I miss you

I miss you

I miss the beautiful eyes that I can sail through forever. I miss the smile that send me to

I miss the mouth that says the loveliest words. I miss the hair that every woman is envious of.

I miss the touch that comforts me in times of despair. I miss every part of a second I
spent with you.

I miss the laugh that I rejoice at. I miss the tears that call on me to wash!

I miss the smell! Oh, that pleasant odor. I miss you far and even more when you are near.
I miss the letters that you wrote.

I miss that words you repeat. I miss the first time when you said you loved me. I miss
the times when I had to apologize for being unkind to you.

I miss the times when you forgive me. I miss the colors that you like because I don't
see them anymore.

I miss the place where we sat and talked till dawn. I miss your name so much. I repeat
it to myself everyday!! I miss the dreams that we dreamt of. I miss the hopes that we hoped

I miss the wishes you made for me. I miss the gifts you gave me! I miss the kindness that
no one else can show!! I miss the happiness you can bring! I miss the heart that was so
big that it can love the whole world.

I miss the sweet voice that heals my wounds. I miss everything about you!

Now that you are dead, I don't know if could go on! I don't know if I could live or die!!

I cried over you for so long that I blinded myself!! Alas!!!!! Could you be back! I guess

Days passes me by and they seem like ages! I don't feel anymore! I can't hear anymore!!

I can't smell anymore! Life has no taste!! Darkness prevails! But what keeps me holding
myself together is only one thing: YOU DIED LOVING ME

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