How to integrate the child's personality

How to integrate the child's personality???

Future generations a great trust in us with the development of the civic life of man, and the complexity of relationships, and multiple types of interaction and influence of social and cultural development, there were many factors and means of influencing the breeding rights, and guide behavior, and the formulation of his personality and is a risk in this preoccupation with the terrible issues of contemporary development and inadequate attention to the problems of future generations, particularly the education and upbringing, which is the sprawling yard is difficult to survey the dimensions in this quick so it was only consolation in the discussion is to highlight the salient features and manifestations.
Upbringing Substances:Names characteristic of human nature as defined by logicians as "animal speakers" that is to say a thinking mind and the management and stunt did not assume the highest peak in honor of the presence except as Allah deposited it and summed up its mind and strength Notepad, a feature the Power of God by all other animals and Asirth Seda her:Not for the minds of the lowest minimum Digm to honor the humanThe Qur'an confirms that the reason is characterized by the ability of intellectual rights of other objects of this world: "We have honored the sons of Adam and carried them on land and sea and provided them with good things and preferred them above many of those who created favorable" Isra / 70
And the properties of the Mind: Meditation in things, and turned over all the faces, and extract the secrets, and'Alaq Albwatun, and linking the results introductions, and awareness of governance. And brains vary in perception, reflection and caution to achieve the degree of wisdom and maturity and extension ((hopes hour is better than the worship of sixty)), and its properties is also the flag, but is its appearance and his own, because of worship of Allah His angels to Adam, and has raised their grades, and make the people know and worry scientists.And the Qur'an a miracle of words of reason and reflection, an area competing the minds and be led along the ages and ages and there are 750 verses cosmic draw is that consideration be given to the greatness of His creatures and the wonders of creatures and the most frequently mentioned in the Quran to remember and to account and reflect: ((a not ponder the Qur'an))Qur'an is a book of reason and Islam is a religion of thinking, and nurture the minds and bred on the strength of perceptions of Islam as they Emad renaissance of nations and the focus of trading power and glory and dignity, then breeding them and open the road ahead and provide its search capabilities and the lesson has ensured that Islam, freedom of thought and gave guarantees for the respect of all what is the outcome of thinking the correct and common sense.Although the enlightened human being guided by the mind may have proved be positive over the centuries on the human interaction with the physical aspect of this world, but the dependence on reason alone, the process is not without risk; because it is the nature of the dialectic, and as long as the face of things facet dominated by material, The areas of material is which proved the superiority of the mind. Has cautioned that al-Ghazali and Ibn Khaldun to the consequences of reliance on reason in matters of metaphysics (metaphysics).
Perhaps the biggest criticism of the Western mind is that he limits of human knowledge in those obtained through the sense and experience; and then have a concept of mind is different from the Islamic concept to him .. Islamic conception of scientific knowledge multi-source, can be acquired through revelation, reason and observation and intuition, custom and theoretical reflections Pure. And rely on reason alone as a reference framework for reflection and interpretation of physical phenomena produced the civilization overcome physical features and its members. The behavior of Western man about money, benefits, material appears to be influenced to some extent, perception of the mind, because the capital and material gains are the most important values ​​that drive human modern Western, has been raising generations of modern Western that obtained by the individual of the gains should be used to its needs is the first and foremost, and this non-existent qualities of the virtues of altruism and love to be replaced by ideas of selfishness and love of money and fades to show a sense of collective rather than for individual self-love and self. The relations between individuals in the West, whether based on friendship or love relationships are uncertain and beset by lack of confidence to float then the tendency of independence and narcissism Almost everyone loves himself more than others, but he wants others to love Him more than themselves all that led to the atrophy of heat human relations between members of the community.
Psychologists say that parents are the first teacher of children learn from their behavior, language, experience and knowledge, and learn them how to be a learning and testing, problem solving, and parents determine the child position either to become a lover of learning and achievements and the popularity of it, or be reluctant to him to be indifferent to him .... .. How nice if we have to approach an appropriate and suitable we're on to reach this goal is for all parents and all children, but it seems that it is not easy to find a system that works for all people in all times and places. Perhaps the most important observations for the upbringing of the child mentally, as seen by psychologists:1. Breastfeeding and attention to nutrition and health because a healthy mind in a sound body.2. Hanan mother and the compassion of the stimuli that develop mental abilities must be satisfied for the resulting emergence of the reassurance and security and happiness.3. Child needs to harmonious family to live a peaceful life, develop the confidence factor has himself, and his abilities, if it becomes large at the age of maturity and a good citizen with the ability and adequacy in dealing with the requirements of life.4. Accustom him to the rules of discipline and time, and the order of priorities, and not even be a violation of an order stems from the self-esteem because it knows the commitment and patience.5. Has indicated Diana baumrind in research that packages coupled with affection lead to the lifting of competencies, making them unable to take responsibility, and that the use of reason and logic alone without the accompanying packets to suggest to the child that we are not serious about what we say or we opted to decomposition of the consequences to us.6. Encouragement and praise does not overload or exaggerate them.7. Avoid detracting language, ridicule and defamation and contempt of others, and preference for it.8. The insistence of parents that the child is the winner of the first is his gravity and bring problems for parents and children, we have to get back e how to deal with success and how to deal with failure as long as the nature of life requires that where the winners and losers and the successful and failed.9. Selection of games appropriate for his abilities not be easy or difficult boring miracle.10. Educated to listen to others and their participation in actions aimed at.11. Oweidat respect for elders and they are a source of information and knowledge.12. Be read to a child of the first year and learned to point his finger at things in the book.13. Accustom the child to question and seek clarification and answer them first hand.14. Teaching ethics of dialogue and discussion.15. Does not prevent the child from attending gatherings of adults.16. Each family that allow children to participate in social planning for the future especially interested in the affairs of, there is nothing wrong to remain the last word in all of the parents.17. The father's tough in the care of children affected by the manner in which he grew up and raised him Vicef cruelty and harshness and rarely allows for their child to move freely or to express an opinion, believing that it can drag a horse to the spring water and missed him that if he did not able to force him to drink; and this will lead children sooner or later to raise the banner in the face of disobedience and rebellion.18. If a community wishes to create leaders in various walks of life must be the Council for Child Welfare and Development capabilities and Mlkatha and everything to do with the lives of children present and future as the builders of the future and baptism.
Psychological and spiritual formation:Man is a wondrous creation of God a dual nature, the material element of mud, and the element of spiritual cyan, the element of clay of Muhammad to the earth, and symbolizes, drink, clothing, housing, Menkh and lusts and pleasures and instincts, while the Spirit leads him to progress in the runways of spiritual elevation, and flight in the sky ideals and values.It is necessary to create a balance between body and spirit, so as not to overshadow side at the expense of another, as if dominated by the physical aspect to the spiritual side, that drops to the level of human beings or animals astray. Though overshadowed by the spiritual side of the material would result tags to monasticism, mysticism, and isolation from life, and then left to the responsibility of building land, building of civilization and life management.Islam base on which the building is to protect every individual from fear and panic and confusion and all that limits the freedom and humanity and concern for the legitimate rights of security and serenity, tranquility, and this requirement is not easy. Valawatef and emotions associated with rights all his life, who among us did not get angry not happy not sad hated did not like? One of us did not feel comfortable and sometimes uncomfortable and anxiety? It is a normal phenomenon, but sometimes health. A person who does not get upset if insulted or violated the sanctity of his religion or His Messenger, or home is dull people, and who does not rejoice in the joy of his family not to grieve their grief is sick. We do not exaggerate if we say that moving the feelings and conscience, is now used to move the behavior Tharika positive or negative, and this is clear to the rebels and leaders to raise the spirit of resistance and revolutionize the masses.Because the human being and unity: the thought and spirit and action; thinking mental must have implications on the psychological and social to the individual and society, and Muslims do not lack the spiritual strength and emotional, but are characterized by the browser to the book of God finds it full of emotion, Fssorp Joseph for example, where many of the psychological emotions Kalhzn, fear and joy and crying and almost free copy of the Koran, but we find the emotional images of the manner of a great linguist.Some believe that the individual responds to the emotions and feelings are shown on the external features such as anger, fear, joy, sadness, anxiety and satisfaction ... Others argue that the emotions of the individual motives of the movement behavior of anger drives the behavior of intensity and power, and concern paid to the tension, and fear of flight and speed ... The individual uses emotion as a reaction to adapt to the environment or the individual situation facing the bad conditions and difficult circumstances, sitting grumbling and live his life may feel sad, depressed, outraged by the whole society.
We have confirmed the studies and research that mental health is the source of human happiness and social stability and maintain order. A society that has the mental health of its members, and conduct proper build a social order where the crime is scarce and decay, problems and crises, political and economic security, and recognizes the behavioral aggression. It has become recognized that a number of physical diseases due to psychological reasons, emotional, and the tension and turmoil of emotional works against the successful medical treatment, therefore, lose the person its own capacity to restore health and to maintain the stability of psychological and emotional recommends that doctors and psychologists to follow the directives remember them for the example is not limited to:
1. D-link bridges between the child and goes against the male and through prayer and reading the Quran; Vllqran Quran a great impact in achieving the psychological security, will not be realized true happiness for man except in the sense of security and safety.2. Knowing the child and the existence of God in him of the facts and things and creatures fill the yard the same secure, "said Dr. Kamil Jacob:" The truth that touched in my life - a doctor - that Ofer fortunate people of calm self are more a share of the power of faith .. and most obsessed with clinging to religion " .3. Enjoyment of physical health.4. Avoid taking them in ways that repression and intimidation, and Oth them to satisfy their instincts to play the various innocent under your supervision, and dedicated to them some of your time every day to guide them, and feel passionately caring fatherhood.5. Appropriate choice of profession which the child achieves the same and prove the entity and existence.6. Family and stability, he needs to develop a family in which the virtues and good character and faith.7. Knowledge of the practice of relaxation and mental imagery and sports, hobby, that limiting the physical and psychological tension.8. Side pressure to be happy is not worried nor afraid nor troubled.9. His path to compassion and restraint in emotion, what compassion income on something but it adorns.10. Help the child to solve the problems surrounding it.11. Favorite hobbies away from him to the same narrow and boredom.12. Enjoy all that is beautiful in the kingdom of God and avoid all that is evil and bad.13. Change the daily routine from time to time you may come as a result of internal pressure and boredom, monotony and boredom, and therefore, positive change may preclude simple symphony of his life to the monotonous tones fresh, warm and entertaining.14. Meet the wishes of the child of love and compassion and tenderness to feel the security and happiness and confidence.15. It is important to be convinced of the child and makes sure that his family loved him permanently and continuously find it in their words and actions makes him doubt it.
Parenting behavior:The child begins to form and acquire habits of the first three months and the greater the child's growth has increased its ability to acquire new habits faster than ever before, and the acquisition of habits good is the goal of all education and training programs behavior of children reflects the trends and standards and conditions through them and gave them through the family. The problems of parental deprivation and pressure factors contribute to the disruption of children's behavior, and economic and social situation of the family identify the learning opportunities for children and studies on family relations included the impact of parents on children is not easy, and that attention to the needs of children, such as love and attention, promotion and use of punishment and discipline appropriate, will achieve the behavior desirable.
Yes, various efforts have been made to determine what behavior is normal and turbulent history, also appeared multiple definitions addressed to determine the behavioral disorders in children .. But there is no general definition and acceptable despite intensive studies; may be due to the variation in behavior and emotions and the diversity of backgrounds and theoretical frameworks and philosophical as well as the multiplicity of actors and institutions that serve children. Perhaps the most common forms of bad behavior wrong in children:1. Aggression: is aggressive behavior of the most behavior patterns visible to the children such as beating, biting, fighting and vandalism in order to harm others or intimidate, and this is what confuses parents and adults Vigolhm often Iwenbaunh or punish it, so it must focus on the process of interaction between the child's behavior and the behavior of others present in the environment.2. Insurgency: rejection orders and yelling and the challenge and violation of the laws, regulations and disobedience and insubordination ... In this case, you should not force the child by force as much as possible because this method is not only unproductive but also strengthen the insurgency, but can give the child a number of behaviors and alternatives is the choice, and move away as possible from the words "will do."3. Chaotic drunk in the classroom is inappropriate to speak, and laughter, and applause, and beatings feet, singing and classroom .... Etc..4. Negative and lack of confidence in many of the children they have to settle with failed or unsuitable through statements reflect this impression, such as "I can not do that", "is better than me," "I'm not good," "will never win" ... And such they have excessive sensitivity to criticism, and do not have to engage in many activities and, if asked, their answer indicates a lack of happiness, whether in school or with friends or at home or in society, they are showing unhappiness with life.5. Lack of activity shall be lethargic, slow, lethargic, shy ... He often leaves the life situations and avoid them may cause him to this conflict and psychological discomfort.6. Lack of social maturity, where his behavior is not commensurate with age and be adults and juniors.
People forget, or forget the words of the Prophet "treatment of religion," and the conduct and ethics and the will is all the law and based on, and spiritual values ​​not only thrive in social circles, while the integrated prevail among the people, love, tolerance and brotherhood instead of law and the Constitution. Perhaps the most important tips for the upbringing of the following behavior:1. It is important that they have opportunities to play games, physical, physical, and movement outside the home to activate the child and get rid of the tension and excess energy.2. To reward the desired behavior, powered, and this calls for monitoring children who are acting with the provision of praise and encouragement and material prizes.3. Taught social skills and etiquette and to act as talking gently with others or express without hurting the feelings of others.4. Trained on the method of understanding with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with something that is better (Pay the way that is better if the enmity between you and if I close).5. Teach children to solve their problems without a fight through the courage to express themselves to gain access to what they want without offending or abuse or intolerance, as if to say to his colleague: ((Please do not take my right without my permission)) or "this for me please return it to me do not take without requested by me. "6. Promises to think before they act to be responsible for decisions and results and respect the rights of others.7. I love the child whenever the others say its aggression on them and their parents can foster empathy for the feelings of others by clarifying the extent of harm that it will be attached to the aggressor.8. Welcomed the friends of the child in your home and get to know them up close.9. Try to get close to the child as much as possible to strengthen your relationship and you directed, co-activity, flashing him more time ... This will help the child to adapt to you.10. Long-term absence of fathers from the family has its impact as they depart the boys in such a case for mental natural behavior, and shall be ((naughty)) very not obey anyone.11. Encourage the child to have a personality characterized by self-confidence and personal constructive.12. Values ​​and habits learned through the good offices to give the parent must be a good example and role model, so deal with it honestly, faithfully and without deception to acquire these qualities from you.13. Knowledge of a culture of tolerance, compassion and forgiveness and charity «mercy of the earth bless you in heaven».14. Knowledge of the principle (love of others) and (eliminate their business), and gave him the moral models in dealing with others in the parental companionship, or read the stories of meaningful, or watch educational programs enjoyable.
The change of ethics and behavior is closely linked to changing the hearts and minds, and because the control in the minds and hearts the most difficult and most difficult to control the entry and sinuses can not bring about behavioral patterns effective only to those principles in practice, this means that the reform behavioral form of intellectual and spiritual development Valenqais ethical to take the character of behavior fossil is not possible for us to modify or eliminate it, but changing the educational methods, because the real function of a breeder is to lighten the mind of the child for the values ​​of ethics and the greater the sensitivity of the educator and his convictions was its impact on young people stronger and better, here it seems the link is clear between ethics and education to say the ethics phenomenon of the process related to by example and education than with the intellect and education .. But the question is: How do we work to raise teacher himself to be worthy of educating young people??? The profession of education demanded by professionals and non-specialists has come for us to grasp the seriousness of the profession and the important role played by their masters in creating a generation of young people informed and open-minded and insightful and the insured values, moral and spiritual. To be applied psychology of modern vocational selection of the leaders of the righteous is not placed at the head of the administrative system but the man efficient socially, morally, and professionally, and intellectually very valuable so we had, for generations a good example Itrsmon pace and to precisely the same; as does the Salah of conduct and ethics without men righteous reformers.Finally, I hope that I have not Nkert to a throne, or put «Watering» on a journey ... I am not saying Ojhr not scared, but the Aptgit behind this way ..

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