Brightness and face

Brightness and face

Eshraguet with the morning sun Caught a glimpse of nice warm rays on the wing Seen with eyes filled with love and infatuation Address me, O flower of old kind Can you Ttefii the flames ignited the heart of .... your eyes Shattered remains of the despair of my heart I need to warm your words Ahtaaaj to scream in my heart of hearts to Tskny To fly out love beyond the limits of human beings Love the glory of love reached

There term Where the clouds and the rainbow Risen upon you the most beautiful creation of God I knew love .... Alasma finest love ..... Let me live in the air in breeze To live in your world Magician The sun of my life to meet you And the right of the cloud to cloud My son, you lack of beauty VIA guitar pulsing My love for you and I lived around me Flowers white dotted Ahati He graduated from my soul Whispers address Nada longing Time is in us many things wrapped Ante single gay Waves travel above the pages Looking for a spectrometer behind the horizon For love Bleeding Love wishes to you all the men of the earth .......... Extended my hand to touch his imagination .......... Rumored through the warm sun I put my hand on his head to tell him And give the surge of emotions

I said to him: I was right when he told me must be love Home Vhabk rip Ashjani How and how much I love you adore my dream in your world I look forward to seeing you Sought Alhoy looks of your eyes I loved you in spite of everything It will not be your love sacrifice Will not be wasted on sidewalks Khvqath separation I will stay with you as long as you live And make love to a homeland in the eyes of And whispered to him I will tell you a secret Morning breath became

....... ....... Love with herself

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