Guevara Rebel

Guevara Rebel
Guevara ", or" qi ", or" Che "June 14, 1928-October 9, 1967 - Argentini-born Cuban revolutionary, Fidel Castro was a companion. Personality is unique revolutionary in the eyes of many.He studied medicine at the University of Buenos Aires and graduated in 1953, and was infected with asthma did not join the military service. The tour around South America with his friend Alberto Granado on board a motorcycle in the last year of medicine and formed the trip, his personality and sense of unity of South America and indeed the great injustice of the imperialists on the farm Latin simple. Then went to Guatemala, where he leads its popular leftist government, whether through amendments - in particular the amendments to the land affairs and agriculture - moving towards revolutionary socialism. The overthrow the Guatemalan government in 1954 military coup supported by the CIA.In 1955 met with Guevara, militant leftist "Hilda Acosta" from "Peru" in exile in Guatemala, married her and fathered her first child, and Hilda had made him read for the first time some of the classics of Marxism, in addition to Lenin, Trotsky and Mao Tse-Tung.Guevara traveled to Mexico after being warned by the embassy of the Argentine that he is wanted by the CIA, and he met with Raul Castro exile with his friends who were preparing to wait out the revolution and Fidel Castro from prison in Cuba. What if Fidel Castro came out of prison until he decided to join Guevara of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro has been seen that they are in dire need of a doctor.

Guevara biography"We must always remember that the imperialist world order, is the final stage of colonization, and we must defeat the global confrontation." This is what Ernesto GuevaraGuevara was born in June 14, 1928 in Rosario (Argentina). Suffered asthma since childhood and the crisis of the disease throughout his life. Taking into account the health of her son with asthma settled his family in Alta Gracia in the Sierra de Cordoba. And where his father founded the Committee in support of the Spanish Republic in 1937, and in 1944 the family settled in Buenos Aires.And from 1945 to 1953 Ernesto successfully completed his medical studies. And quickly made the connection with the poorest and most disadvantaged, such as patients affected by leprosy, as well as his long-standing first throughout Latin America, and aware of social inequality and injustice.Abused medicine, but he has been fond of literature, politics, philosophy, Ernesto Che Guevara traveled to Guatemala in 1954, hoping to join the ranks of the rebels but the government of Castillo Armas client of the United States of America ruled the revolution. He then moved to Mexico where he met Fidel Castro and set the revolution against the regime "Batista" reactionary until the fall of 1959. He served as President of the National Bank in 1959. And the Ministry of Industry (1961-1965).Che barely got his degree to the left again, Argentina is a new journey across Latin America. The year 1951, during his first trip, had noted the misery of Indian farmers. As it turns out the exploitation of workers in the mines of copper, Chile, owned by U.S. companies. In 1953 in Bolivia and Peru, through Bbanama and other countries, discussed with the left-wing political exiles from almost everywhere, especially with Castroyen Cubans. Politicized, and in that moment decided to actually join the ranks of the revolutionaries. And then considered himself a communist.In 1954, a stop in Guatemala, which was undergoing a democratic ferment in the light of the Government of Jacob Arbenz. Chi and participated in the resistance to the military coup d'état engineered by the CIA and that ended the agrarian reforms undertaken by the Arbenz, and this experience will print his political thinking.He joined the then Mexico. There are known in July 1955 to Fidel Castro, who took refuge in Mexico after the failed attack on the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba. Castro and his army doctors in the mission which will liberate Cuba from the dictatorship of Batista. There are so-called Che an exclamation used by Argentines Tobeier practically at the end of each sentence.In June 1956 Chi prison in Mexico with Fidel Castro and the Cuban rebel group. They were released after two months.1956-1965 Cuban RevolutionStarting from 1965 Chi dived with his comrades in the national liberationOn October 9, 1967 died as Che Guevara was assassinated by the Bolivian army and the consultants and the CIA

Cuban RevolutionIn 1959 crushed the guerrillas led by Fidel Castro Havana, and shot down the military dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. This despite the U.S. government arming and funding to Batista and CIA agents in Castro's guerrilla army.Entered the guerrilla Cuba on board the boat was not with them only eighty men had left them only 10 men only, including Castro and his brother, "Raul" Guevara, but this failed attack earned them many supporters, especially in rural areas, and the group has practiced guerrilla war for two years and lost half of them in a battle with the army.Speech was Castro's cause in the strike, and by the plan Guevara to descend from the mountains of Sierra toward the Cuban capital, rebels have managed to enter the capital Havana in January 1959 at the head of three hundred fighters, to begin a new era in the life of Cuba after the triumph of the revolution and the overthrow of ex dictator "Batista," In those Meanwhile, Guevara gained the nickname "Che" Argentine, and married his second wife, "Elida Marsh", and fathered four children after he divorced his first wife.Che Guevara has emerged as a leader and a fierce fighter does not fear death very quick-witted and able to dispose of in a crisis. Guevara was no longer just a physician, but became a leader in the rank of colonel, and a partner in the leadership of Fidel Castro's revolution, Castro has overseen the strategic battles, while Guevara led the plans of the battles.Knew Castro speeches made by him and the popular revolution, but Guevara was behind the ideological rhetoric and redrawing the ideological revolution on the basis Marxist-Leninist.

Guevara and the ministerPassed a law giving citizenship and full citizenship for each of the rebels fought with the rank of colonel, and there were no such standards only in Guevara who was appointed director of the Central Bank and oversaw the trials of opponents of the revolution and state-building in a period of not declaring the revolution and her Communist, and that caught the revolution control of things - and particularly the army - even the Communist government in which he was Guevara, Minister of Industry and representatives of Cuba and abroad, speaking on behalf of the United Nations. He also visited the Soviet Union and China, and disagreed with the Soviets following the withdrawal of Soreichhm of Cuba after the United States signed a nonaggression treaty with Cuba.Guevara took after the stability of the new revolutionary government - led by Fidel Castro - in a row, and sometimes at the same time the following positions:
Ambassador assigned to major international bodies.Organized militia.Chairman of the Central Bank.Planning Officer.Minister of Industry.Through these positions by the "Che" to address all the force of the interventions the United States; he decided to nationalize all the interests of the State in agreement with Castro; she stressed the United States embargo against Cuba, which made the Cuban government gradually moving towards the Soviet Union. It also announced its support for liberation movements in each of: Chile, Vietnam, and Algeria.

DisappearancePublished by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency rumors alleging the disappearance of Ernesto Che Guevara in mysterious circumstances and his death at the hands of his colleague in the struggle Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Cuban leader Mmaadtr to uncover the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the island to the Cuban people Statements were his famous that reported in some parts of the following :«I have here a letter written by hand, from Comrade Ernesto Guevara, which he says: I feel that I have completed what I have and the duties I have had the Cuban Revolution on its territory, for that thou, and I commit my comrades, and entrust your people, which has become popular. I am formally my resignation from the party leadership, and from my position as minister, and the rank of commander, and the nationalities of the Cuban is no longer binds me to Cuba is legal. »In October 1965 sent a letter to Castro, Guevara gave up once and for all the responsibilities in the party leadership, and his position as minister, and his rank commander, and his Cuban citizenship, it was announced that there are links other nature can not be eliminated securities official, also expressed his deep love for Castro and Cuba, and longing for the days of the common struggle.This letter confirmed his determination not to return to Cuba in an official capacity, but Kthair looking for a safe haven from time to time. Then stopped his Revolutionary in the Congo and to take the Rebel Looking for other global issues.And said this: ".. The frozen revolution, although the rebels worried frost while sitting on chairs, and I can not live and frozen blood of an internal revolution."


Guevara in the CongoIn 1965 Guevara traveled to Congo and sought to establish where the guerrilla groups. Although the idea did not resonate widely among some leaders, he insisted on his position, Guevara, dressed in camouflage and a wealthy businessman, to set off on a long journey in which he traveled from one country to another to face difficulties after the other.Gold "Che" for Africa supporter of liberal revolutions, a leader for 125 Cubans, but has failed the African experience for many reasons, including lack of cooperation from the heads of the revolution of Africans, and the different climate and language, and ended up as "Che" in a hospital in Prague for convalescence, and was visited by Castro himself to hope for return , but remained in Zaire (DRC) next to the warrior leader of the revolution of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba, but he suddenly appeared in Bolivia, the leader of a new revolution, was not documented this point only letters to Fidel Castro, who did not cut off communication with him until his last days.
BoliviaNot the "Che" to create a movement Bolivian armed, but the preparation and unite the liberation movements in Latin America to counter the tendency of America exploited the wealth of the continent. Since the beginning of 1967 Guevara found himself with his fighters, twenty, alone in the face and heavily armed army units led by the CIA in the tropical wilds of Bolivia. Guevara wanted to spend some time in the mobilization of forces and work on the recruitment of peasants and Indians around him, but he was forced to fight the battles early.He has "Che", led by a group of veterans to achieve these goals, and has during that period between November 7, 1966 and October 7, 1967 his book Diary of the battle.
AssassinationArrested two correspondents for the rebels, they confessed under torture, cruelty that Guevara was the commander of the rebels. Then began a hunt for one person. CIA remained at the head of the efforts of the Bolivian army throughout the campaign, spread thousands of soldiers to comb the rugged areas in search of forty men weak and hungry. Section Guevara forces to accelerate progress, and then spent four months apart from each other in the jungle. As well as conditions of vulnerability and isolation of these, exposure to the crisis Guevara severe asthma, which contributed to facilitate the search for and chase.On October 8, 1967 In one of the narrow valleys of Bolivia Bolivian army forces attacked, consisting of 1500 Guevara group consisting of 16 individuals, has been Guevara and his comrades are fighting a full 6 hours in the area of ​​rocky cliffs, even make contact with them almost impossible. Has continued to "Che" in the fight until after the death of all members of the group despite being wounded in the leg that destroyed his gun (m 2) and lost his gun store, a Maevsr his capture alive. The transfer of "Che" to the village of "La Higuera", and remained alive for 24 hours, and refused to exchange a word with one of the captured him. In the village school do the non-commissioned officer "Mario Teran" Help Dhabtih: "Miguel Oioroa" and "Andres Sellnec" opened fire on "Che".Mario entered was hesitant and said to him "Che": Shoot, Do not be afraid; you simply kill a mere man, "but he declined, then returned again after the officers repeated his commands took the shoot from the top to the bottom below the waist where the orders were clear not to direct fire to the heart or head-to-long period of agony, that the sergeant has screwed with a bullet from his pistol in the left side of his life shuddered.Bolivian authorities have refused to hand over his body to his brother or even a definition of his whereabouts or his tomb so as not to be a shrine to the rebels from all over the world.The crisis broke out after the assassination and called the crisis "Guevara words" any memoirs. Have been deployed to these notes after he was assassinated five years later, Guevara has become a symbol of rebel against injustice. Published Felix Rodriguez, former agent of the U.S. intelligence agency (CIA) for the execution of Che Guevara. These images represent the last moments of life of the Argentine revolutionary was shot dead before his execution, "no HIGUERA, Bolivia" in the jungle "Valle Grande", Bolivia, on October 9 (October) of 1967. The images show how the families of Che Guevara, and lying on the ground, his eyes almost Amolguetan and face swollen and his blood stained the ground after his execution. As complete images of all the rumors about the death of Che Guevara during fierce battles with the Bolivian army. Prior to several months, revealed Mr. Felix Rodriguez revealed that Che Guevara's hands were amputated in order to identify the hallmarks of his hands. In 1997 revealed his body and returned to Cuba, where the former Cuban President Fidel Castro buried in an official capacity.

Symbol and Myth

A monument to Che entry to Santa Clara, CubaSome words of Che Guevara:• I do not care where and when to die. • I do not know the whole world limits and national. • The road was dark and did not burn are you if you and I will light the way it is. • either to win or die. Many fell in the long road to victory. • rebel noise to fill the world does not sleep the world's weight on the bodies of the poor. • we will not have what we live for, if we are not willing to die for. • I believe that the struggle is the only solution for those people who are fighting to liberate themselves. • revolution strong as steel, red Kaljmr, remain Kasindian, deep Khabna brutal home. • I'm not an editor, editors do not exist, the people alone who are liberated itself. • I feel on my face the pain of each blow went to the oppressed in this world, wherever found injustice, the same is is a national • ".. The revolution frozen, although the rebels worried frost while sitting on chairs, and I can not live and the blood of the Revolution frozen inside."Will continue to hesitate to echo these words, and inspire hundreds of people in place and time, as long as injustice and violence prevail in this world.In 1968, outraged the world and young men took to the streets announcing that they can end the war and change the features of the world, has turned this man to his death after rebellious martyr to their cause. Became represents the dreams and wishes of the millions who carry pictures. Note that he also represents a set of contradictions, as if death around the features, suggesting that, if given his enemies the right to life, might be unable legend about the occupation of this global reach that it enjoys today.
StrugglesHatred of the Cuban revolution Che dependence on the Soviet Union, and continued innovation and other means of access to finance and distribution. And because it is the only one who really studied the work of Karl Marx among the leaders of the victorious guerrilla in Cuba, it was corrupting and despise the Mafia party who went up on the shoulders of others in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and in Cuba as well.Detection (ie, F Stone) How busy Che Guevara in a public debate, during a conference in the city of Ponte del Este, Uruguay, in early 1961 (he was born in Argentina, where he studied medicine there) with some young people left New York. During that discussion, two of them over a Communist Party of Argentina. Guevara was unable to prevent himself from shouting out loud, "Hey, why are you here, the security for you to start the counter-revolution?"Chi, such as many in the emerging movement will of the revolutionary movements of indigenous peoples.Indeed, the revolution in Cuba, contrary to modern concepts of many in the United States today, was an independent and, in some cases, opposition to the Communist Party of Cuba. And has been taken to build such a relationship - which is not easy to manufacture - only several years after the revolution and succeeded in taking state power and its foundation, driving to a merger between the revolutionary forces and the party - a merger that did not put an end to the problems of Guevara and the Cuban Revolution itself.One of those problems is the increasing adoption of Cuba on the Soviet Union (in some respects similar to the increasing reliance of some radical organizations on granting institutions in the form of money and supplies to screw the other). Government decided during their need desperate for cash to buy supplies for the people of the necessary - and after a bitter debate - decided to miss the opportunity to diversify agriculture in Cuba in order to expand the main cash crop, sugar cane, which is exchanged for Soviet oil, to consume part of this oil and re-sale the rest in the global market. Gradually, Cuba lost, despite warnings from Che (and others), the ability to feed its own people - a problem that has reached devastating proportions collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.It is the same crises that have beset the Soviet Union and countries that had recognized as States when socialism sought the industrial model of development and tried to pay the price of production and competitiveness in the global market. The reaction of Che: do not produce for the global market. Reject the analysis of cost / benefit (cost / benefit) criterion of what should be produced. Chi secure the fact that the new society, and it is his ambition to make the dream of his people for the future, and work to implement immediately all the time and place. Even that amount, the communist revolutions that rejects the criterion of "efficiency" and it attempts to sponsor local community so as to create a more humane society instead.
Che's internationalism and its relationship to MarxismChe has been associated closely with Marxism-Leninism in his youth, where he was a member of the Communist Youth of Argentina.Internationalist and revolutionary Che and distinguished association with the poor, the disenfranchised everywhere, and his refusal to recognize the sanctity of national borders in war against the imperialist United States, inspired by the new radical movements in the whole world. Club Che radicals to transform ourselves into something new, to be socialists before the revolution, that if we are destined to have a hope that we will actually life that deserve to live. His call that "we begin to live a meaningful way now," echoed across the entire generation, opening his arms to reach a high degree of hand-to-revolutionary Mao on the other hand extended towards Marx. Through movement, through the extract directly revolution through engagement with injustice in all its forms, in every moment, and through the development of ideals, one immediately in practice, formulated Chi philosophical currents of the main contemporary tidal wave of insurgency, making its provisions close to offering new Maoist (Marxism-Leninism-Maoism)Chi love of the people taken first to the Congo and then to Bolivia, where he organized a band of guerrillas to be, as it was hoped the PFA, as a catalyst to inspire the revolution, did not forget to pass in Egypt and Algeria on his way to meet with the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser and Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella, who they were symbols of the Arab revolution at the time.

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