The art of leadership

(Leaders are born rather than made) is an old spread in the first centuries, the centuries that King was a born king, and Prince holds the title in the cradle, however, that this argument has lost its credibility, given the emergence of leaders changed the course of life, although the origin was very humble and simple, By studying their experience and study of the curve of their lives found that those leaders know their talents and leadership Asgulwa even Asubho already Napehin leaders.

Everyone in life style and personal. As well as leaders, each of them the pattern and style in dealing In all, there are four styles of leadership:.

1 - President - someone who leads a crowd of people, believes in his ability and mentality, he believes that he is always right, and obedience is obligatory and is only waiting for Valjhim.
2 - President Actor - people do not trust my work, but himself. Ivod one of his works is so on his behalf, but hard-working person, loyal, and a broad knowledge and experience.
3 - Director - a man who believes the Constitution of the company, begin the work of developing the plan, and ends at the implementation, through giving the orders and follow-up and supervision.
4 - Commander - a creative, skilled in developing the plan and vision and the implementation of distinct and for stoking the spirit of enthusiasm and motivation in his staff and his colleagues, continues to be impressive, flexible orientation problems, concerned with the humanitarian aspect of it loves everyone.
The characteristics of an effective leader 1 - Planning: The leader goes on 80% of his time in the 20% planning to implementation. 2 - Organize: the leader works in the vicinity of an organized and disciplined, which is characterized by the organization in all its aspects. 3 - Decision Making:. Commander makes the event to Aintzer what is happening. 4 - Social intelligence.: Maher in contact with each other, knows how to get its message across to the other, it is also a good listener, and wonderful themes. 5 - mandate.: Knows how to delegate. 6 - has a vision.: See money he sees others. Accept the criticism of the fancies. 7 - motivation.: Unable to spread the spirit of enthusiasm and motivation in the hearts of his followers. 8 - culture.: Copious knowledge, a high degree of science. 9 - confidence.: No leader of destabilizing confidence. 10 - commitment to the plans:. Deeply committed to plans drawn up by. 11 - Commitment:. This is the most important character and the most powerful characteristics of a successful leader. 12 - mental intelligence.: Does not require that the commander is a genius, but he must have above average intelligence.

Seven secrets of the leader
** Decision:, leadership is the art of decision-making, if the general human beings resort to make decisions daily on various care of life, the commander resort to make big decisions, you may go by and his followers to the summit of success, or throw them on the mat failure.
- How do you take a wrong decision? There is no error in the title of this paragraph, that wrong decisions have reasons and motives, including
1 - anger. 2 - Horse riding fatigue. 3 - follow the breeze. 4 - astronauts dread. 5 - external influences. 6 - excess ideal. 7 - the wrong time.
- The nine keys to make tough decisions and effective. * Make the decision-making style of life. * Let you eye on yourself. * Consult. * Wear shoes last. * The right inventory of feelings. * I'm not right for the length of the drawing. * The decision to not be a resolution, but its enforcement. * Your decision continued until the end. * Decisions were made to facilitate the work.
** Motivation: motivation as defined by d. Dennis Whatley in his book (the stimulus from the psychological point) is a state DO NOT wish one of us, when the control you desire, or would like to achieve a particular goal dramatically you in this case, the catalyst is large and thus your design to achieve your goal is large and not subject to failure.
- Three types of motivation * incentive to stay. * External stimuli. * Stimulate internal.
- The five reasons that make the process of stimulation is very important * belonging. * Punctuality. * High-quality performance. * Export responsibility. The case of a vital public.
- How to motivate your employees? * Raves. * Almkavaep. * Move up the career ladder. * The establishment of courses on a regular basis. * Give them a space of freedom. * You involve them in the formulation of the objectives of the company. * Meetings of achievement. * Involve them in making some decisions. * Mandate effectively. * Has dreams of the process. * Tell them the road curves. * The time is also important. * Cents to touches of humanity. * Make challenges. * Pay attention to your actions.
- How to thwart Mrwsek? * Achaaram instability. * Fake promises. * Injustice and lack of appreciation. * Lack of respect. * Dictatorship. * Routine. * Conflicting orders. * Lack of justice. * The nature of your personality.
- How to motivate yourself? * Develop yourself always. * Place the exciting goals. * Relax a little. * Forum geniuses. * Book achievements.
** The force for change: Most people are afraid of change, KIA of them wants to remain the case what is it, even though some had hoped for change and he hoped echoed him, find the weakest people in decision-making or to take the initiative towards a positive change for the better. That the change is one of the most successful leaders and behaviors. Says French thinker Jean-Jacques Rousseau (that everyone is entitled to Egamrlakeath in an attempt to save it), what prevents us from making the journey, must pack up to the land of change and renewal?
- The most important kinds of barriers in front of the main change * doubt. * Fear of risk. * Routine and getting used to. * Awe and fear. * Social objection.
- How can I accept change and deal with flexibility? * Make Altgiermenhj life. * Be liberal. Is even furniture.
** Department of pressure and tension: (businessmen who do not know confront the tension die early) Alexis Carlisle. One who finds work and toil must face the pressure, we should also get nervous. And that the best approach in dealing with stress and pressure is acceptable as long as a de facto reality, within certain limits and help us sharpen the energy and attention to what we want. Dr. Petrhanson in his book (a fun tension) (too little and too much stress bad for us) Tension overload reduces the productivity of man and destroy his confidence in himself and make him lose focus. While the tension is very low, it is a Aihvz and not move in one's motivation to work and production.
- What are the causes of tension? * Disability. * Question. * Stress. * Lack of appreciation. * Secret. * Lack of regulation. * Daily habits. * Physical pain. * Emotional pain.
- Watch out for excessive tension is coming to invade the tension signs and introductions, that what begins in Gzuk only and you notice the following:. * Loss of appetite or excessive hunger. * High voice heartbeat. * Aggression and brutality. * Headache, pain in the head. * Foil semi-permanent. * Thinner. * Neck and back problems.
- Here's a set of skills that will help you get rid of tension * authorization. * Organization. * Collective. * Learn the art of breathing. Q: I take the concerns of the past and future problems Atstdei. * To see the glass half-full. * March exercise.
** To deal with the difficulties of people Anchors: Each of us met with people and meet daily difficulties anchors, needed to deal with them special skills not affected even one of us mad.
1 - Revolutionary. A man who is saucy tongue, proficient manipulation, his voice high, impatient.
2 - the bomber. Many uncertainties and threats, often tender feelings, is very sensitive.
- To deal with these two types give him enough time to restless, categorically negative Speaking quietly to a united, Nadhm their names, tried to distract their focus, focus your eyes on the eyes, Abbaran your opinion, Atzarlh you fear, I call on them to resolve the problem amicably quiet.
3 - Blamer to humans. Who mastered the blame on others, take defensive positions, believes that the error is the origin in the behavior of human beings, quick-tempered, inclined to retaliation and took a right.
4 - querulous. Accomplished in the discovery of errors and gaps, the Tireless himself in the search for solutions, enjoying a complaint and to show the defect.
5 - negative. Cynical, to Aitvaal positively with any change, good at dyeing dye things grim, unrelenting, but if the dye stained negative grim atmosphere.
- How do we deal with the previous three items that give them their right to hear them, but Atovgahm in the wrong opinions, interrupted him as what went on in his thoughts and negative to the consideration of what can be done.
6 - very peaceful. Person to enjoy a nice sense of humor, hoping to gain acceptance and affection those who know him, say whatever you find OK, subtly hide his feelings, apologizes a lot.
- How do we deal with him let him think that his true love. Be faithful in praise and Ataraih, encouraged him to express an opinion in courage, his face always specific questions.
7 - Personal crushed. Erie to the same value in life, able, his personal views, afraid to get involved in problems or hassles, easy for him to announce his footsteps.
- How do we deal with him were positive with him, praising his mind right, deal with it gently, if missed, listened to him attentively and Atqatah, repeat your question if it does not give the answer to it.
8 - wiseacre. Tells you he knows everything about anything, yes it may be cultured and the owner agreed to a broad, active, but always effective Stultifies opinions of others, capable of intelligently and to lay down the consequences of failure on others.
- How do we deal with it I advise you Alatdechl with him in battle and controversy, but you are ready for it, explain his point of view, the other quietly, try to gain in your favor.
9 - the balloon. Person the plaintiff, tells you that he knows the people on earth, and goods of knowledge very low, it is simply a liar and deceiver and a cheat.
- How do we deal with him like they advise dealing seriously with them, tell them the truth themselves, demonstrated by the facts proven, but told him not to take it personally, be serious with him but not be harsh.
~ How do we deal with a duplicitous? 1 - faced face to face, ask him about his opinion of you, or in anything that is feelings Gersadeg in its direction. 2 - experienced what you know him, see him in the eye, tell him if I wanted to tell me something, tell it to me directly, I think you have the courage to declare about your opinion, do not use methods to Aahbzha.
*** Successful Communication Skills: * Absorb the interlocutor. * Listen Akthermma speak. * Smile. * See into the eye. * Difference between wrong and wrong. * Be flexible. * Re-drafting. * There are always positive.
** ͏ goal set by the Where are you going? If you do not know precisely where are you going? Astronomy Idaa of caring, we are in time to Aevsh way except for those who did not know where it is going.
- Why do not limit your goal? * Fear of not we can meet them. * Lack of self-confidence. * Delay. * Lack of faith in the utility originally planned. * Ignorance in ways that sound planning.
- Why should we define our goals in life? 1 - to control the self. 2 - self-confidence. 3 - self-promoted. 4 - time management. 5 - Enjoy your life.
- How would you define your goal in life? That success in life to not be just a purely material success, and we get only good health, it is also not the number of friends, or penile academic degrees, the real success is success fully balanced, which includes all aspects of life. So I think in order to be successful in your life, and develop a plan with a balanced, take into consideration the five pillars are important, and focus well.
1 - the first corner - corner of the spiritual and this is the first corner and the most important pillars of the balanced life includes a relationship with God, my faith, my beliefs, my values ​​and my principles in life.
2 - The second pillar - pillar This personal element includes family, personal relationships, education, entertainment, travel, vacations.
3 - the third pillar - the corner and this corner of vocational another important pillars of the balanced life, which includes career, and your ability to learn in order to improve your future career.
4 - the fourth pillar - the material element includes the settling of financial, your income, your investment that you can do, plan to retire from working life.
5 - the fifth pillar - pillar of health include physical health, weight, diet, food habits.
These are the five aspects which, if considered seriously and has implemented effort in order to fulfill your obligations towards them, I promise you will enjoy a good life and a balanced and beautiful, but if I was interested in the side and neglected the other aspects you will not get happiness and comfort that you want.
- Continuing the goals and objective of the beholder ending to the targets will find that there is some kind of goals ended (as a slimming) or (stop smoking) or (learning the language), they expire at the end the thing to be achieved. The objectives of continuous k (planning for your future) or (vocational upgrading your situation and domestic) or (my faith in the program), it targets a permanent Mstmrptzl with rights throughout his life. Try to earn your goals recipe that gives continuity Aktheramqa other dimensions, the most important Mafi Alamranh provides you with the maximum proportion of success in your goal and help you to avoid ending as well as the risk of relapse after achieving the target. Mtbr.s. slimming can be added to it followed by food health program throughout your life.
- Types of goals 1 - short-term goals. Which takes in most of it almost 15 minutes for medical requirements (such as action research project out) 2 - medium-term goals. This type of goals are time-frame of one to five years, such as (a degree). 3 - long-term goals. Which includes the whole of your life which you charting your way in life, and steers you to your relationship with yourself and those around you and your Creator.
- Principles Alatnaashrlthdid goal 1 - select exactly what you want. 2 - Your goal should be realistic and worth investigating. 3 - burning desire. 4 - Live your goal. 5 - decision-making. 6 - Write your goal. 7 - select the time frame. 8 - Know your capabilities. 9 - Consider the difficulties and prepare them. 10 - progress. 11 - values ​​of your plans. 12 - commitment.
- The goal now you have the tools necessary to achieve the goals Tsbualeha, now let's figure out exactly what goals you want to actually achieve them. Ahoudrdfter and pen, without the aspects of the five life, every corner of the page independently, and under each corner type a list of your dreams and Amanic to Atkhc of the impossible dream, type Mattmah him and desires, then the order of your dreams by priority, never the most important dream wish to achieve, then at least important. Then, in a separate sheet of paper write down the values ​​espoused by the most important in your life as a (faith, sincerity, patience ,...) because these values ​​are the fuel that will feed your goals and gives them the power and energy.
- Stages to reach the goal ← You now have a list of the most important goals in the five aspects of your life. Mark these goals are present in your mind, static in Jaddank, lie in front of your eyes. ← in the morning every day try to arm itself with positive assurances. ← act like you have achieved your goal already. ← Use the base ten, do something every day brings you closer only 10 cm from the goal. ← take responsibility, be able to pay for your goal.
** Department of Life: a leader who believes in the value of time and knows well the value of every minute and second, is a man of his days Abia Aibdhirmn vain and wasteful of his time.
- Methods of dealing with the leaders time, there are four patterns of the leader in dealing with time:.
1 - Commander-organized exaggerated. This product was strongly exaggerated in the organization for his time, mastered just too much of his time in the preparation of tables, charts, time management and exploitation of every second.
2 - Commander-ROM. Very busy, believes that the twenty-four hours, and estimated a day is enough to accomplish all the tasks, does not believe that there are times of comfort, very nervous, Mtotrjadda, if there wrath of a volcano.
3 - Commander chaotic. His office like a circus, you are amazing out any paper you want between piles of paper, happy Pfoazavith, and believes that the ideal system redundant.
4 - Commander of the organizer. Believes in the value of time, the flexibility to deal with schedules, deal firmly with wasting time, easy in handling, soft in dealing with others, organizing and time easily, and this Hoalnua Almcharalih.
- Why you should organize your time? * You can create additional times - Ptnzimk time to show you the extra hours. * Decisiveness in the face of wasting time - and lost consciousness, including your time will increase. * Altatiralaijai personally - will be more robust in the face of pressures and problems. * Give the devil his due - your organization for your time makes you more aware of Bahtiajk spiritual, social and familial.
- Time Thieves * procrastination and delay. * Confuse the importance of things. * Lack of focus. * Inability to say no. * Sudden provinces. * Refined effort. * Planning unrealistic. * Do not order. * Meetings. * Read the reports, correspondence and e-mail.
- How to keep your time? Just as it maintains at Darhamk Dinark and develop plans and precautionary measures to save them.
Time is Life "" is the most valuable Maatmlk, and the greatest is what you can invest your life and worldly affairs, is your present and your future, that the waste it simply means that waste your life and your dreams and are overly Amanic.

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