Do not be so in your family Zell list

Do not be so in your family Zell list!!

Brings together scholars and righteousness that the family is the greatest and most important institution in this world. An institution that must be taken with all plans, programs and means to achieve the desired objectives. It is not acceptable that some of us develop plans, programs, and the means to manage a small grocery store, and treated his family - the most important institution - the same. Y when we are not planning for our families, we plan to fail and the failure of our societies and destroyed. And the amount of loss that we lose as a result of neglect of planning for the future of our families is the amount of the gains achieved by the nation's enemies and critics of us.

One of the things that need to be addressed in order to promote your organization's own family is the allocation of a fixed weekly meeting for the management and follow-up to this institution and monitor its development, and adjust their performance. In this meeting weekly to meet family members are planning for their future, and they follow their own affairs, including Itzdon benefit them and solve their problems, and enjoy their time, and increasing the bonds of love among them. . This meeting should be held periodically regular fixed does not preclude it from taking place a barrier, does not prevent held blocker. A meeting must be E. Dare, spiritual, cultural, recreational, as recommended specialists. As a matter of detail, we say:

First, the administrative side of the family in an interview:
1. The objectives of the institution of the family are placed for the next period (could be for one year - or two years - five years or ten years).
2. And it suggests ways to help achieve the goals, which must be dealt with both of them firmly and seriously.
3. The location of the blogger schedules when the tasks, roles, and visits, and operational costs for the coming period so that these tables do not serve the father and mother only, but must serve all members of the small family of them before the Great.
4. The distribution of roles to family members without exception, and allocation of responsibilities among family members, such as:
(Job responsibilities, and procurement, and management of material things, and studying for the children ... etc)
5. The follow-up of previous recommendations carefully.
6. At the time resolve emergent problems.
7. There is a time to follow up the course and achievement for children ... Etc..

Second: the spiritual side to meet with the family
1. Is a time of increased spiritual life can not be right without it.
2. At the time to read the Koran and the interpretation of some verses and focus on the gains of the process.
3. Which discusses some of the conversations Mustafa peace be upon him and focus on the gains of the process.

Third: the cultural aspect in meeting the family
1. You will read a page from a book or story, including the children get used to the art of speech and a summary, and rhetoric and face the public and the ability to persuade and to others.
2. When taking stock and offer images of the life of the companions and for the conduct of some old models of leadership and modern even follow the example of the children.
3. It taught some basic principles in life, for example: love, altruism and cooperation, sacrifice and brothers .... etc
4. In which we educate our children the culture (us), rather than a culture (I).

Fourth: The entertainment aspect is to meet with the family
It must be where individuals feel that at the time of fun, play, and adventures, memories, amusing anecdotes, and acting, and singing, and contests. Must be the thrill of the first baptism. This meeting could be outside the home or on food or in the garden. Let us remember that
"Any meeting successful family is the one that meets the needs of family members physical, social, mental and spiritual."
The deduction of sixty minutes a week to follow up on these things your family institution is the best investment you invest in this life, and you will get used every minute invested in this follow-up of tens of hundreds of benefits and advantages as the "but - as you say
Oprah Winfrey (1) - If you do not have the time - for one night or at least one hour during the week where the reunited family then Vosartk are not high priorities in your life, "Talmon not only yourself when tomorrow comes a day of harvest.

The second thing which should interest in the advancement of your organization's own family - the institution most in the world - which is a statement of the family. And this statement is a statement of the family must be in writing and contains the objectives and functions of the family in the past five or ten years. "All successful organizations of different specializations are going according to the data showing the functions ... and that the mission statement written in a language clear and honest is the most important component in the successful performance of the institution," says Stephen R.. Kofi (2). There are no successful organization in the world but there was a written mission statement and clear in the minds of all employees from the largest to the smallest official agent. In formulating the statement of your family should include the answer to a number of important questions are also advised that Stephen R. Kofi. One of these questions:
1. What kind of family that we want?
2. What is the method which we hope to treat our family members to each other?
3. How do we solve our differences?
4. How we will deal with Msailna material?
5. What are the principles that we want to embrace our children and raise them to face the future with it?
6. How can we develop and refine our skills on each unit?
7. What are the roles that will be carried out every member of our family?
8. What are the range and inherited behaviors that you and your wife They accept and maintain or dispose of it immediately?
9. What is a set of ethics that should be added for each member of the family?
10. How to maintain kinship between us and our family and our friends and the rest of society?
11. What is the method that we want to be followed in dealing with the community around us?
12. What is the method by which Snrbi our children?
13. What are the principles that we want to govern our relations including around us (parents, friends, and neighbors ,....... etc.)
14. How to help the love of our bid?
15. Who are our heroes and our ideal and what we like them and want to emulate them in?

These questions - and others - which you deem appropriate for your circumstances and the circumstances of your family - fertile material for the formulation of a statement of your family who must be given adequate time and effort to formulate a statement and a realistic ambition. Not rushing a decision, do not ignore the opinion. They must feel all the family members that their opinions and suggestions is respected. Especially since they are the ones who will carry out the contents of this statement .. We must therefore deal with the family this statement very seriously and if you want to master the task of the success of your family. Are advised to read this statement in an interview the family a week, so take a family statement read at the beginning of each meeting. Let us know in the reading of a statement that the family continuously and periodically remind and install the attached statement of ethics for your family, helping to get him out into existence.

The interest Bosrna should highlight to the focus of our attention. Things of interest to rights must be given by seeking to, time, and his thinking, and planning. The distractions of life and willingly accept that around in Sakitha, and accept willingly put our families at the bottom of the list, that is what should not be a nation of people a message to them and for them too and they have a goal. We did not strive to educate our children as we want our Vsirbehm others as they want. Although we did not plan for them as we want them to others will be planned as they want. And others - these people - is not going to be one of two things: either the devil and his party, or the devil and his party.

The success of each of us is measured by its success in the management of his family, and Graduate students who earn good reformers Beslaham approbation of society, and literature, and morals, and benefit, and their superiority. There is nothing in this universe, the most expensive and dearest family members are successful, are superb, are good, peacemakers, Navon. If that is true family is configured and prepared for the event Insaleh society and the state and the world. "It is not called, to say the say that the government of Muslim or Muslim country that does not exist at all if there was not a Muslim home is committed to the methodology of Islam, it is not correct society has weakened the ropes of the family, not an upright life of the nation if the family has weakened family ties, including" (3)

Let us begin. Let us think of is our family. To do whatever makes them the focus of attention not only in the bottom of the list. To think about everything that makes our families and institutions with a goal. To work for everything that makes our families blocks valid interest. And warn of failure in this task. Let us all remember that the losers of two types: Department of thought and did, and the Department did not think ....
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