Curse of the Pharaohs

We all heard about the curse of the Pharaohs 

Perhaps we have seen many films that talk about the curse of the Pharaohs 
But .. Do the assets of this curse?? 
Is it true? Or is it a myth resulted from the sell of incidents of fatalism that hit was tampering with the graves of the Pharaohs? 
{{Appeared when the legend for the first time? }} 

In 1922 the fastest Egyptian archaeologist Howard Carter, the English origin to the English millionaire Lord karnar iPhone, which was formulated in ancient Pharaonic monuments interests 
And he was able to convince the young archaeologist famous millionaire funding his campaign to an important archeological discovery in the Valley of Kings 
After a period of exploration and spending big money cried Carter has found 
The tomb of young King Tutankhamun 
Months Pharaonic tomb was discovered through history 
The reason for the fame he Mbosan 
First, it was quite complete did not extend to any hand before and no steals, including any belongings - this is not familiar with the graves were discovered by where the tombs are of the theft, even in the time of the Pharaohs themselves - but the cemetery remained intact and did not touch 
The second Alambos Fame that the cemetery was a legend of the curse of the pharaohs, which was born with the opening of the cemetery and then spread the fame that myth because of what followed the discovery of the tomb of strange incidents and accidents 
Because of the link between these incidents and the phrase found written over a bed of King Tutankhamun 

{{Death will slay the two wings, anyone who tries to allay security and peace of the shrine of the Pharaohs}}  

Hence the myth of the curse of the Pharaohs {{incidents without explanations}} 

His discovery of the cemetery on the condition that a huge publicity and acclaim in the community interested in such research 
But soon began to surround most of the strange incidents of those who contributed and participated in the discovery of the pharaonic tomb 
It was said that a strong sandstorm arose around the tomb of Tutankhamun in the day it was opened and the falcon was seen flying over the cemetery is known that the Falcon is one of the sacred symbols have the Pharaohs 
This along with the death of most of the workers who participated in the exploration of those mysterious incidents in the cemetery and have no logical explanation 
But does it stop at this point? {{I'm the one who expels flame grave robbers of the desert. I am guardian of the tomb of Tutankhamun.}} 

It did not stop when these phenomena, which are already being reported 
Rolled, but strange events related to these cemetery 

In celebration of the official opening of the cemetery wounded Lord Carnarvon .. Mysterious fever did not find it one of the doctors explanation .. In the middle of the night just died the Lord in Cairo .. The strangest thing is that the electricity was interrupted in Cairo without any apparent reason in the same moment of death has highlighted the world's newspapers the news of the death of Lord .. Cairo newspapers have linked the death of the Lord and turn off the lights and it argued that it was by order of King Tutankhamun 

And then rolled calamities and death began to reap the vast majority if not everyone who took part in the celebration, and most of the deaths were due to these mysterious fever with delirium tremors and lead to death .. Rather, it was wildly fever in a lot of times .. The secretary of the Howard Carter died without any reason and then committed suicide and his father's sadness for him .. During the funeral of Secretary Das horse pulling a cart the coffin a little boy, killing him .. And wounded many of those who contributed in one way or another in the discovery of the tomb of insanity and some committed suicide without any reason, which puzzled the archaeologists who found themselves in a puzzle for which there is no explanation 
He was also among those who have died this way, the mysterious world of celebrity Alpajulijy famous (Bilharz) discoverer of the life cycle of a worm and schistosomiasis, who visited the cemetery later 
These events, of course, the tip of the iceberg of what happened after the opening of the cemetery 

But what is the truth behind the curse? 
And the secret that the discoverer of the tomb by Howard Carter himself was unhurt as a result of this discovery? Although the first candidate to be on top of the curse that had a presence?? 

{{Interpretations or guesses}} 

It was the discovery of the tomb of this young king and who's not in history, Pharaonic little he has not ruled Egypt for only a very short period (9 years from 1358 to 1349 BC). 
And he died in his twenties 
But it was the most famous kings of ancient Egypt in modern times because of that curse which accompanied the discovery of his tomb full untouched for the past 35 century 
After that drew the attention of researchers and archaeologists such alien dead meat, which caught most of those dealing with the cemetery began the process of a wide range of research to try to reach a scientific and logical explanation of what he called the curse of the Pharaohs 
And still to this day all that research and speculative interpretations lacked the unequivocal scientific evidence which provides the real explanation for that shit 

And interpretations, which is divided by the scientists tried to explain that curse into three sections: 
No logical explanation 
Interpretation of vital biological 
Chemical interpretation of scientific 

As for the non-logical interpretation based on those words which were found written inside the cemetery and over the king bed, which threaten all of the close of the cemetery and disturb the peace of King death 
The link between them and what is known historically for the skill of the Pharaohs in the magic and the containerization of temples and minds of the priests of the secrets were and still hidden from the public but also of the special also no doubt that what happens is that the priests who were in charge of all rituals of mummification and burial to be and that they had ritual magic of black magic not known to infect all the others who were tempted to open the tomb and stolen 
Of course, this interpretation of my imagination or did not provide a logical explanation for that type of black magic which remains over the 3500 to infect the first to open the cemetery 
On the other hand how the magic is directed to persons unknown after all these centuries 

As for those words there is no doubt that it has developed to intimidate those who believe in it believes in the ability of the priests in their magic 
There is a difference between magic, O Lord and Bewitchments 
Was the magicians of Egypt, who mentioned the Koran enchant the eyes of the people who suggest Vtjolhm see what has been bewitched by them appointed Moses peace be upon him, he saw the same sticks and ropes like a snake, making it the nervous fear of not proven that his heart 
But what to whom Moses was the magic real when he threw a stick Vlagaft their ropes and sticks and this is what makes sorcerers fall down prostrate, and believe with Moses peace be upon him because they Kshrp know the real magic of magic sham and they know what they are doing with people, but when they saw the real magic did not Icetkbroa and realized that what Moses was not magic, but is the support of Allah, the Almighty 

{{They said: O Moses either to receive or to be the first to throw {65} said, but threw if their ropes and staffs appeared to him, magic is seeking {66} a fear in the same fear Moses {67} We do not be afraid, You are the Top {68} and Take What in your right hand caught what they had done but faked a magician and the magician thrives where it came from {69} thrown prostrate said witches believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses {70}}} Taha 
So far, does not have a real explanation and scientific to those novels that talk about the curse of the Pharaohs ...!! 

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