Baron Palace Palace Ghost .. .. Palace for Disney for the sun

Baron Palace Palace Ghost .. .. Palace for Disney for the sun!!

Palace mixture of European architecture and art of Indian architecture
The only palace in the world who does not lose sight of the sun throughout the day
At the end of the nineteenth century, particularly after several years of the opening of the Suez Canal, docked on the shore of the channel a large ship coming from India, was on board this ship Mlionner Belgian named "Edward Empain." Was "Edward Empain" holds the title of Baron has given him the king of France in recognition of his efforts in the establishment of the Paris Metro, where he was "Empain" outstanding engineers. As was the "Edward Empain" a bright engineer, was also the owner of the mentality of an economic genius, when he returned to his country and has established several projects that brought him a lot of money, and was on top of those projects created Bank of Brussels in Belgium.
Were not a hobby, "Edward Empain" is the only raising money, he was passionate about travel and travel constantly, so it launched its assets that are not counted to most countries of the world, he flew to Mexico and then to Brazil, and South America to Africa, where he stayed a lot of projects in the Congo and has fortune, and the heart of the continent moved eastward to the land of magic and beauty of India.
Lived, "Edward Empain" long years in India and love mythology so was his decision to search for the oldest historic place in front of him but did not find the cradle of ancient civilizations .. Or lower Egypt.
Baron arrived "Empain" to Cairo, was launched just days later, shares love in the heart of the Belgian millionaire .. Egypt and love of man to the point of madness and took the fateful decision to remain in Egypt until his death .. He wrote in his will to be buried in the dust of Egypt even passed away outside!
It was natural to those who have made such a decision, looking for his permanent residence in the place who fell Bara desires .. The strangest thing about it is the choice of Baron "Empain" to place in the desert .. Near Cairo. Baron chose this place as adjacent to Cairo and close to the Suez .. And enjoy the atmosphere where serenity and purity of the air .. And certainly not one at this time to see what he sees economic Belgian does not know what is going on inside his head about the future.
Once you have selected the Belgian millionaire on where you live it - a desert road east of Cairo - Baron bent "Empain" to study the architecture that will be built by his home in Cairo .. Because the Baron was also interested in architecture has made a decision that resides exclusively unparalleled in the whole world.
But the selection of architectural style remained a concern until the baron found its way onto the desired inside one art exhibitions in the French capital, in this exhibition and signed his eyes on the design of the short end in World of works executed by a French artist named "Alexander Marcel" .. The design was very attractive and was a wonderful mix of architecture European architecture of India.
Baron recalls that during his stay in India when the pain severe illness almost takes his life interest by the Indians and looked after their health, Save him from certain death. Remember, Baron "Empain" The decision taken by the days after his recovery that builds palaces first new-style Indian recognition of it gratitude to the people of this country.
Baron did not hesitate, "Edward Empain" for a moment .. Bought the design from "Marcel", returned him to Cairo, and peace for a number of design engineers, the Italians and the Belgians to begin to build a palace on the heights, the high set by the Baron to them in the desert of Cairo.

The opening of the palace
In the opening day of the palace called Baron Empain Sultan Hussein Kamel, who impressed when he ascended to the tower did not believe his eyes, all a mere front of him, and saw the Sultan Hussein Pyramids of Giza from the place from above the tower.
And acquired jealousy from the heart of the Sultan of Egypt and refused to be in his capital What is the highest and most beautiful of the palace revealed to the Baron to guide the palace him, but he apologized in the literature gm went Sultan angry he did not find Baron Empain him a solution but to build a palace last adjacent to his palace and donate it to the Sultan of the country. Empain Albarn and implemented the idea and built a palace in second in record time and given as a gift to Sultan Hussein Kamel, but Sultan refused the gift and insisted on presenting him with the original palace and was considered Empain out to obey Him, and to the wrath of the Sultan Baron packs his bags and left Egypt until things calm down. A few months later changed the situation in Egypt, and returned Baron Empain to Egypt was then the idea occurred to the mind of Baron which economic feat, is to create a company and an oasis of Heliopolis, which was established through the suburb of Heliopolis, and that he wanted through the establishment of a community of housing for the aristocracy and communities foreign, particularly Belgians living in Cairo.
The palace lies on an area of ​​125 thousand meters, who was inspired by the Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the temples of Orissa, Hindu, Fsharvat palace Foreign mounted statues of Indian elephants, and ivory spread at home and abroad, and the windows up and down and statues of Indian Buddhism, but inside the palace was a museum featuring antiques and statues of gold and platinum, as there is inside the palace archaeological hours old, it is said is not only unprecedented in the Buckingham Palace Royal London describes the time in minutes, hours, days, months and years with changes to clarify the phases of the Moon and temperatures.
Made Flooring palace of marble and alabaster where the original was imported from Italy and Belgium, and decoration top entrance statues of elephants and is also spreading to the palace walls and windows on the Arab-style, which included statues, jewels rare made with extreme precision of gold, platinum, bronze, other than statues of Buddha and the Dragon is legendary.
The mansion consists of two floors and basement (basement), and built a huge tower on the left side consists of a 4-story spiral staircase connects demonstrate aspects of wood with marble, and on the fender (SOAR) stairs inscriptions of the bronze plates decorated with statues of Indian Sculpture minutes.

Has been designed palace a way that makes the sun never sets on Hjrath and Rdhath and never used in the construction of alabaster and Italian marble, glass, Belgian crystal view from inside both abroad and has tower going on the basis of moving a full cycle every hour to allow those who sit by to watch Maholh in all trends, and the last floor of the palace is a favorite place of Baron Empain of drinking tea at the time of sunset and was around the palace garden singing with flowers and rare plants and there are minors tunnel between the palace and the cathedral of ancient "Church of the Basilica" in so far in the last Street Arabism that has the palace .

Ghosts of the Night
Most of the rumors that have made "Baron Palace" beta real horror about hearing voices for the transfer of the basis of the palace between the Hjrath different in the middle of the night, the lights that light up suddenly in the back yard of the palace and die suddenly as well, and of the degree of ratification of the population adjacent to the Palace so great, Faisrah doorman of a building in front of the palace that the ghosts do not appear in the palace but at night, which do not allow for one to remain inside the palace at any cost. And continues: What is said about the existence of ghosts is true, and which confirms that what happened in 82, where he saw many of the passers-by smoke emitted from the room palace home and then entered in the nets on the main tower of the Palace, then afternoon glow of fire was soon extinguished and alone, without working switch it off on one.
This remains an open question in both heard about the Baron Palace and rumors that spread around it. Why is this building in particular? Maybe life was unfortunate Baron is one of the most important reasons which have increased the circulating stories of lives that people a hundred years.
He was born Baron "Empain" lameness is apparent in his feet as well as being patients with epilepsy, and were often beset by seizures is located in the garden of his palace and consulted by the morning and his dog standing next to him to wake up, Valbaron for excessive severity could not one of the servants to approach him but his command , even if it was lying on the ground unconscious. But this is with regard Baron What about minors?

Mountain Room
The reason for the uncertainty surrounding the home that there was in the palace room campus, "Baron Empain" entry, even to his daughter and his sister, Baroness, "Helena," which is the room pink Bpedrom palace, this room opens its doors at the entrance to the basement long stretch of the Church of the Basilica, which was buried in Baron after his death.
Imagine Baron ambiguity and uncertainty surrounding it all .. We'll just have to calculate the distance between the Baron Palace and the Church of the Basilica, located in Al-Ahram Street proxy.

Sister of Baron
Of the reasons that led to the increase in uncertainty is the death of a sister "Baron" - Baroness "Helena" - after falling from the balcony of her room Interior and whenever he goes Baron Tower Palace to the south, and suspended the rule for a spin in that moment after HP Baron to explore the screams of his sister, and this was is the first spark of the ghost stories that come out of the room's sister Baron for his room personal. Which made the popular stories indicate that the spirit of the Baroness, "Helena" of the late Baron Schtt to save them, which is what the holidays Gears spin the revolving tower, which has not turned since then until the death of Baron himself in 1928.
As she was - according to rumors as well - you hear different sounds, some fight, some screaming for the Baron and his sister, who had already died and buried her body somewhere in the desert of Heliopolis, and since then, the people of Heliopolis district veterans believe that Baron "Empain" had succeeded after the death of his sister in the preparation of her soul to apologize for the lack of initiative quickly rescued after falling from her room and might not accept the apology is the spirit of his sister stage, introduced by a terrible depression eventually led to his death.

Baron Palace and Satanists
Most of us have heard about the tale of the "Satanists", famous for a lot in the late nineties of the last century - about 1997 - and that when he discovered the police clubbing youth group named as "worshipers of the devil" to the basement of the Palais des Baron "Empain" in Heliopolis, the practice of some rituals, He said some of them: The Alliance "girl Baron with the devil" who strongly supported the rituals there, with the view of some observers that the story of "Satanists" story did not publish the truth, and keep the details of many of them important as well, linking the story of "Miriam," the daughter of Baron "Empain "the story of" Satanists "have a lot of meanings and connotations.
"Miriam" became paralyzed children after the birth period, because of the packs her father's severe and ugliness sometimes treated in the treatment of her aunt, she had "Miriam," a mental complex, was sitting "when she has seizures," the hours are also some rooms basement below the palace, and after a period dating " Miriam "to her room, which reports improved mood, and says she spoke with a friend comforts her a lot, a story that wove later the myth of" Satanists ".
After the death of Baroness "Helena," she had heard the voices of the "sister" Baron at times with the Baron himself in "the basement of the palace," and sometimes in an interview with quiet to some extent with the "Miriam," the daughter of Baron in a room at the entrance to the basement, but the "Miriam" after a period found dumped on her face and dead - without a known cause - in a well leading to the elevator breakfast upstairs, which was dealing with the Baron of his food.
Even Baron
Which confirmed the rumors of life and entrenched in the minds of the people that, after the death of Baron himself, turned mirrors bound to the bottom of the walls of the room pink palace to the color red, which detects most of the visitors of the palace intruders as blood.
When Much of the palace guards - who leaves most places shortly after the service - why there was blood chamber Rosary of the bats that have been taken from the palace-based, insists many people that the bat does not collide with walls, which makes the argument that the blood of the Chamber of the Rosary appeared after that refreshed by the spirit of the Baroness, "Helena" and the daughter of Baron "Miriam" after the death of Baron, which cause severe suffering for the whole family.

Ghost house unique
These factors are all to a project proposal intends to owners of minors to obtain the approval of the Ministry of Culture to implement it, and this project involves Termima full of the palace and its rooms, and maintain the contents of old, with the addition of new buildings in the palace garden of Foreign Affairs, especially the new project, with the assumption of a global company specializing in amusement parks and the establishment of ghost house, which will also include basement below the palace and the total length of more methods from 5.2 kilometers ends at the campus of Central Church of the Basilica, the most important fields of Heliopolis.

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