment. Otherwise, what the relationship of development and education Baltberg mixing and show attractions, and make decorations, revealing the breasts, thighs, and what is more? !. Is it the means of education, culture, wear tight clothes and short and transparent?!. Then any dignity when placed belles images in advertising and propaganda?! Why do not promote them, except the beautiful Belle, if exhausted years their beauty and adornments have been neglected and thrown like any machine that has expired? !. And share a few beauty of this civilization? And the share of elderly mother, and grandmother, and the old?. The share at best be in shelters, and the role of the infirm and the elderly; where not visited or inquired about her. May have a share of the pension, or the like, shall devour him until you die; womb there is not, nor relevant, nor thy friend and intimate. The women in Islam, the more advanced age with increased respect for, and the greatness of its right, and compete with her children and relatives to honor her - as above - it does what is it, and who have remained at their children, and grandchildren, and her family, and society. The claim that chastity and modesty backwardness and reactionary - including claims invalid, but the wanton display and unveiling is the misery and suffering, and failure to a particular, and if you want proof that the Finery is a failure to see to the degradation characteristics of the human race in savages, naked, living in the mazes and jungles on the case closer to bestiality; they do not get their way in the runways of civilization only after Ictsoa. Can the observer to what they were in their development to note that they are more advanced in civilization, the proportion of space goblet of their bodies, also notes that the Western civilization in relapse back in this way backwards gradually until the full nudity in the cities of nudes taken in proliferation after the First World War, Dawha they grew in recent years. So show us the bone status of women in Islam, and the extent of their displacement and loss if it is moved away from Islam. This profile is simple and concise picture of Islam, honored for women.

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