Education of love

There was a time when education severity and the beating, smashing the child's personality, and the abolition of the will, the suppression of his talents and creativity, and not to listen to his word .. And became a people remember that critics Mtendrin .. But the paths of more teachers and parents did not differ from that only slightly, and did not take the appropriate alternative methods of education and methods .. Not only the blame on teachers and parents understand the part of the system of community cultural and educational relations, which are all on this method, and revolves in its orbit ..
With the absence of the correct perception of Islamic education, the methodology to take deep-rooted people follow every cry in education come from here or there, and picking up scattered particles, may have been true united the same size, but it's not true if they took a comprehensive public, or was himself an independent approach .. We heard about education entertainment .. Independence and education, which leaves the cord of an emerging free reign .. And anticipate what you want in the near future and beyond .. And remain in desperate need for some kind of education being observed by man's instinctive, and nature of the psychological and human relations .. And nothing but education as well as love.! And without losing sight of the demands of other aspects of his being ..
Why education for me.?
Enjoy love with a huge presence and influence in the human being and behavior, not to say keep away if we say: The human creature is primarily emotional, beat it passion, control his behavior, and led more than that driven by his mind, or the demands of his body ..
There are a number of facts and meanings confirms it should be present in the perception of the teacher, and its interaction with the child and the emerging .. And summarize these facts in the following points:
Love is a magical tool to influence and change: love is the finest methods of human communication, which has the general acceptance of all people, of different races, cultures and values ​​.. Do not differ on the appreciation and recognition of two, is from the balance of instinct, which refuses to distortion .. Within every man and his obsession request only love and looking forward to it, no wonder if we say: It is a magical tool to influence and change.!
Love the convenience of the heart of the various troubles: The passion of love in general is a state of mental harmony, and tranquility of procedure, which casts rights on around him, will help him to carry out its work of any kind vitality and positive .. It was love Hadia MEU in his work and you will not feel anything from fatigue to make an important effort, and the obstacles faced ..
Love makes the work fun mental and psychological, not the plight and the scourge: the rise love man another degree, Vestelz fatigue, Istazb giving and the monument, Visber rights and fighting only, and Istazb patience, and feel their suffering, and here the center of creativity and excellence and based on .. And be the mouthpiece of the Group Almstmta work, the same as that loving lover says:
Torment you and tortured after near youAnd you've got Krouhi but you love themEnough love, I love what I love

There is a difference between those who see the plight of his work, do not know how to get rid of them, and he sees the same fun and the joy of his soul.?! How is tender and creativity, and success and impact.?Love to you the inexhaustible wealth, and the balance can not be less: When you sow love jam open yourself to an asset does not steal, do not diminish, but increases with time and grow, not be counted in terms of not knowing .. Hearts become Ohpetk that, and you have with them the attitudes and positions .. Tnsak will not, will not forget your act of kindness with her kindness, and dedication and your sacrifices, your attitudes and educational affecting ..
Love shorten the road, you turn the stages: It is us who do not want to complete its work soon, and less effort.?! But the hasty nature of the person you think that love and what it requires of gentleness and forbearance obstacle for speed of delivery, and achieve the goals .. And those of deceived souls and Talpissatha ..Love categorical guarantee of success, God willing .. And successful are the ones who always give love, and love, success has not been achieved, it is a difficult one to succeed in most cases .. This does not mean love to go out for wisdom in dealing with situations, and give each denominator as required ..Love for the discovery of creative people, and Rekayam and creativity, Love makes the child or young person accepts the whole of science, and responds very response to his teacher, and doing their best in learning, love of science, and to please his mentor, Vtfh talents, shows his creativity, nor would it be not for his love for his mentor ..
Love, changes the learner's thinking and his style and his .. Often take some educated attitude of learning in general, or to learn some science, to reason, and perhaps most important was the attitude of some teachers from him or his behavior with him, and when preparing his teacher loving, change his thinking and his style and attitude; Tribal on the flag after Idbar, and loves article, which was the most hated hatred, and adapt his life and his behavior according to what pleases the beloved mentor, and bring him closer to him .. I have seen on so many models and examples ..
Love guide the mind and imagination .. When the teacher exhibits love for his loved ones in relation to children and young people, it means that he is aware of the importance of love and its fruits and its effects, and this is proof the maturity of his mind, and breadth, because it does not stand in dealing with them at the moment ..Love deserves all the spoils of mind .. When the teacher called to his imagination free rein to see what was behind the love of the spoils and the many positive effects, it does not bulking bears in the process of trouble and set up ..Love the leap from quantity to quality, and the image to the truth .. Children who do not respond with their teachers, and fear their anger and their sentences, the virtual performance of the work required of them, so the formal acts of non-productive, and falls below the level of their education accordingly .. If these children love their teachers, and teachers have loved them with education regarding the latest, and will not stop their education when the image is visible, and performance without formal interaction and a real response, but performance will be qualitatively distinct, polished and creative ..
Solve the problems of love, and do without the interference of others: I am God, I pity from my heart to those teachers, who are still Istnjdon management of the school or with parents to resolve their problems with their students.! Many of these problems are trivial small, presented by the teacher and as a major sin intractable .. Worse still, that this will be the position of student advisor the same .. Not be blamed on the teacher then does not stand .. The best of those that Istnjdoa love, to see the results of wonder ..Love is the way to the formation of personal decency: children who lack their luck of love miss a great chance of both psychological and contribute to teachers and parents, who lack of love in a contract and inherit crises are psychological richness of the .. What kind of education that this builds on the one hand, and destroy the other.?!
Finally, Love is the most important rules of balanced education: Failure to it, or go out with him a large imbalance in education leads to failure, and failure to achieve the goals .. And the accumulation in your business gives you the title: a failed teacher.! Is it to satisfy yourself that.?!
These meanings are not dreams and imagination, and philosophy of living with a paper, or flying in the sky .. But are the fruits of good conduct practical and realistic, I noticed in connection with my little daughter, when she entered kindergarten, and was very fond of her parents, I thought at first that it would not consisted of kindergarten no matter how I worked with her teaching methods attractive to children, but after several weeks .. Otnt self and that I keep them every day Ovannin of speech and act to evade the school ..
But I was surprised by the really is like the kindergarten and on since the early days .. And searched for the cause .. Parameter that was virtuous excellence .. That were not carrying Graduate degree and was not very wide culture, but it was like children of her heart, and with high spirit in dealing with humanitarian upscale .. I knew that her daughter the whole of the mirror net, which was talking about every day on the expansive mood, and spontaneously innate; movement of words .. Remember their positions .. Processors tell us the problems .. Talking about her love for children, children love them, so they turned the song childish innocence of children, to ensure the name, and sang the song to be when you enter them .. No secret if I say: I call her all the best as stated their positions with my daughter .. I do not know about only her first name ..
What did this parameter.? She did not do things difficult or impossible .. All they do is truly said to them: "I love you .. And translated as saying some of the acts and attitudes favorite .. The day opens with these words: "I love you.! Do you love me.? Vigibunha with one voice: Yes, we love you .. And wipe over the heads of children, and acceptance .. And repeat this word to hear of the day several times, and lean upon what you want them, what have them but the rapid response to requests .. When you see a child or children are sad, cry or embraced, and accepted, and wipe his tears, and then ask him about the reason for crying .. And perhaps given a bit of candy .. The first week celebrating a special celebration of their children, and receiving candy, gifts, and kisses for each child and a child, and express to them very Hawkha to see them .. Do not ask about the impact of that in their hearts .. Congratulations for this parameter such high spirits.! Is unable sisters parameters that was not like her.?
With these facts and meanings are all .. We often fail and forget .. And go out for appropriate love and its demands, and rush behind the whims and Ronadtha, we need always to evoke these meanings in our relations with children, Educational Psychology and training them, tuned them, and not allow ourselves to override them, because we want to make love of course for us and created ..
And comes to us an important question: What is the way to the love of education:
The basis of the entrance, and the origin does not rate him: mending the relationship with God .. And that God and His Messenger are dearer to you than all else: (.. and those who believe, love Allaah more ..), and this is what is overlooked by most people .. Love the first and the largest should be directed to God Almighty, and the sincerity of his heart directed to God fill his heart with love and intimacy tags, Vfad love to relations with the people ..Always be thinking: Why do you love.? The alternative to love.? Thinking that makes you conjure up the meanings that we talked about earlier .. The focus on alternative thinking about love makes you think that love is a necessity, not a luxury ..The spirit of love flowing from within, and not the image of self-righteousness, or formal aspects, Valtsna not yield nor lasting, and appearances do not substitute for the facts ..Be yourself and confident, positive and far-sighted, and beware of the pessimists and discouraged, and more teachers who have the spirit of pessimism, and master the art of inhibition, and spread it in their gatherings, do not leave the opportunity go by without it.!
Cut off from worldly cares and private, are often overcome the concerns of the teacher and pressures, Vaneks on his positions and his relationship with his students ..Love the word and behavior .. Sent for love and requirements in every position .. And took for love and means and methods, and sleep in your own culture, and sophisticated in the development of yourself in this area ..Tender love generously, do not skimp, do not expect the people to sanction nor thanks .. Vicvic God reward and reward ..
Start your relationship with the educational expression of love .. I also saw in the news that the parameter of excellence, it is essential to recite Mubarak, and the introduction is a must .. Because they determine the course of your behavior, and lead you to the requirements ..
Love to be rejected and appearances:The love that we are talking about is love and we want it wise balanced, estimated a capacity of, based on the origins and principles of the curriculum, instead of appealing to the emotions of the day, or suspicious attitudes .. It is human emotion-Semitism, the love of parents, is dictated by the mercy and compassion, far from any suspicion or distrust, and must be alert for what may be confused by the love required of things come out for track, and exploit the honor of his status, and the nobility of his motives, so the outlet for suspicious behavior, and a gateway for souls sick, stands for the positions of suspicion and accusations, but did not Tgarvha, and thus must be alert and to emphasize the need for after the teacher educator is very far from any position or action of this kind, has said in the report: "From wire conduct charges accused" and "stayed the same serves as the charge should not blame anyone smell a rat from him ", in a word:" Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day do not stand the positions of the charges "().
Fleuraqub teacher his Lord, and to hold the same, and to know that the critic sees, and that God the beginning of an expert, nothing is hidden, be heard, and what the breasts conceal, and to warn the entrances of uncertainty, and the pitfalls of the charges, is the task of the prophets, not Iinssonha acts Alsoqp Scamps ..And after; the need for love the most important human needs and its venue .. But the center of human needs and the pole fought .. (), So how can educators July adequate attention, in developing programs and curricula, courses and the establishment of rehabilitation and development.?! And how not to get "what is important and appropriate for the amount of a teacher who is the most important person in the life of the child after his parents.?!
Teacher, educator when dealing with the child and the emerging love you sow love in his community and his family, and in his behavior and his future .. It behooves a child raised with love to have a future bid for his nation without borders ..Copied

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